30 Jun 2009

Mademoiselle Style special offer!


Just a few lines to tell you that the Style Booster over at Mademoiselle Style is now also available online. What it means is that wherever you live, if you are in need of inspiration, or of a little chat about your style, you can have it.

The good news is, to celebrate this new service, I am giving you 50% off any consultation if you book before the end of July! That includes the online Style Booster which is £20 online or £25 offline till July 31st. Pretty sweet.

You can also enter the competition over at The Sassy Minx to win a FREE Style Booster!

If you want to know about all the latest offers on Mademoiselle Style, you can follow me on Twitter, as I will send out special codes for my followers from time to time.

29 Jun 2009

How to pack the best and not the rest (part deux)

Last week, I told you how to pack for a short city break, which would have been helpful for those of you going away for a weekend, but might have left you feeling lonely in front of your suitcase if you are going away for longer (lucky you!). Today, I am making up for lost time, and giving you my packing tips for a couple of weeks out of the city.

What to pack... for two weeks in the country

When you go away for two weeks, taking a break from civilisation, it is nice sometimes to take a break from your usual fashion, but not from fashion altogether. Just take your usual style, and remove the clutter - you won't need it where you are going. If you are going away for 2 weeks, you only need to pack a week's worth of clothes that you will wash.

Here's what you will need:

❤ pyjamas and a nightie (in case it gets really hot)
❤ one pair of jeans for the countryside adventures - horse riding, climbing, forest walks etc
❤ shorts
❤ full skirt
❤ light summer dress
❤ 5 tee-shirts in basic colours
❤ one body
❤ two swimsuits or bikinis
❤ one cardigan
❤ one jacket
❤ underoos
❤ toiletries
❤ plimsolls
❤ sandals
❤ ballet flats

The idea here is that you will mostly be wearing your shorts to potter around during the day.
If you are not at all the adventurous type and are thinking "well I am leaving the jeans home, I won't need them", don't. Pack them anyway, it might not be hot all the time.
You will make a little effort to go to the local town and wear your summer dress.
Often in the summer there are balls and village fêtes in the evenings, so for those, pack your full skirt and body + ballet flats. You will look cute and vintage without doing too much. If you plan on going to LOADS of them, you can also use the sundress layered over a tee-shirt.
Pretty simple right? It should be, you are not packing for a fashion show.

I didn't include the swimwear in this set, but it goes without saying you will put it in your suitcase...
Happy holidays everyone!

I have added items in my shop, go have a look!

Also, if you go to my press section, you will see a few new features including Muteen (FR), NEET magazine and the Sassy Minx.


26 Jun 2009

Giveaway time! Win a super duper cute tote bag & surprises!

You have most likely spent the whole night crying about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, so I have something to cheer you up a little on this grey day... Yep, you guessed it, it is a new giveaway!
This time, the competition is to win a really cute tote bag & some surprises inside from JIJIKIKI.
Pretty cute, right? On a day like today, it probably should say "Heal the World" instead, but that's the next best thing.

To win this prize, all you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed and then leave a comment below! EASY, right?
You have till the 7th of July to enter, I will announce the results shortly after.

Good luck everyone!!!

ps - There is an interview with me today over at The Sassy Minx. It is about both Mademoiselle Robot and Mademoiselle Style, and there is even a competition where you can win a Style Booster!

25 Jun 2009

What I am wearing / Lost in Space

The return of the Luella shorts! This time I wore them to go to space... in front of my flat. I am really digging the preppy style this summer more than ever.

Lost in space

Lost in space

Lost in space

Lost in space

Shorts - Luella
Jacket - Primark
Tee-shirt - thrifted
Shoes - ASOS
Socks - H&M

For those of you who are interested, I have just added lots of new clothes in my shop. I will be adding more over the next few days as well as I am having a massive wardrobe clear out.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway as well, it is tomorrow. I can tell you it involved a super cute bag with surprises inside!


