The revenge of the Double Denim

I admitted yesterday on Twitter my addiction to pastels and nudes but I conveniently forgot to mention I was also mildly hooked on double denim, by fear of looking like a total trend whore. 
The thing is, fashion being cyclical and all that, it tends to regularly catch up with my wardrobe staples, so I stock up. When nautical is in, I bulk buy stripy tops. When pastels and nudes are in, I restock too. As for double denim, luckily denim pieces are built to last so I can just happily pick and choose in my closet, I don’t have to buy anything new. Amen to that.
Speaking of addiction, my new drug of choice is the bag I have on these photos. It is a wedding present and I am head over heels in love with it. I picked it because it reminds me of a more exotic version of the Mulberry Bayswater. 
I love the jade details and intricate leather work. It is by Shanghai Tang, a brand I discovered recently (I have a few photos from their AW10 offerings to show you, they will make you dribble in your shoes).
Double Denim
Double Denim
Shirt – H&M
Shoes – Modcloth
Watch – ASOS
Bracelet – Marc Jacobs
Headband – Loulou Loves You
Brooch – Vintage
Bag – Shanghai Tang

Newsflash – If you are going to Shanghai and want some tips, Shanghai Tang now has an iPhone application that will take you around in style! The application is called “City Chic”. You can go and visit Shanghai Tang’s site for more information.