31 Mar 2009

The March Lookbook is out!

I am such a dork, I completely forgot to announce that the March Lookbook is finally out. As usual, you will find my editorial, but this time, there is also a foreword by Chris and Alexis Knox's comments about Charlie Le Mindu's show during LFW.

Also, I did a guest post for the Shop it to me blog, about items to splurge on this Spring. You can read it here.



Mademoiselle Robot loves Mary Pattavina (Pretty Good Things)

Since I have started this blog, I have been lucky enough to interview lots of designers & artists I already loved. But the best thing is when I get to discover someone by chance because I fell in love with their designs (pretty much my dream hat, hello deer on a pillow) & that someone also happens to be have a pretty kick ass take on things. Meet Mary Pattavina, the lady behind Pretty Good Things. We spoke about good old Ronnie Mars, miniature animals and hat design.

If you could be a Veronica Mars character which one would you choose and why?

Hands down, no questions: I want to be Ms. Mars herself. As for why, let's get the superficial reason out of the way first: Number one: she owns a style of phone that I covet. And then there are the more interesting character traits that I really like: a) she is crafty (as in clever), smart, with it lady, b) she always has the right comebacks, and perhaps most importantly, c) she is a super sleuth! I've always had a thing for mysteries and mystery-solvers. As a kid I had a book titled "The Young Detective's Handbook" and it detailed how to make your own detective's kit (which I dutifully made). I think my love of the show as an adult is generally a more socially acceptable form of behavior versus me getting that kit and solving mysteries across my fair city. Hopefully this analysis doesn't convey to your readers that I have a creepy, delusional psychological disorder just because I want to be like Veronica Mars. I swear I don't have one, really.

Do you sometimes have conversations with your cat Simon?

Do I ever! Some of the most frequent (and most boring) are the conversations that involve this type of exchange:
me: "Simey, are you a baby?"
Simon: stares up at me and squeaks
me: "yes, you are a baby"
Simon: rubs against my legs.
His vocal communication, while limited to cat, often consists of cute squeaky meows. And I like to think I've got those understood. The little dude has me trained to get his food on command, lift him to the sink to drink from the faucet, chase him when he wants to play tag and he is quite vocal about getting a sufficient amount of snuggles for the day.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Sometimes it's the fabric that tells me what it wants to be (I know, that sounds so cliched - but its true!). But there are other times where I start with a clear concept and work out from there. For example, for my upcoming thesis show I developed a set of illustrations that describe a female character's travels. I then designed eight corresponding sculptural hats for each illustration and finally a line of Pretty Good Things headwear that are derivations of the sculptural hats (phew! kind of a long way to travel to get to a line!). The hats and illustrations explore fantasy and escapism and have me thinking about line development in new, more engaging ways. These derivative hats alongside digital prints of the original illustrations will be sold on prettygoodthings.com starting April 20. I am waaaay excited to open the show. If people can't make it to see the show in person, I'll be posting gallery shots on my portfolio website, marypattavina.com as well as on prettygoodthings.com.

What do you like most about blogging?

I like the delusion blogging provides me - - thinking that people are really that interested in what I have to say. But really, I like keeping a blog so that customers, friends and family can read about sales, specials and other bits of my life and things I find in the world that they may (or may not) be interested in. It provides a face and a story with the person creating their hats. On that note, I should say that I am very bad at updating (I blame it on school) but it is my goal to pay more attention to my blog so that it becomes a reliable source of hat related information with, of course, a few Mary P. related bits also. I love reading blogs for that type of reason as well - - the blogs that bring me information, but let me have a glimpse of the individual behind the curtain are pretty super.

Why did you decide to design headwear?