24 Jun 2009

Innerspace - Jennifer Loiselle's inspiring London interior

Jennifer Loiselle

"Aesthetically, we're trying to achieve a mid-century look meets kitsch, with a bit of taxidermy thrown in for good measure!"

Jennifer was the first person to contact me to do a feature on her London house. As soon as I saw the photos in her email, I decided I had to go and have a browse around. I already knew about her super cute headbands so I was thrilled to meet her.

When it comes to decorating the house, Jennifer & Damian work as a team, and seem to complement each other well, if I judge by the result and what she says about their way of doing things: "I guess my husband, Damian and I balance each other out quite well; he likes clutter (or what he likes to call maximalism) and I tend to take things away...he's also much more into Japanese toys (ie the wall of Bearbricks) than I am, and if it were up to him, I'm sure there would be some skateboard decks hanging on the walls as well."

What struck me most about their house - apart from the completely stunning Tretchikoff wall mural - is how calm and quiet it was, despite being in London, not far from a busy, busy road. Quite a change from the usual London houses!

Have a look at the slideshow below to get a better idea of Jennifer's family's beautiful surroundings.

If your house is interesting, and like Jennifer you would like it to be featured here, just send me an email with a few photos and we will work something out!

23 Jun 2009

Ask Gok Wan some questions!

Some of you might have heard of the annual contest held by Specsavers, "Spectacle Wearer of the Year". The winner gets a year modelling contract with Premier Model Management, as well as a trip to Barbados and other goodies. I am starting to sound as fierce as Tyra Banks there. I should really have made a video to announce all this, and get some photos out. Too late now.

Mademoiselle Robot has been selected as one of the blogs where readers get to ask Gok Wan some questions, so get asking, you have till the 30th of June to get your questions in!

You can ask him anything. I will forward all your questions, and his team will shortlist a few.

If you would like to enter the competition for a chance to be the Spectacle Wearer of the year, just click here and fill in everything before June 30th! I would LOVE to see one of you win the big prize :)

In other news, I was interviewed by Eugene Ahn for his People you don't know podcast, you can listen to it here. I was also featured in this month's NEET Magazine.

22 Jun 2009

Some Summer inspiration: Steam Fair & Charles Cushman

To celebrate the arrival of the long awaited Summer, the whole family and me went to the Steam Fair yesterday, had tons of fun on all sorts of steam powered rides - the best so far is probably the Lightning Skid. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may know that Fun Fairs are a big style inspiration for me, so going to Carter's is always a treat.

I have also been looking at some photos from the Charles Cushman collection and selected my favourites to show you.




"Packing his car with camera, lenses, and film, his tripod, his notebooks and—often as not—his first wife, Jean (who was not, to judge from the expression on her face in Cushman's occasional carside portraits, always a happy traveling companion), this extraordinary amateur photographer pursued a life on the road, and in the streets, of mid-twentieth-century America." from Charles Cushman's Journey through the American Landscape, 1938-1969 by


The photos I chose to show you here are some of his "fashion" shots, but do have a look at the rest of his work as it literally is a goldmine. I was completely amazed at how modern most of his candid photographs of women look, but I also took great delight in looking through pages and pages of landscapes, urban scenes etc.

I can't really think of a better Summer inspiration for me than a stroll at the fair and a bit of mid-century Americana, because to me, that's what Summer should be all about: beautiful coloured lights & the smell of cotton candy in the evening , crisp whites, denim & bikinis in the daytime.

Living in London, I only get very little of this, but I can daydream, or just reminisce of summers past, with my parents & grandparents on the French Riviera.

What is your dream Summer atmosphere?

20 Jun 2009

Join me at the opening of Anna Lou of London's new shop!

Anna Lou of London is holding a little competition for you to win a Party Passport to go to the opening party of her new London shop on Thursday 25th June!
All you have to do is follow the instructions on the image below and you could win a chance to go to the party!


click to see the bigger size

And who knows, maybe I will wear my party glasses for the occasion...

