30 Jul 2009

MR Crush on Loulou Loves You & awesome giveaway!


I am very pleased to share with you this week's MR Crush, because Loulou is a super duper talented lingerie designer and one of my dearest friends. For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you might have already read her interview, for all of my new readers, I strongly suggest you read it now!

Loulou Loves You is the result of her love affair with lingerie, and it really shows in all of her designs. Her creations are both playful and sexy while still being really comfortable and easy to wear. There are four ranges of knickers and matching bras and camisoles: LoulouLoveLucindaLydia... and of course Loulou's famous accessories!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the Loulou Loves You collection... Make sure you read on, as there is a super awesome giveaway at the end of this post!

Loulou bra & knickers set

Lucinda bra & high waisted knickers set

Love camisole & knickers set

Loulou kindly agreed to give away one pair of knickers of your choice for free! A sexy present for my favourite sexy ladies from my favourite sexy lady! That sounds pretty cool to me. I wish I could enter it myself.
Loulou's knickers are available from size S to XL. If you are not sure which size you are, check here.

Here is how to enter, so pay attention (you in the back, I am talking to you!):
Leave a comment on this post AND become a google follower of Mademoiselle Robot (in the left sidebar) OR if you are already a follower, subscribe to the RSS Feed!

For extra entries:
You can add Mademoiselle Robot and/or Loulou on Twitter. If you add both, you get two extra entries.
You can also become a fan of Mademoiselle Robot and/or Loulou Loves You on Facebook.
If you add both, you get two extra entries.
For those of you who are already following Mademoiselle Robot AND Loulou on Twitter and Facebook, you can still get extra entries each time you tell a friend about the giveaway. Your friend will just have to say your name in their comment and I will count your extra entry!

Just let me know what you did in the comments so I can count your extra entries.

You have till Thursday 6th August at midnight London time to enter, I will announce the winner on Friday 7th.

I forgot - the giveaway is opened to EVERYONE, no matter where you live.

Good luck everyone!!!


29 Jul 2009

Wish List / Yes Master AW09-10 collection

Yes Master is a lingerie brand conceived in 2005 by Igor Pacemski, a chemist turned designer. This year, Pearl Lowe lent a hand and helped design the AW09/10 collection on the theme "Silver Screen and Rock'n'Roll Dreams". What they wanted to achieve was "a Twin Peaks fifties story inspired by David Lynch, seen through the eyes of a teenager in the late eighties/early nineties". Ambitious? Maybe a little. The result, if not quite as unsettling and original as an episode of Twin Peaks is a pretty vintage inspired range, with bright colours and a lot of polka dots. This, I like.

Their SS10 collection will be launched at London Fashion Week this September and is inspired by "the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe and takes a dark turn without being too gothicky"... I can't wait to see the result.

Regardless of their slightly over the top statements, Yes Master delivered a really cute and girly range. Maybe Audrey Horne wouldn't wear it to the One Eyed Jack's, but I can definitely see myself in some of the pieces featured below.





All photos courtesty of Yes Master

Yes Master lingerie is stocked at Asos, Figleaves (from August), UK branches of Urban Outfitters, Miss Lala's boudoir in London and many more...

It is very difficult for me to write about lingerie without instantly comparing it to the beautiful creations of my lovely friend Loulou... Which leads me to announce my next giveaway, coming very shortly... Loulou Loves You!

Stay tuned to find out more...

28 Jul 2009

Avant Coco Avant Chanel

I am not one to hype up a film till sickness ensues before it hits the big screen... If I haven't seen it, I can't really write about it, even if it is about Coco Chanel's life. So I won't talk to you about Coco Avant Chanel or about Audrey Tautou as Mademoiselle Chanel. At least not yet.



