Wedding wish list

Happy Monday everyone! The sky is pretty grey here but I have a feeling it is going to be a brilliant week. I am going to be ever so slightly off topic today and speak to you about weddings. As you may know, I got engaged last year and then we both kinda forgot about the next part of it (the wedding). I had found my dream dress thanks to a reader, but it sold out in my size before I could save up enough to get it, despite all the donations (they will be used for the wedding dress fund anyway!). 

Anyway, We finally got the ball rolling now and we are getting married in April. So since the Willow dress is no longer an option, I need a dress. Not a wedding dress, because the whole theme for our union is pretty much “this is not a wedding”, but something pretty I will be able to wear again after the big day.
I am sure you can tell by how different all these dresses are that I have no idea what I actually want to wear. The only things I do know is that I want my dress to be short and to not be a wedding dress. I also want to wear flat shoes and am pondering wearing a vintage dress.
Have you come across some cute dresses that I should know about?
Correction – the Willow dress is magically available in my size again on 25Park, but since I can’t try it on, I have no idea of the fit and am a bit weary of buying my special dress online in the US in case it doesn’t fit. Gah.