... or maybe not.

18 Jun 2009

Holidays ahoy, how to pack only the best and not the rest.

It might seem a little early to post about holiday packing, it is only the middle of June. But I am going to be selfish here because I am going on a short break to Stockholm in about 10 days. Going away for a beach holiday is one thing, but going to a super stylish city is another story entirely. I generally have two holiday options: Paris, or the French countryside. This year however marks the beginning of a new era in which I carry on exploring the world... and shake my packing habits a little bit. I thought I'd share my packing tips with you, as I am pretty sure a good few of you will be going away at some point in the next few months.

What to pack... for a short city break

The idea when you go on a city break is to see and do as much as you can possibly handle in a very short time. You also want to travel light on the way out, as you might go on a crazy foreign shopping spree. I have two different suitcases: a large one and a small one. You guessed it, for a short city break, I will take the small one, but I will only fill three quarters of it.

Let's say you are going away for 4 days, here is a little tick list of what you will need:

❤ pyjamas (number one on the list, I love pyjamas)
❤ one pair of trousers, and by trousers, I mean real trousers, not jeans.
❤ one pretty dress for this special night out
❤ 4 tops (make it two tee-shirts, a pretty blouse and an evening top)
❤ your undies, unless you want to go commando for 4 days in the name of light travel.
❤ a beauty bag with your everyday make up + a red lipstick, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste etc all go in small travel containers.
❤ a pair of cute but comfortable shoes for the daytime
❤ a pair of incredibly impractical shoes for the evening.
❤ a cardigan
❤ a jacket (blazer or denim jacket)
❤ a little bag full of necklaces, brooches and hair accessories.
❤ a mini umbrella

The idea here is to have one core piece for the daytime (the trousers/skirt/shorts if you prefer) that goes with all your tops, shoes and jacket. For example, I would bring my beige high-waisted trousers as they go with most of my tops. Add a cute pair of white jazz shoes, a denim jacket and the right accessories, you have yourself a comfy but not sloppy day look.
In the evening, you will have your dress and shoes, no need to agonize about what to wear!

What to pack for a city break
What to pack for a city break by Mademoiselle Robot
I used the items available on Polyvore, of course I don't expect anyone to dish out their one gazillion pounds trousers and bag combo!

Make sure you also plan a travelling outfit that will make you feel très glamourous while still being practical. You don't want to look a mess when you get out of that plane... especially as you can't really take your make up bag with you in the cabin.

Next week, I will write about what to pack for a week (or two) at the beach...

This is an archive photo of me, from when I didn't know how to pack... Actually that's a lie. This is the suitcase I packed when I left Paris to move to the UK. Not that big, considering... You can also witness a rare sighting of a Tishinjeans.

17 Jun 2009

Mademoiselle Robot presents... Mademoiselle Style

You know how I keep moaning about being busy all the time? And how I mentioned starting a business in my latest post? Well... Some of you might have noticed the "Mademoiselle Style" link in the right sidebar. It has been there for the past couple of weeks. Some of you might have even clicked on it (if you did, thank you, you probably already know what I am about to write).

To cut a long story short, Mademoiselle Style is Mademoiselle Robot's sister project. Not a blog, but a site where I offer my services as a Style Consultant (in the U.K., but if you have a private jet and want to fly me to Hawaii, I am so there!).

I have been writing about style for so long now, and giving advice through my posts and by email to some of my readers, I thought it was time to start doing it face to face, and to offer my help to a wider audience.Which is why I started Mademoiselle Style.

I wanted it to be in tune with who I am, so as well as more traditional Style Consultant services, I am offering Vintage style consultations, Style on a budget consultations and a special treat for new mums who want to work on a new look.

Feel free to go have a look and pass the address on to anyone you think would benefit from something like this! If you recommend a friend, you will get a Style Booster FREE once they have had their consultation.

