What’s that smell?

I am very sensitive to smells. This is something you don’t know about me. This is probably something you don’t really care about knowing either. But let me finish… I never really mentioned fragrances on this site, despite having had love affairs with scents for as long as I can remember. 
The same way I’ve had a few fashion faux-pas, I’ve also had a few fragrance faux-pas in the past 17 years… My first perfume was Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel. It has a lovely floral smell, and used to be a teen favourite, but of course, with my over the top teen ways, I used to wear way too much and ended up smelling like a crazy old lady. 
I wore all sorts of scents: Trésor, Narcisse, Paris, Happy, Costume National, Coco Mademoiselle… I think if you didn’t know how old I was, you could probably guess by my perfume usage history.
I am generally partial to fresh florals, or sweeter smells – this is one thing that’s been constant in my olfactive adventure.
Ormonde Jayne
I’ve been faithful to Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf for a while now, and its sugary-floral smell suits me well. However, I am always open to new sensations, so when Ormonde Jayne invited me for a Perfume Portrait consultation, I went along. 
I was already familiar with Ormonde Jayne’s range of perfumes and had a few favourites but couldn’t really make up my mind.
Ormonde Jayne
A perfume Portrait is free and takes about 10 mn. You sit down and smell 21 raw ingredients separated in families. Each time you smell one, you say whether you like it or not. This helps narrow down your general tastes, and suggest the best match in the range.
I found out a few amusing things: despite my love of Guerlain’s Vetiver, I hate the smell of the Vetiver plant; I am most definitely a sucker for sweet florals; Tiaré is my signature scent.
Ormonde Jayne 
If you live in London, you should definitely try it! I thought it was a brilliant way to go back to a more bespoke service in perfumery (which is a strong part of Ormonde Jayne’s heritage). I came out with a clearer idea of my tastes and at least if I want to stray from my usual scent, I know what to look for.