Given the impending release of Coco Avant Chanel, I thought it was a good time for a second viewing of Coco Chanel, a TV movie by Christian Duguay that came out last year, starring Barbora Bobulova as young Coco and Shirley MacLaine as the old Coco. The film keeps going back and forth between Coco's "present" and her past, from her convent upbringing to her rise to fame. All this nicely punctuated by extremely tumultuous love affairs, glimpses into the gossipy Parisian society and great costumes by Stefano De Nardis and Pierre-Yves Gayraud.


Below are two of my favourite looks from the film, Coco in a white Peter Pan collar blouse wearing a black bow as a tie and Emilienne d'Alencon's wonderful top hat/veil combination. There were many other scenes in the film that made my fashion bells ring, but these were definitely up there.





If you haven't seen Coco Chanel, you should really try and get your hands on a copy as it is a good film, even if it was just made for TV. For those of you who grew up in France and were lucky enough to be familiar with les téléfilms de M6 l'après-midi, you will experience the same comforting feeling while watching Coco Chanel. Of course, the quality is way higher than your average Melissa Gilbert biopic, but the TV movie feel is still there... and oh boy it feels good.

Here's a little Coco Chanel inspired look to start the day...

Look created with Looklet

27 Jul 2009

A Parisian Girl's vintage shopping guide to Paris... (well le Marais really this time)

Saturday, I was taken to Paris courtesy of Eurostar with a few other fashion bloggers for a "Little Fashion Break". There was an itinerary planned that involved a lot of interesting things for Londoners in Paris, to me it just meant "taking le métro on a Saturday", so I went my own Parisian way. Spending the day in Paris wasn't an opportunity for me to visit museums and discover the city, as it is where I grew up and it doesn't really have any secrets for me anymore. I took it as a way to revisit my old habits, enjoy a quick catch up with friends and walk around le Marais, soaking up the atmosphere of my old neighbourhood. There is something very comforting about being able to jump on the Eurostar and spend the day in Paris, while still sleeping in my own London bed at night. Tiring, but comforting!

I thought this day in Paris would be a good opportunity for me to share some of my addresses with you, as I realised with horror I had never thought of doing this before... I can't believe I did it with Stockholm before Paris. I am going to try and make it up to you now. I am mainly focusing on Le Marais, I will get around the rest in another post.

In the past few years, Paris seems to have woken up to Vintage... It went from having a few 70's friperies boasting mainly groupie coats and Adidas shell suits to vintage shop saturation. These days you can't walk in Le Marais without seeing a new vintage shop... but they aren't all worth a visit. Here is my selection of places to visit:

La Belle Epoque, 10, rue de Poitou, 75 003 Tue-Sat 13h30-18h30. M° Filles-du-Calvaire.
This shop opened in 1996, way before vintage became popular, and it holds many treasures

La Jolie Garde-Robe, 15, rue Commines Tue-Sat 14-20 h. M° Filles-du-Calvaire.
This is a Parisian's well kept secret worth visiting.

Odetta, 76 rue des Tournelles, 75 003 Tue-Sat 12-19h30, Sun 15-19h30 M° Chemin-Vert.
Opened fairly recently and offers a good selection of "modern vintage" mixed with last season's designer pieces.

If you are feeling brave, you can go have a look in Free'p'Star, 8 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie. Personally, I don't like it that much, as they mostly seem to have 80's polyester dresses and smelly shirts. The good point is that everything is cheap... But I wouldn't want to pay more than €10 for their stock anyway.

Before I let you go, I would like to recommend a delicious restaurant called Monjul. I was lucky enough to be taken there for lunch by my dad once and it is absolutely delicious. Make sure to check it out if you are in the area!

Next time, I will give you more vintage addresses in the rest of Paris.

Thanks again to Eurostar for this little break.

25 Jul 2009

Mademoiselle Robot is on a Secret Mission


At the time you are reading this, I am on board the underwater train for a super secret mission in Paris... I will be spending the day there collecting evidence that I will share with you when I return, if I don't get caught.
Wish me luck.