Attention, attention! (this is where you can win stuff)

The first person to book ANY consultation through the blog will get it for FREE - the following 5 people will get 50% off as a welcome gift.


15 Jun 2009

Answering your questions...

I was tagged a little while ago by Pretty Young Thing, and after that, several people asked me to answer the same questions, so even though I don't normally do "tags", today I thought what the heck, it is Monday, let's do it. I am wild like that.

I have to apologise to those of you I didn't link to if you sent me the same tag, I just couldn't find the comments anymore!

What is your current obsession?

Fashion wise, it has to be shorts and playsuits (and rompers) at the moment. But it often varies.
As for the rest, my current obsession is undoubtedly travelling and seeing as much of this planet as I can before I die. I am going to Stockholm in 2 weeks and I am very excited about it, as it is one of my top 5 cities.

Good coffee place?

I don't really drink coffee very often, I am more of a tea person. I like the tea in Peyton & Byrne. I am not extremely picky apart from that. I just enjoy anywhere I can sit outside and look at people while drinking a cup of tea.

Do you nap a lot?

I would love to, but I am not really one for power naps. If I do nap, I end up sleeping for 2 or 3 hours, so I don't nap. I am also always busy working, looking after my daughter and doing various other things, so I can't really nap at all!

Who was the last person you hugged?

My daughter, she is really into cuddles at the moment, so that's pretty good.

What’s your favorite dinner?

I love grilled salt & pepper pork chops from this little Chinese restaurant near my mum's flat in Paris. Whenever I go to Paris to visit, I make sure I have dinner there at least once!

What was the last thing you bought?

Some stationery. Princess Poochie and I recently became penpals, and I realised I didn't have any nice letter paper to reply to her!

What are you listening to right now?

Cars in the street outside & sleepy bébé.

What is your favorite weather?

Hot Spring. Light breeze, blossoms in the trees. Blue sky with a few fluffy clouds.

What’s in your bathroom cabinet?

I only keep spare products in my bathroom cabinet, as well as cleaning products. The interesting stuff is on my dressing table, in my room.

What is your favorite tea flavor?

I like simple English breakfast with milk, no sugar. Thanks.

What did you want to become as a child?

A vet till I was about 8, and then a writer or a journalist. I ticked that box on my list.

What do you miss?

My Parisian friends, sunny weather (you know, like back in the days, where there still were seasons?), having a garden or a balcony.

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?

I don't really care about brands for any clothing, so that goes for jeans too. I don't wear jeans a lot either, so I tend to go for cheap ones that look good on me! The one pair of jeans I wear are from Primark and cost me £8.

What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own (new or vintage)?

New, I'd happily take anything from Luella's most recent collection. And vintage... it is hard to say, but a 50's day dress or two would be nice!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Los Angeles. Although I would probably want to stay for longer than an hour.

Who do you want to meet in person?

David Bowie please.

What is your most challenging goal right now?

To carry on writing this blog, while writing a book and starting a business... and looking after a toddler. My life is a challenging goal at the moment.

What’s your 5 year plan? (summarised)

I don't really have a 5 year plan. As cheesy as it may sound, I am definitely a Carpe Diem type person. So far, so good using that motto as well.

Since I have been receiving a few other unrelated questions, I was thinking of doing a FAQ as well as just replying to this tag. What do you think? Do you want one? Do you have questions? Now is the time to ask!

14 Jun 2009

What I am wearing / Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!

Just like The Royal Teens, I wear short shorts. I like short shorts. They are my fashion happy place. Instead of wearing jeans for comfort, I wear shorts. Winter or Summer, it doesn't matter, as long as they are short shorts, and at least a little high-waisted. Last week, I was debating whether to slash through my black skinny jeans for a bit of Margiela vibe, but I quickly decided against it as it is just not my style, and I think the world has seen enough of these anyway. So I opted for a more classic hack of the legs. I never used to wear these jeans, but now I live in the shorts.


