I can has double denim

I love it how the changing trends make something acceptable that you had to apologize for wearing 6 months ago (see my double denim experimentations from September here). This is precisely why it is so important to just wear what you like and not to care about trends. Eventually, your tastes will be back in fashion, you just have to be patient. 
I was just given these BDG cigarette jeans by Urban Outfitters and despite not being a jeans person, I have been wearing them for the past 4 days. The fit is really good, a lot like Cheap Monday‘s and I like that the waist is neither too high or too low. I think I may have found the perfect pair of jeans for me and I may well go and buy some more in other colours! I paired them with a denim shirt and my usual brogues. For a second I thought about adding my sleeveless denim jacket and work the triple denim look, but I dismissed it and blamed my initial impulse on too many clementines.
Shirt – Levi’s
Shoes – Office
Pocket watch necklace – Topshop
Bird Skull Necklace – Fashionology
At the moment, my favourite necklace is this bird skull pendant by Fashionology, a great jewellery designer recommended to me by Jaja.