Vintage vs High Street

If you have left your flat recently, you will have noticed that the high street is ripe with vintage inspired items.
I love to mix high street, vintage and designer pieces to create a Modern Vintage style. I used to wear much more vintage and thrifted pieces a few years ago, but I realised recently I was becoming lazier and lazier and that sometimes, the thrift shop tour of London and vintage shopping didn’t seem so appealing anymore. 
A vintage look created using high street and designer pieces
I am longing for more simple pieces that aren’t necessarily easy to find in vintage stores, but I am still partial to vintage styling. Nowadays, I think I tend to invest more in my clothes, so I will always be on the lookout for designer bargains from past seasons that I complement with basics from the high street. Each single one of my outfits has at least one vintage or thrifted item though, whether it is a bag, a skirt or just a necklace. 
A High Street look created using only vintage pieces
Here is the latest episode of the Fashshot Studio “Vintage vs. High Street”.