In these photos, I wore the shorts with a Victorian type lace & cotton blouse, a vintage cardigan from Bows & Bandits (fave online shop at the moment!) and my emergency Swear shoes.

I really enjoy cutting & altering my clothes, I get new stuff all the time without ever leaving the house, or taking my (empty) wallet out! I wish I was as skilled as Queen Michelle or Susie Bubble when it comes to clothes alterations, but I am happy with my tiny little DIY projects for now.

Speaking of new clothes, you can still help me get my dream wedding dress before it is sold out! Just click on the "I want to help" button on the right sidebar... Read here for the full story.

12 Jun 2009

Style Tips / San Francisco Vintage Style by Madeline Hansen

Madeline Hansen is the owner / in-house designer of a San Francisco based vintage shop called The Good Shop. It is not just a shop though, it is also a gallery, where emerging artists can showcase their work. If you are in San Francisco, or in the area, you should definitely go and check it out. If like me, you are stuck in Europe (for now), you can have a browse in their online shop, or read below for Madeline's tips on vintage shopping in San Francisco.

I was taking Muni down to my favorite Tenderloin dive bar the other day (San Franciscans drink PBR in place of water) when I spied a most fascinating thing. Standing in front of me, gripping the surely germ-infested handrails, was a woman with green hair and a neck tattoo wearing a sweatshirt printed with the following proclamation: “Go to Los Angeles to be somebody. Go to New York to be somebody else. Go to San Francisco to be yourself.” I found myself nodding along. “Well yes, that certainly makes sense,” I said out loud to no one in particular, because there’s so much crazy in San Francisco that it’s perfectly acceptable to talk to yourself in public nearly everywhere. San Francisco is 47.335 miles jam packed with interesting people, all looking for the space to simply be themselves.

Indeed, in the five years I have spent in San Francisco, I have learned one thing: San Franciscans have their own way of doing everything. We run marathon races drunk and dressed up like giant naked babies and stripper-Elvises. We encourage local personalities with names like Chicken John to run for mayor on an all-art-all-the-time platform, but in the end re-elect stylishly handsome mayors with open drug addiction problems instead. Heck, we’ve even invented our own style of burrito. This place we refer to only as The City is a treasure trove of uncommon personalities doing uncommon things.

What strikes me most about San Francisco is the unique sartorial decisions we make as a whole. People in San Francisco dress differently than people do anywhere else. We’re not what my friends and I call a “spency” (short for expensive) city. When your rent is over half of your paycheck, there’s no room for Marni shoes and Prada millinery. As a result, vintage stores are the breadth of local fashion. Below, you’ll find below a guide to San Francisco vintage dressing for a day at work, a day at the park, and a night out. Tread lightly into these waters my friend, because you might just fall in love with Don’t Call it Frisco, CA.

If you are going here:

You are probably wearing this:

Image from San Francisco Street Fashion Blog Fashionist

San Francisco’s Financial District and Downtown area house most the city’s jobs. Whether you work for Levi’s Corporate designing back pockets for denim, or are waiting for the shuttle to your job at Google, one thing is certain: professionalism is not in high demand. San Francisco jobs are laid back, meaning your style can be, too. Pair a 1960’s pencil skirt with something a little more interesting on top, perhaps a 1970s YSL-style bow and jabot blouse. I love the added suspenders and fishnets (I may have opted for nude nets) for a little kitsch factor. Make sure you have a comfy pair of oxfords or loafers. When you’re walking over a 35 degree hill to catch the bus, you cannot waste time on heels!

If you are going here:

You are probably wearing this:

Image from San Francisco Street Fashion Blog Fashionist

If it’s Sunday and sunny, we’re grabbing some beer and riding our bikes to Dolores Park. With more parks per capita than any city in the US, we take our outdoor recreation very seriously, and the park is always crowded on weekend afternoons. A pair of 1970s high waisted shorts look great with a quirky 90s tank top. Add a belt (wide or skinny) and a pair of 70s boho-style sandals and you’re good to go. Since San Francisco weather changes every fifteen minutes (we do not dress for seasons here), smart girls bring along a 50s embellished cardigan. Hosiery optional!