Agent Robot.

ps - in the meantime, you can go and have a look at Mademoiselle Style, I launched it officially this week and ALL the consultations are now also available online... There is even a Style Hotline. How can you say no?

24 Jul 2009

Wish List / Clements Ribeiro AW 09/10

I am slowly getting into Fashion Week mode, looking at the shows schedule but also coveting like a mad woman a lot of pieces from the AW Lookbooks! I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about Summer collections when Winter is coming first. I can't look that far into the future. I know I will be delighted to see all the beautiful pieces on show during LFW, but nothing excites me more than the "current" season's looks.

One of the highlights of this Fashion Week for me is the return of Clements Ribeiro, celebrating 25 years of LFW. I just browsed through their AW 09-10 look book and I can tell you three things: OH EMM GEE.

I like looking at a collection and thinking "I'd totally rock that". It is the only reason why I am interested in Fashion: I want to see things I can wear. Of course, I appreciate avant-garde designs, but I can't really relate to them style wise.

This is the first ready-to-wear collection by Clements Ribeiro since Spring 2006 and I can't wait to see what they will have on show for SS 10.

When developing the collection we thought of strong individual pieces, using innovative craft that sat outside of trends. We believe there is a strong demand out there for craftsmanship and quality products which are unique, desirable and that have timeless appeal” says Ribeiro.


What do you think? Which shows are getting you excited this season?


23 Jul 2009

Ryan McGinley for Stella McCartney & giveaway winners!

I first came across Ryan McGinley's work through his series of photographs of Kate Moss from the W Magazine "Dreamgirl" shoot in 2007. I have always carried a little torch for Kate's unique beauty, never really wrote about it on here before because... I just didn't I guess. I don't really write about models and co, and she is not at all a style icon for me. I just like her "modelling style" I suppose... Even though I don't really care about models either, unless they are in America's Next Top Model. Oh lord, the cat is out of the bag isn't it... TWICE. a) I like Kate Moss and b) I have a fashion blog but I don't care about models. But I digress.


I was pleased to see that Ryan McGinley was in charge of the new Stella McCartney's ad campaign, featuring moody looking ladies and Bambi. You can't really get any cooler than that. I think from now on I am going to insist on having two things on all my photos: real live woodland creatures and 2D Disney characters. How about that? If I am lucky enough, I might end up believing my own photoshop lies and living in a beautiful forest up there in Delusionville. I bet I don't even need a visa. The Crazy Embassy is good like that.



But enough with the fashion talk, for it is time to announce the two lucky winners of This Charming Girl's giveaway! As usual, I have used a random number generator and a very complicated mathematical formula to pick the winners.

And the winners are...

Alicia Anna



Congratulations girls! Email me your postal address please so I can send you your gifts!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway, I wish everyone could have won. I am putting together another super duper cool giveaway in the next couple of weeks though, so stay tuned!

ps - If you want to read more about Stockholm, I have a post up at Debutante Clothing!


22 Jul 2009

Monsieur Loyal


If only I had a top hat, I could start my own circus, I could spend the day taming lions and tigers, and flirting with Mr Muscle. But I don't, so I am going to sit here and play pretend...


A little bit Girl Interrupted

Jacket, shorts, shoes - Vintage
Tee-shirt - Lazy oaf
Brooches - Tatty devine, buddug, paraphernalia

As a side note, you can read an interview with me over at Queens of Vintage and there is a review of Mademoiselle Style on Bitchbuzz. Remember you also have till the end of today to enter the giveaway to win This Charming Girl stuff! I will announce the winner tomorrow!


21 Jul 2009

Mademoiselle Robot loves Jennifer Loiselle


I discovered Jennifer Loiselle's designs during one of my nightly Etsy wanders and promptly added her to my favourite sellers. I was lucky enough to meet her a few weeks ago after she contacted me to take photos of her house for "Innerspace"... After a little chat about fashion, motherhood and running your own business, it became pretty clear that Jennifer is every bit as lovely as her designs, so I thought it would be nice to share the love with everyone!

