Spaced Out

This new “school” year has been a little crazy so far. Things normally calm down a little when Fashion Week is over – especially as I only did London this season. This time, it is like I have been hit by an awesome storm. Professionally, everything is happening at once, and while I love every minute of it I am a bit of a slow blogger right now. There is nothing wrong with that, I realise this is my website and I can post as often or as little as I want. But I miss it when I don’t post. I miss it, but I don’t want to serve you filler posts.
I am working a whole lot right now as the editor of two blogs as well as maintaining this one. I also just finished designing a tee-shirt for Wiloh (more on that soon), I am still doing the occasional bit of styling and I should start consulting on a tv show. Add to this the fact that well, I have a little girl who just turned 3 today, birthday parties to organise and just you know, a life I am trying to have outside of work.
I am not complaining at all, just giving you guys an update on me rather than inundating you with yet more Fashion Week images and reviews when even I am a bit bored with it already! Normal services will resume as soon as I have a minute to take some nice photos of outfits, or tell you about what I love at the moment.
In the meantime I am leaving you with SPACE.