Show & Tell – Inside Fleurtini’s closet

When working as a stylist, I spend a lot of time helping people look at their own clothes differently, and teaching them how to keep everything organised. It can be a very emotional process as we are all pretty set in our ways when it comes to style and clothes storage.
I thought it’d be interesting to go and nose around a selected few well stocked wardrobes to see what makes personal style. The first installment is Fleurtini from Sweet Tooth.
Fleur describes her style as Modern Vintage as she likes to mix a lot of vintage pieces with designer and high-street ones. She doesn’t like to feel like she is wearing a costume, which is why she keeps things grounded with modern clothing. 
Vintage Details
Winter Outfit
Fleur’s favourite Winter outfit
I was surprised by the size of Fleur’s closet, I expected way, way more clothes as she is always impeccably turned out and looks like she is never wearing the same thing. Not at all. She has a limited supply of clothes, they are just all very well curated and most of all, they are all extremely accessible. Her accessories are on display and almost everything is hanging rather than being folded away in drawers.
Fleur shops a lot on eBay, in local second hand shops and also owns quite a few family hand me downs that have become real treasures. She still owns a coat her mum had made at her sewing class, and a beautiful Nina Ricci scarf her aunt received as an airline bought present in the 60s.
Fleur with the Nina Ricci scarf
Miss Sophie
The Marilyn dress
When it comes to stage outfits, Fleur goes all out and embraces old Hollywood glamour with sequins, slinky dresses and amazing shoes.
Fleurtini Wardrobe
She is an accomplished seamstress and often alters her clothes to make them fit better or to make them more to her taste. Like me, she has a habit of shortening vintage skirts to show off her pins.
Summer Outfit
Fleur’s favourite Summer outfit
Vintage Aquascutum coat found in Portobello Market
If for some reason you haven’t already heard Sweet Tooth’s music, please have a look at the video below
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