On Sloane Street

From the very first time I set foot in London, I’ve been enamoured with Chelsea and particularly with Sloane Street and King’s Road. There is something so different and so polished about this area, I always feel like I have travelled to a different city when I go there.

In keeping with the spirit of past blogging, this is what I wore when I went to see the Alex Prager exhibition.
Dress – Postlapsaria by Keiko Lynn, Shoes – Madewell, Socks – APC
I am experimenting with various Summer perve-repellent at the moment and I must say, so far the granny socks and chunky sandals are working wonders. 
I am very excited as today I am going to be talking to a few possible interns for LFW! Hopefully by the end of the week, I know who I will be sharing my life with for a month!