If you are going here:

You are probably wearing this:

Image from San Francisco street fashion blog The Fashionphiles

When going out in San Francisco, there are two extremes to adhere to. These extremes are full face drag, which is always a fabulous option, or understated comfortable style. Here in San Francisco, we still mourn the day Kurt died. That means that grunge is still an in-style option for a night on the town. 90’s cut-off denim shorts look great paired with tights and anything. I love this look with a more rockin’ black leather belt from the 80s adorned with a variety of studs. For versatility on top, try this look with a vintage lace tank top.

Here are some great San Francisco vintage and thrift stores, should you find yourself in the area:

Thrift Town: 2101 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
Wasteland: 1660 Haight St, San Francisco, CA
CC Rider SF: 260 Divisadero street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Static: 1764 Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117
Painted Bird: 1201 A Guerrero St. San Francisco, CA 94110
La Rosa Vintage: 1711 Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117
Mascara Vintage: 1747 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94109

If you want to get anything from The Good Shop Online, simply enter the code BLOGZ at checkout to get 15% off.

10 Jun 2009

Oops, I did it again!


Scissors. Bathroom. New hair. HI!

Mademoiselle Robot loves Jeffrey Campbell

I have already written him a love letter, I want to wear his shoes for my wedding, I don't know anyone who doesn't love his designs... If I carry on like this, I might as well become JC's official spokesperson.
I don't think I even need to introduce the talented Jeffrey Campbell to you! Besides, nothing I can say a few lines will convey the pure talent of this shy L.A. dad & shoe genius.

How did you get into shoe design?

I started in the stockroom at Nordstrom's in Seattle. I was still in High School. I then started working for other companies all the way up to my late thirties. My wife actually supported me and encouraged me to go out on my own. She gave me the courage to create Jeffrey Campbell, she still runs much of our in house business today. My brother also is a huge part of this business. It's family.

Where do you get your inspiration?

We literally pull from everywhere and lots of vintage. Lots of cues from our favorite clothing designers for colorway or treatment etc. We love to see what hip girls are putting together on their own. We try to translate that for next season. We like to people watch in Brooklyn or Silverlake. I have an employee in NYC with whom I am constantly emailing pics and tear sheets, ideas and must haves.

JC Image 1

Do you have a muse?

My lovely daughters, Amber and Brigitte. They are my life muses.

What is your all time favourite movie and why?

I usually only get to watch movies on flights these days... So I like a movie that goes well with a nice airline wine! I like movies about people's lives, about change or life obstacles. I also like mindless humor. I love to laugh.

Five songs that make you happy?

Five bands on my IPOD work? The Ramones, early Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash. I should stop before I sound old. I often have times like that with my daughters in the car...I ask who it is and they pretend i'm the craziest person in the world..."Dad, that's NEO!!!"

Can you tell me about your day?

If I did it would bore you to tears. I work with a tiny staff of five people. We work so hard and long, all doing so many different jobs. The best part of the day is when my favorite stores call the office to say something is selling! I feel like my staff and our combined efforts are truly the reason we are where we are. We are a family.

What are you wearing right now? Can we have a photo?

I am so shy, one thing I never do is photos. I get nervous!! I wear a lot of vintage. I love shopping at Wasteland in LA and at American Rag. I keep it pretty simple. Lots of short sleeve button downs, and trousers. I like to go vintage shopping with my daughter, she dresses me a lot. She actually designed two shoes last year, she is 15 and soon to be my boss!

JC Image 2

Do you have pets?

We have two crazy dogs, three beautiful children and a bunny.

Describe your dream house.

My dream house includes a nice place for all my children and a space my wife can cook and entertain in. I feel very lucky to have the house we do in LA. We are always fixing it up to make it just the way we like it. I love being home. I live in a very quiet LA neighborhood. Maybe I already own my dream home!

