Capes: my cover-up of choice for the Fall

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, you can’t have missed the massive come back of the cape. Whether it is in its original form or just a blazer worn on the shoulders, masquerading as a cape. This season is all about simplicity and elegance which is pretty much what well draped woolen cloth can offer. 
Imagine yourself walking in a field, wind blowing and your cape billowing. I love wearing capes, I have a knitted one from KIND that gets a lot of wear and a camel one from Zara that’s my go-to cover up for comfort and style.
Below are some of my favourite capes, from designer to high-street. Of course, you can always go hunting for vintage ones, I am sure there are plenty of gems to be found.

Capes NaP
Gloverall (at Urban Outfitters) and Coopers & Stollbrand (at ASOS)