Spotted: 8 cute dresses at Miss Selfridge… xoxo

Right, the title of this post is the only Gossip Girl schtick I will use in this post. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who was tempted to write a post in the style of Gossip Girl, so in the name of individuality, I will spare you on this one.
Miss Selfridge x Gossip Girl
Last night saw the launch of a very fun Miss Selfridge x Gossip Girl collaboration based on the different styles of the four lead female characters of the show. I was very curious to see how they managed to do so without simply copying some of the dresses already featured on the show.
Miss Selfridge x Gossip Girl
Miss Selfridge x Gossip Girl
The dresses are all pretty cute, and well executed as they interpret each character’s style in a very subtle way. You can recognise whose style is emulated, but wearing the dress won’t make you feel like you are wearing a Jenny, Vanessa, Serena or Blair fancy dress costume.

As a bonus, I was given a blog exclusive video all about Vanessa’s style (tribal), with insights from Eric Daman, the show’s stylist.

The collection will be available online from April 27th and in store from April 30th. Prices start at £39.
Who are you going to be?
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