Do you have any links you would like to share with us?

I read blogs and style sites all day. I like to see what young people are writing about, listening to, caring about. I also like google images, it is very creepy. I like Lookbook.nu, I wish I had time like all those kids on that site, it's actually amazing.

Will you marry me? *crazy stalker face*

I am already married, but I will tell you this, she is European... So maybe I have a type!! My wife is French!!!

(note - good thing I am already engaged too then!)

For all U.K. JC fans: new styles are arriving at bunnyhug monthly. His shoes are also sold at Hoxton Boutique in London. I am going there RIGHT NOW.

8 Jun 2009

Innerspace - The Larsson Family's Stockholm Heaven


"I love to renovate, decorate and craft and there are always a million little things that need and want doing."

It was my sister who pointed me to Benita's blog, Chez Larsson. She thought I would find the decoration advice helpful for my Spring cure. She was once again right, as I fell head over heels in love with the beautiful & colourful Scandinavian interior of their family home.

When I asked Benita about her inspiration, she wrote "I get inspiration from the web, like blogs and Flickr but also from places like the hardware store where I dream up projects and lust over the power tools. I can spend hours in the cleaning isle of foreign grocery stores and both Martin and I are avid dumpster divers and charity shop shoppers. We build a lot of our own furniture but there are some basic things from IKEA in the mix too as well as some design classics."

The result, as you can see below is extremely peaceful, inspiring and minimalist without ever feeling sterile. I feel calm and happy just by looking at the photos!








If you would like to see more, you can head to Chez Larsson Flickr account.

If you have an interesting house, and you would like me to feature it here, send me a few photos in an email - mellerobot@gmail.com

5 Jun 2009

Wish List / Willow Feathered dress, I LOVE YOU, I NEED YOU!

Miss Elle from Broke & Beautiful and Jen from Awakened Aesthetic both agreed last night on Twitter that they wanted to see me in this dress from Willow:

I have to say this is a great choice, as soon as I saw the dress I wanted it badly. Now the price tag put me off a little bit as I definitely can't afford to spend $650 on a dress at the moment. Which really is a shame because I know I would wear it all the time, and most importantly, I think it would make a PERFECT wedding dress (for next summer). I wonder if they have stockists in London, because now I need to try it on. I am afraid Elle & Jen have given me something to obsess about. Thanks girls!

This is possibly how I would wear it if I owned it. Giant clock and bird cages optional. I think it would look amazing and completely out of this world with the unicorn heels from ModCloth & a headband from Buddug. Although I am pretty sure my Oh Deer headband made by Mary would do the trick also. Or maybe her raincloud fascinator... Dude, maybe I am getting carried away.

Willow Dress
Willow Dress by Mademoiselle Robot on Polyvore.com

Mind you, if each of my subscribers was to give me $1, then I would be able to get it. OMG, blog begging. ALERT!!! I should rename my blog "Mademoiselle Hobo". Geddit?

This is a Paypal button, you can click it.

Seriously though. People over at Willow, or at 25Park, if you hear me, I would be the best mum ever for this dress. Total blogger sellout.

Before I disappear in a cloud of smoke, I urge you all to have a look at Broke & Beautiful's Dress your Blogger, because it is possible the funniest idea ever for a post (and the blog is pretty sweet to0).

ps -

Dear Anonymous,

Before you start calling me a prostitute or something worse because I ask people for stuff, why don't you shut your mouth, reach for that wallet and do something useful for once, yes? You have A LOT to be forgiven for. I keep long and hard sexy grudges.


3 Jun 2009

What I am wearing / Lazy hazy day

denim dress

Lazy hazy spring day, lounging around the house, catching up with some writing with a slightly foggy brain.

denim dress

Vintage denim dress & Erotokritos shoes

I have been listening to Brigitte Bardot and Joao Gilberto, the spring mood is at its peak.
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