25 Feb 2010

Down the Rabbit hole

A very quick post to show you the pretty Elizabeth Lau dress I wore for the Alice by Temperley party on Tuesday night. Elizabeth gave me this dress to say "Congratulations" on my soon to be wedding. How lovely is she?
I have a whole post coming up dedicated to her collection as I absolutely love the luxe girly-ness of her creations.
Back to the Alice party, it was really good fun and I danced the (early) night away with the Bitchbuzz crew. We were all so happy to unwind after a hard week of running around in heels.

Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - ASOS
Clutch - Vivienne Westwood

If you would like to see more photos of the party, head over here.
Photos in this post are courtesy of Bitchbuzz.


24 Feb 2010

London Fashion Week - Prophetik Vox Pops

You know by now I was totally excited about the Prophetik show (and I think it is made quite obvious by my "OMGOMG" reaction in the below video). I thought you would also like to know what Hilary Alexander, Jimmy Choo, Jessica Bumpus, Tom Jeffreys, Jeffrey Louis-Reed and Rachel Arthur had to say about it (oh and I'm in it too). I really enjoyed hearing everyone's first impressions after the show. 

ps - Next time, Courtney, I promise to try and do less "OMG" and more articulate thoughts about stuff!


22 Feb 2010

London Fashion Week Day 3 - Clements Ribeiro

Remember last season's Clements Ribeiro presentation? The one with the cat prints? Well this time they have done even better with a collection inspired by Haute Bohemia. The textures and embellishments are to die for and the presentation itself was very atmospheric, partly due to the beautiful musical selection by Michel Gaubert and Steven Brinke. When I got there, they were playing a chords only cover of a New Order song. I know it sounds all kinds of wrong, but I swear it was extremely right in that context.

Clements Ribeiro
Clements Ribeiro

I loved how luxurious yet highly wearable most of the pieces were. On the whole, I really enjoyed the collection but it was the footwear that got my interest.  Cossack boots with sequin flower motifs and strappy winter sandals are now on top of my wish list for next winter.

Clements Ribeiro

There was also a lot of paisley print, which I am quite partial to as you might have noticed.
Clements Ribeiro

Clements Ribeiro

21 Feb 2010

London Fashion Week Day 3 - Mulberry

After reading about dogs on the catwalk and giant glittery lions at Mulberry, I was even more impatient to discover their new collection.


 I love observing this major brand becoming stronger and building its identity.  With Luella sadly gone, there is a girly/quirky shaped gap to fill on the fashion scene and Mulberry seems to have taken the lead. Glorious prints, beautiful colours, interesting textures and THE SHOES had me looking at everything with a big smile. 


The Alexa bag, clearly flavour of the moment was also featured in quilted leopard print jersey (I know how wrong this sounds) and I was over the moon to see flat shoes (you read right). Little studded mary janes, with NO HEEL. There were also some high heeled beauties, of course, but how refreshing to see flats on the catwalk.


I also must confess the music from the Jungle Book probably played a big part in my overly enthusiastic opinion of the show!
And the hair, CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE HAIR?!?! I think it was up there in my top 5 hair moments. Massive bouffants, all backcombed to fuck like Gibson girls on acid. YES PLEASE. /omg moment.


London Fashion Week Day 2 - PPQ (updated)

After seeing what happened at House of Holland, I decided not to go to PPQ as I didn't want to risk being squished and pushed around by the angry fashion crowd. Instead, I gave the live streaming a go and watched it from the comfort of my own living room.
Of course, seeing the streamed version and seeing the show in the flesh is a totally different experience as it makes it harder to judge the textures and fabrics at play. I will definitely go and check out the collection in person before I make up my mind about it (and I will probably write about it some more later).

I was not taken by the part of the show that  looked a bit too much like the 80's prom dress rail at Beyond Retro. A lot of black velvet and gold brocade, tassels, satin insert in power dresses etc. 


However, I really loved the gold leather shorts, the shoes and the accessories. 


The hair and make up were on the sexy side of natural, which I liked too.

I will definitely get back on PPQ once I have been to see the collection in person and touched the fabrics. I will also come back to you with some snaps!

Updated - I have added some photos after getting up close and personal with the collection and I have to admit streaming is definitely not enough to judge a show. My first impression of 80's prom dresses definitely vanished when I laid my hands on the little velvet numbers from the show. I am still totally partial to the gold leather shorts. 
I think on second thoughts, this collection mostly gets thumbs up from me!



London Fashion Week Day 2 - Topshop Unique

At the Unique show, I was faced with a very annoying situation: the 2 people sitting in front of me had ginormous hats on, and they weren't dainty 13 year old girls. They were two big men, one in what resembled a papier maché Chapka and the other one with a full on bear suit. Fashion fluff, if you like. 


