Some Little Internet Bites

A few things of note have happened in the past couple of weeks on the internet and I thought I’d share with you:
♥ I reconnected with my friend Alex who now lives in Canada. She keeps a blog called Searching for Style that’s extremely addictive and full of honest and well-written posts about the Fashion Industry. Her post about Fashion students struck me as especially spot on so you should all read it.
The F Word” by Alexandra Suhner.
♥ I started a FormSpring a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, someone asked me why I was mean to other bloggers. While I was never under the impression I was mean to anyone, I replied to the question, so if you read this and also find me intimidating, all the answers are there.
♥ A few blogs discovered recently and firmly on my radar at the moment: Calivintage, Lulu Letty, Up the Wooden Hills.
♥ For those of you who are interested, there is an interview with me on Glossary Zine. It also happens to be a very nice blog so you should go ahead and delve in the archives while you are there.
♥ Gala has started her Radical Self Love project, it can benefit everyone, so go wild and run with it!
Liberty London Girl shared a Perfect Fashion Moment through a photograph by Tommy Ton.
♥ LLG’s post also made me discover another blog that I will definitely go back to regularly: Fashion Editor at Large.
♥ I keep track of my brainstream on Tumblr, so you can also follow me there if you wish.
Has anything tickled your fancy online recently?