Fully embracing my inner little girl

The past couple of days have been brilliantly springy here in London and I am taking it all in for fear it might go away again. All the windows are open and a light breeze is blowing on my neck. I can hear the distant humming of cars and people talking in the street. Happy times are back! I must be part hibernating mammal as I really do come back to life with Spring. All I want to do is lie in the park with a book. This Winter has been so darn long, I got to the stage when I was properly gagging for Spring. And  finally here it is (or may be). It still isn’t warm enough to stop wearing tights, but I am embracing my inner little girl and wearing my sandals with cotton tights! I cannot wait any longer to wear them, my feet want freedom! FREEDOM FOR THE FOOTS, FREEDOM FOR THE FOOTS!
If I appear to be going a bit bonkers about the weather it is because I AM. And the award of the most vacuous style post ever goes to meeeeeeeeeee. Thank you thank you, please you’re too kind, no really thank you *bows gracefully* (*falls over*)
Dress – thrifted
Oh yes! I also went to the hairdressers to sort out my mane and you can vaguely see the result above. I wanted something a little less like a stripper wig and more natural. Basically I didn’t want to have to straighten my hair everytime I wash it and wanted to let my curls come back little by little. I spend way too long looking at dreamy hair photos on tumblr and I am trying to grow my hair all the way down my back… Long long long, ginger and tousled. Maybe by the time I am 40 I will get to that stage.
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens (tip of the day: they are way cheaper on Yoox)
I think in the coming weeks I am going to try and show you my Spring capsule wardrobe (the actual one, not the one I made on Polyvore).
Do you have outfits you can’t wait to wear this Spring?
Oh GOSH!!! I was so excited to post about Spring that I forgot to tell you that I was hanging out on the beautiful Marian Kihogo’s blog today, go check it out I dare you.