This aside, the show was interesting as it was inspired by Woodland Creatures and styled by Katie Grand. I liked the clever use of giant animal heads/hats and some pieces from the collection are definitely welcome to stay indefinitely in my closet. I spied a few really good duffle type coats, pretty shorts and a great fox tee-shirt. I can't really tell you much more as half of the outfits were in fact hidden by those two big dweebs  sitting in front of me.


This collection was much more my cup of tea than their SS10 one as there is a bit more structure to it and it just seems more like something I would wear.
I also really liked the hair, big and wild (with matching crazy eyebrows).

20 Feb 2010

London Fashion Week Day 2 - House of Holland

Henry Holland signaling the end of rehearsal

I went backstage at House of Holland and that was a very good thing, as this show somehow managed to get so over hyped it opened Fashion's very ugly Pandora's box, and made everyone show their darkest side. The photographers were going insane over the front row celebrities, despite having been told to keep themselves in check by the show producer. On the door  people who didn't have tickets were being let in, despite the massive queue of people with tickets waiting outside, cold and angry. 
Photographers mobbing Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung

Inside, nobody seemed to care about organization either, it was all either chaos or "darling darling". As I sat there, waiting for the show to start and getting worried about my friend getting in, I felt increasingly angry and disgusted. After reading this article about bloggers at London Fashion Week causing shows and the press area to be over subscribed, I feel like the solution would be to simply remove from LFW all the people who are there to parade around and do nothing. How are designers going to get coverage if journalists get stuck outside of shows because someone with one ticket lets 5 people in with them? I've seen some nasty things in the past 48 hours. Girls sneaking into the BFC tent while the security guards weren't looking, people screaming at other people over nothing, babies being dragged through crowds, paraded as accessories... But I digress, as I would really like to talk to you about the House of Holland show (and all the backstage preparation I saw).

Henry Holland and one of his models
Henry Holland helps dressing a model

Charlotte Olympia shoes
Accessories at House of Holland
Nails at House of Holland

The show itself was fairly predictable in that it matched the invites (bandanas in various colours). Before I even set foot backstage, I knew it would be a very very 90's affair. And it more or less always is with HoH anyway. Bandanas, jersey, shearling jackets were all teamed with the most impressive wedges by Charlotte Olympia, which looked a lot like liquorice all sorts, in the best possible way.
Again, I really loved the hair, strange mixture of ghetto ponytails and schoolgirl chic. 
I am not the biggest HoH fan as I think his success goes far beyond the actual quality of his designs, but some pieces of the collection would be great once reinterpreted a little bit less literally. 


Thanks to My Beautiful Fashion for letting me do some backstage coverage.

Video courtesy of Bitchbuzz.com

19 Feb 2010

London Fashion Week Day 1 -Jena Theo

Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis aka Jena Theo are the winners of last season's Fashion Fringe. There is definitely a reason for that. They certainly seem to be masters in the art of controlled volumes, soft floaty pieces and contrasting textures. From mohair to denim, silk and leather all come together to create a riveting "first" collection. 
I was completely smitten with the hair styling that was directly inspired by vintage styles, giant victory rolls and sideways quiffs were totally glorious.
Special mention also to the shoes - mary-janes/dancing shoes with what looked like a giant fabric tassle on the front... and quite low heels too. Even Nicola from Girls Aloud was transfixed by them (that was my LOL of the day).





That was most of what I did on Day 1 of London Fashion Week. I have a few videos to show you, but they will come later!
Stay tuned for Unique, Henry Holland, PPQ and more tomorrow...

London Fashion Week Day 1 -Gemma Slack

I love Gemma Slack. And I love seeing her getting better and better every season. I remember being really smitten with her designs when I first saw them at the Blow showroom. Last season's collection was quite mind blowing too, with dresses made of tin. This time, Gemma has outdone herself with perfect tailoring, subtle studding and once you pair her designs with Katie Rowland's outstanding jewellery, you are onto a big, big winner. 
I can't wait to see Gemma on the catwalk again, she is most definitely one to watch!





London Fashion Week Day 1 - David Koma

David Koma is not my kind of designer. Or maybe it is just this season. The inspiration for this collection is supposed to be taken from graphic artists of the early 20th century. There were lots of geometric cut-outs, bodycon dresses in nude and black, very strong lines, powerful silhouettes, but it is typically the stuff that leaves me cold. I can appreciate how very "London" and how very talented Koma is, but it is just not for me. Getting back to the age issue, maybe I am simply too old for Koma, I long for more simplicity... and perhaps a bit less flesh on display!


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