From an early age, I've enjoyed making things - drawing, assembling, sewing, hammering, molding, sculpting, cutting, fixing, etc. I thrive on crafting something with my hands. I believe it is "the something" I am supposed to do in life. I see my choice to start designing headwear as an organic decision that really took off after I enrolled grad school. In high school I taught myself to sew, in undergrad, I became interested in sculpture and for my entire life I've been into drawing and painting. So, when I went back to school to get my M.A. in apparel design I began noticing (and loving) crazy hats in current fashion (Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones anyone?) and in history and realized that I was more interested in these than apparel design (though that is pretty great, too). It seems like a natural evolution because I think that headwear lets me do so many of the things I love in one sweet package; I get to draw, sculpt, assemble, sew, bend, cut, etc. Headwear is a little sculpture for your head that can change how you feel, how you act, how people see you. It is totally rad and more people should wear hats and such!

What's your design process?

I try to stick to the orderly method of starting with a concept, visualize ideas, sketch out the ideas, make a mock up hat, or if I can't wait - just jump straight to the materials. For example, when creating the work in my thesis show I made the illustrations and then visualized ideas for the sculptural hats. Once I had those designs hammered out, I worked out their derivation as the Pretty Good Things' hats. Sometimes my process evolves from just playing around with the material and just visualizing designs versus drawing them. This form of play is good for making little accidents that end up leading to more ideas.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into headwear design?

My path to headwear wasn't the traditional milliner's path - - so I'd suggest if you are able to, enroll in a class on how to make hats in the old school way, with someone who knows what they are doing. I know I personally learn much more quickly if I have someone showing me the way. BUT I'll say that there is something to mucking through things on your own - it might just take you longer to get to where you want to be. If you want to do it my way, I'd also suggest buying a great book called "From the Neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking". It covers much of the basics - even if you aren't interested in creating a traditional blocked hat. I am sure you can take something away from all that information and adapt it to your crazy design ideas! I'd also suggest using unconventional items - - who says hats have to be one set way or another? Wear your new stuff out and about to get people talking.

Make things that are unusual, pretty, innovative - things that make you happy. Make, make, make and spread the word that hats aren't scary to wear - in fact, they are totally fun! If you aren't in a location where hats are very popular (like me - - in the middle of the US) you're probably going to need to do some searching online for supplies and the like. I've used judithm.com and been very satisfied and checked out hatsupply.com (though never ordered anything from them yet). I guess if any of your readers have specific questions - I'd be really happy to answer them - they can just, comment, email or convo me through Etsy!

Top 5 dreamboats?

Hum, for some reason this is the hardest question so far! What is wrong with me? Of course, there's my current dreamboat, my bf, Nick (awww). But I know there are plenty of other good looking guys out there....but the only guys that I can say (with any certainty) were on my dreamboat radar are the ones whose pictures I used line my locker with in middle school. So keep in mind this in the early 90s and I do not pine over them to date:
Val Kilmer
Brad Pitt
Dean Cain
Keanu Reeves

And these two dudes who I loved (and I mean LOVED) as a preschooler: Christopher Reeve - as Super Man, and Huey Lewis (seriously, I thought I would marry Huey Lewis).

What's your favourite animal?

I love any animal that is miniaturized (this includes all baby animals). And of course, cats. OH! and these crazy looking seahorses called Leafy Sea Dragons.

And I have to say that if a Pegasus/unicorns was real, I'd say that would take the cake. Wait - how about a miniature Pegasus/unicorn? OMG! That might be the best thing ever.

How do you manage to do everything at the same time (running a business, studying, writing your blog, making stuff)?

It is pretty hard going to school full time and doing Pretty Good Things. I would really classify myself as a part time business owner or even quarter time. However, I've read a couple books in the past year that help put things into perspective whenever I've had those major freak-outs that have me starting a lot of sentences with 'can't' or 'I hate' and crying over things that (in the grand scheme of things) don't mean very much. When I want to be methodical and rational I re-read "The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play" by Neil Fiore. When I want to feel in line with the universe I re-read "Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness Now!" by Randy Peyser. Oh, and I am also just learning the art of saying no. Saying no to opportunities and to people are two difficult things for me to do. But I think practicing how to do this is really important because a) there will always be another opportunity (albeit - maybe not the one envisioned) and b) sometimes putting yourself before another person's requests doesn't end up in mayhem - in fact, often I notice that I feel less chaotic when I am not spread so thinly. Crazy, I know. So with that said - I am looking forward to May, after I've graduated. I have a strong feeling that I'll have more time to really put in my all to Pretty Good Things.

