The Maxi Dress conundrum

Those who know me are more than aware of my aversion to wearing anything that goes below the knee. Some would even say below mid-thigh, and I wouldn’t contradict them. However recently I have found myself attracted to longer hemlines. 

I think it all started because of my extreme longing for all things Spring and a growing desire to run barefoot in the fields in a seventies white gauze dress, in a beautiful David Hamilton moment… that would promptly be ended by a sudden downpour, courtesy of the stupid British weather.
I don’t like Festival Chic, I don’t like all the embellished, sequined halter-neck maxis I see everywhere on the high street. What I want is billowy sleeves, Grecian goddess, pure white or tasteful Mexican embroideries.

I fell in love with The Chapin Sisters‘ stage outfits when I went to see She & Him – I also fell in love with their music, but that’s another story. They just confirmed my budding passion for greater lengths. 
I timidly bought a vintage handmade Liberty print skirt from Paper Dress a few weeks ago. It goes down to my ankles and I love it, although I find myself at a loss when it comes to styling it, as I am so completely removed from this look. I ended up wearing it with a denim shirt and my leather jacket, and my husband referred to me as “boho chic” and then proceeded to laugh at me. I can’t blame him, I did after all spend months and months hating the whole boho look, and my outfit was borderline (I will show it to you, I promise).

I feel a little bit more confident now so I want to find a long seventies dress to wear when Summer (or even Spring) finally decides to happen… Either that or I will wear it in California this Summer.

Do you wear long dresses? How do you style them?