How did you get into headwear design?

I basically fell into it - I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear when I was pregnant - maternity clothing isn't the most stylish in the world, hence my need to accessorise with giant head pieces - maybe it was a subconscious effort to detract from the bump! I've also actually studied footwear design and have always loved making bits and pieces of jewellery, so once my maternity leave started I had a lot of time on my hands.

How do you find selling on Etsy?

Selling on etsy requires a lot of patience; I do think UK based sellers have to work extra hard to get noticed as its an American site. Saying that, there has been so much positive feedback and support from fellow etsyians - it's been quite bizarre but enlightening having online relationships with people I've never met before who are all the way across the pond!

Click the image to go to the shop

Can you tell me about your style?

I think I always look like a little girl trying to dress up in her mother's clothes! I like colour, strong prints, ruffles, and vertiginous heels.

What is your advice about staying stylish when you're a mum?

Stay clear of Ugg boots, wear some make-up and carry around a clothing stain remover pen! Seriously, I see so many mums pushing prams who look like they've "given up" (I am probably going to get slaughtered for saying this) - I totally believe you can still have fun with fashion when you have kids.

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me: London, patterns, colour, the life and work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

Top 5 Films?

In no particular order: Orlando, Adaptation, Grey Gardens, Annie Hall, Heathers.


Describe your Perfect Day?

My perfect day would start with a good morning hug from my daughter, an early trip to the Ascot car boot sale where I'd hopefully find lots of tatty treasures. I'd head off back into London and wander down Mount Street for a spot of window shopping. Sir John Soames Museum would be the next stop (where I went on one my fist dates with my now-husband so it holds fond memories). The day would end with some friends gathered in our garden for a barbecue and many bottles of wine.

London or Sidney?

Personally, it would be London for me - you can wear whatever you want and noone blinks an eye. I tend to think Sydney style is more suited to its beach lifestyle and to tall, thin, toned girls - something I'm definitely not!


20 Jul 2009

MR Crush on KIND

There are only a handful of brands I am completely and utterly obsessed with. KIND is up there in the top 3. I got to interview Mr Kind a little while ago, but when I saw the photos from the new collection, I gasped, clutched my heart and fell on the floor. Mr & Mrs Kind seem to have outdone themselves this time. I love their designs because they are so playful and unpretentious, miles away from the general po-facedness I abhor in the Fashion industry.

Here is a little description of the collection "Dreamy cheerleaders meet football captains by the bleachers and at the soda fountain. Cute 1950s silhouettes are combined with a sporty colour palette of red, black, pink and nautical blues, ready for a weekend at the country club."




vestido-pajaro KIND
Photos courtesy of Kind.

Well... I CANNOT, that's how. Move over Jeffrey Campbell, I am leaving you for Mr & Mrs Kind.
Just thinking about the soft cashmere makes me wish for Winter to be here already! The Peacock dress is DEFINITELY my priority numero uno for the Fall, actually I am saving up as we speak, going through pockets and drawers looking for pennies. In the meantime, I might just go look longingly at my cape that's been sitting in the closet, waiting for chillier days.

Shrimp in a cage
Picture taken from the archives of my blog, when it was just a little bébé blog aaaaaw. O HAI long hair.

Doesn't your heart feel a bit warmer? Don't you feel a bit happier? Because I feel like a 13 year old boy who just saw a pair of boobies for the first time.

I also still giggle at the thought of this little scene that happened in Liberty's while buying said cape (me= 8 .5 months pregnant then and about to drop):

Liberty lady: "How would you like to pay?"
Mr Robor: "in kind"

The collection will start being delivered to London retailers from August. Kind is available at Labour of Love, Tatty Devine or Cochinechine. BE NICE AND BUY IT.

17 Jul 2009

The most bizarre designer collaboration award goes to....

