Innerspace – My bedroom

In 2009, I added an interiors feature called “innerspace” to to add a bit of decoration joy to this site. From small decoration tips to home visits, it is now a feature I consider as important as outfit posts or designer focus. This site isn’t so much about fashion as it is about personal style… and personal style is multifaceted and touches every single aspect of someone’s life, which is why, after showing you only bits and pieces of my house in outfit posts, I have decided to open my door and show you where I live, little by little. I am sure it will give you a better understanding of who I am as I am convinced that interiors are actually a better reflection of someone’s personality than clothes.
My flat has evolved a lot since we moved there in 2007. Our bedroom started off as the living room, we had a different sofa etc. A few months ago, we swapped bedroom/living room again as we didn’t need all the extra space in the bedroom (since Mila had been in her own room for a while!). Some of our bedroom features are actually remains of its former life as a living room (like the bookshelves) but I like it!
On my side of the bed, I dedicated a space to good memories that constantly remind me of who I am I call “happy shelf”. When I wake up, one look at this little space is enough to make the day a bit brighter.
Happy Shelf
I hardly keep it a secret that I love animals. And I love surrounding myself with animals in any form. I have two real live furry pals, and a whole lot of ceramic, wooden, plastic and fluffy ones. Birds seem to be predominant in the bedroom, possibly because it is where my own nest is.
My animals
I like my bed to be like a nest, with soft sheet and layers of duvets. It is the place I go if I want to feel safe and it is Mila’s favourite adventure playground!
On the walls, more animals, giant love notes and some accessories…
On the wall
I hope you enjoyed the tour, next time I will show you another room.
Do you have a safe/happy place in your flat or house?