A Day at the Museum

I love popping into the British Museum just to have a look in a few rooms. I always come out feeling inspired and relaxed, despite the hordes of tourists. Luckily enough, it is the most “local” museum for me, so I can do this quite often. I really want to see the Printed Image in China exhibition, so I might do this when I next visit.
If you have children, then you should definitely go and make them hunt for the 100 Objects from the History of the World in 100 Objects, it ought to keep them busy for a while…
Enough about the museum though, as today I wanted to talk to you about two new things I received… well one new-ish and one new.
Bag – Luella, Jeans – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – See by Chloe
The top was kindly sent to me by Nina Bon Bina a while ago, but I hadn’t found the right time/outfit to wear it with. I admit the jeans/top combo is not the most original outfit to feature on this blog, but it is what I wore! 
Nina creates really girly and whimsical clothes made mostly from luxurious silks and soft cottons. For someone like me who really dislikes man-made fabrics, her shop really is worth visiting. 
My favourites in the shop are the Touch of Paisley dress and the Ria dress. In the pictures I am wearing the Anika Blouse.
The other item I wanted to show you is my Gogo Philip bracelet that makes me feel like Wonder Woman (the one we know and love, not the awful new one who wears leggings as pants – LEGGINGS AS PANTS I TELL YOU). I think Gogo Philip deserves a post of his own where I can show you the eightiestastic photos from the lookbook etc. 
That’s all for today! Remember you can still enter the Tresemme Competition all weekend, I will announce the 5 winners on Monday.