When I was waiting for my flight to Stockholm in Heathrow, I received an email from a company asking me if I wanted to receive a pair of Shea Butter Knickers by Ayten Gasson. I was in a Duty Free trance, a bit high on perfume smells and bright lights, so I just sent my address and forgot about it. On a regular day, I would have thought "Shea Butter Knickers?!?" - although I'd probably still have wanted to see the goods.

When I came back, a little parcel was waiting for me on my desk and on the brown silk pouch, it said "Andrex Shea Butter knickers by Ayten Gasson". Aaaaaah suddenly it all made sense (sort of). A toilet paper company commissioning a lingerie designer to make special pants that feel as soft as their new "luxury" toilet paper. Because yes, apparently, toilet paper can be a luxury item. Maybe for those very special poops you do after you've eaten gold and diamonds *sniggers*.
I won't even get started on the fact that a toilet paper x designer pair of knickers is BROWN... You see where I am getting here, right? You are picking up what I am putting down? DURRTY.

Click on the image if you want to buy some for yourself...

I wonder what is next in the designers collaborations... Loulou Loves You and Charmin? Agent Provocateur and Kandoo?

If you forget the toilet paper side of things, the knickers are actually really nice (apart from the monogrammed "A" for Andrex on them)... So they got me curious about Ayten Gasson. In a way, Andrex's PR coup is more useful for Ayten. I went to have a look at her website, and discovered a beautiful range of vintage inspired lingerie. Here are my faves.



The prices are on the reasonable side of high, £40 for knickers and £60 for bras.
For those of you who are in London, you can go see her creations at Bordello, on Great Eastern Street. The others, don't worry, you can buy everything online in her shop. Everything is so lovely, I might just be willing to overlook her strange collaboration!


16 Jul 2009

Twelve Monkis

While I was in Stockholm, I discovered many brands and shops I didn't know. As I was walking down Gotgatan, I saw a shop that looked really cool, with great window graphics and cool interior design. I looked up to see the name and it sounded familiar... Monki... I remember I had seen it on Swedish fashion blogs, including on my favourite, Niotillfem, but that's about it.

Monki is aimed mostly at teenage girls (although at 30 I found a LOT of things I liked, if not every single item in the shop, call me immature, I don't care) and it bases its concept on a magical fantasy land inhabited by little black creatures with dual personas. That's a pretty heavy concept for a high street shop, right? It is like Topshop saying they are a mythical beast who lives in a secret forest with fairies. Totally far fetched for a UK chain, but also totally normal for a Swedish one.

The concept behind the brand is displayed all around the shops, and there is a lot of research in the branding. Each shop is like a magical land! The mind blowing shop design is by Joel Degermark and Catharina Frankander from Electric Dreams Studio (where the photographs come from).

Apparently Monki have recently been bought by clothing giant H&M so maybe we will be seeing some Monki in the streets of Europe soon! I really hope so, because I have rarely seen a high street shop that best suited my style. I only came back with a tee-shirt and a dress, because I had a limited budget, but I could have bought so much more. Below are the two items I brought back. So far I have been living in this dress and tee-shirt (not together though!).

Images from Monki

If you have a look at their current collection, you will quickly understand why I fell in love with the brand, and why they absolutely MUST open shops in the UK. The designs are all pretty simple, with great attention to details, beautiful colours... and so far they seem like good quality too. And so cheap! Gosh I love Stockholm <3.

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15 Jul 2009

This Charming Girl Special - Interview & Giveaway


Today, I am very pleased to share with you an interview with the completely sugar sweet lovely Jackie, angel hands and super brains behind This Charming Girl. But it doesn't stop there, no no. You know me by now... You also get to win some of Jackie's creations. I have two necklaces here for you to win. They are both extra cute and a SURPRISE! You won't know which one you've won till you open your little parcel. To know more about the competition, see after the interview.

What made you decide to become a jewellery designer?

I wasn't able to find unique, quirky jewellery I liked on the high street. The only websites selling the unusual vintage style jewellery I wanted were in the US and I noticed there was a need for a UK based shop to fill that niche in the market. I did some research and bought some vintage charms and bits and pieces and began making jewellery for myself and friends and family. After a good response, I thought I'd try my hand at selling it online. I had a background in e-commerce so I was able to set up my website myself for next to nothing - lucky because at that time BigCartel didn't exist and hardly anyone had heard of Etsy!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from lots of places - old costume jewellery, romance, music (I'll often use song titles to name jewellery pieces), fairytales, nature - I love animal jewellery, for example at the moment I stock jewellery featuring birds, snakes, horses, dogs, bears, bees, peacocks and octopus - to name but a few! Also flowers and leaves, peapods, branches, watering cans and feathers. I'm also a big fan of lockets, the more unusual the better - I have lockets in the shape of love letters, books, purses and treasure chests as well as oversized cameo lockets. Anything goes really.

What is your favourite outfit?

Skinny jeans, skyscraper heels and a sequin blazer - although I'm cheating a bit, cos I don't have the blazer yet... but soon!

Who are your top 5 dream boys?

Oooh, I'd say James McAvoy, Zach Braff, Danny Dyer, Paul Rudd and... Smithy from The Bill!


What are you wearing this Summer?

I've mostly been living in my cropped jeans, checked boyfriend blazer and cream studded gladiator sandals from River Island.

What will you be wearing this Winter?

Hopefully the perfect leather jacket (for autumn anyway) as I'm still on the hunt for it, although I've got my eye on one in All Saints. I've also got a bit of an obsession with princess coats so I'm hoping to find a good one this winter!

Can you tell me about your daily routine?

I usually get up around 9am (one of the best perks of being self employed, choosing when to get up!) and answer emails while I have breakfast. Then if the postman brings me any new stock I'll update the website alongside Twitter and Facebook. Usually I'll begin processing orders just before lunchtime, unless I've done them all the previous night - sometimes I'm a night owl and prefer to stay up till 2am packing stuff! I'll have lunch and sometimes meet a friend for a chat. Then it's off to the post office in the afternoon with my huge bag of packages, but the staff don't mind so much now as they know me and luckily they're used to it! The rest of the time is spent researching new suppliers, doing website maintenance, ordering stock, designing new pieces, sorting out advertising, promoting, doing my accounts (groan!), going to the cash & carry for packaging... there's always something to do! I wouldn't have it any other way though.

How do you cope with all the copies of your work cropping up everywhere?

The trend for vintage jewellery has really exploded over the past few years and as a result a lot of designers end up using the same suppliers, so naturally there will be a lot of similarities. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but constantly copying someone else's work is going to get you nowhere in the long run. I've been building up a loyal customer base since 2006 who appreciate the thought that goes into my designs so as long as they still like my work I'm happy!

I hope you enjoyed the interview! Now let me tell you a little bit more about the competition to win free necklaces from This Charming Girl:

To enter, it is simple, leave a comment to this post.
For extra entries, you can become a fan of MR on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. If you do that, let me know in your comment so I can count your extra entries.
You have until Wednesday 22nd to enter, I will pick two winners then at random, as usual. Most of you know the drill by now!


14 Jul 2009

Don't try this at home kids!

After all your comments about cutting my hair myself last time, and how good it looked, I thought this time I would show you how sometimes, hair experiments go wrong. I was missing my fringe so after thinking about it for a bit, I decided this morning it was time to cut it again. The problem is, morning brain & impulsive hair decisions don't really mix so well and I ended up with a Girl Interrupted situation. I look like a 5 year old wearing make up.

I used to have a really short fringe like this when I was 20 but since then I had only worn it long, just above the eyebrows. My hair grows fast so I am not overly concerned, but I just thought I'd show you that things don't always go according to plan!


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