28 Mar 2009

Agent Lynch Burlesque Academy

I have good news for you, if you are in London or around. Agent Lynch, International Lady of Burlesque Mystery is starting a series of burlesque classes at the Last Days of Decadence in Shoreditch... I have had the pleasure to meet her and see her perform, and I was totally mind blown by the originality of her act.
If you are interested in learning how to shake it, twist it, strip it in style, you should definitely try and attend one of her classes.



The first class is tomorrow at the Last Days of Decadence, there are still some spaces left, so book these up!

Mademoiselle Robot featured in A Nous Paris

For once, I have been featured in a Parisian newspaper! It is nice to appear in the press in my hometown... Especially sandwiched (no pun intended) in between Garance Doré and The Sartorialist! I am totally stoked by this.

A Nous Paris featuring Mademoiselle RobotA Nous Paris featuring Mademoiselle Robot

A Nous Paris featuring Mademoiselle Robot
(click here to see the bigger size)

Translation - (...) Young Parisian living in London & occasional VICE collaborator, Mademoiselle Robot specializes in vintage clothing and style interviews with celebrities (actor Matthew Gray Gubler, illustrator Margaux Motin...). Her recent experiments with video blogging show her constant desire for evolution (...)

Other blogs mentioned are Café Mode and Scout Holiday.

26 Mar 2009

My style consultation with Naomi from Vintage Secret


I have been in touch with Naomi for a little while, but it's only recently, when I confessed being stuck in a fashion rut that she offered to give me a vintage style consultation. She knew what I liked from reading my blog, but we discussed my tastes (and body shape!) further by email for a couple of days so she could narrow down the type of clothes she wanted me to try on.

Naomi- When Mademoiselle Robot approached me with her dilemma, I must say I was very flattered to be asked to help, seeing as I couldn’t imagine her ever being stuck in style rut, but the gauntlet has been laid, so I scooped it up with both hands.

Before I went through 300 odd dresses (and other accoutrements) at my home/boutique I took a good hard look at her yummy mummy shape and figured out that something that cinched in the waist with an eye catching pattern would work well. I still managed to bring a ton with me!


She arrived at my flat on a Sunday afternoon, carrying a mountain of vintage dresses, skirts, tops and accessories. It was like Christmas all over again. When she showed me her choices, I was expecting to dislike at least a few things, but not at all. Everything was absolutely spot on. She even got the sizes right.


At first, she let me go through the dresses to try a few on for size and to get an idea of what she really wanted to see me in. I tried everything on! I have never tried on so many dresses in such a short time before! It was quite tiring I have to say, but I am not complaining, it was a dream to get to wear all those beautiful vintage clothes. She had brought mainly 50's stuff as it is my favourite era for fashion, but she also had me try on some 40's, 60's, 70's and 80's dresses.

Naomi - Eras are very much defined by shape so it was important before hand to figure what bits she liked and what bits she was less fond of to maximize the wow factor.

In terms of mixing up eras it pays to know a little about cuts. Padded shoulders in the 40’s were then used in the early 60’s by Biba, and then of course were prominent in the 80’s. The straight up and down silhouette of the 20’s came back in with the Mods and their shifts. Interesting 50’s full skirts and nipped in waists also made an appearance in the 80’s, which you have to watch out for as a lot of 50’s clothes sold on the internet are 80’s replicas (especially on e-bay) Want to know how to avoid them? Anything with an elasticated waist, most likely will not be 50’s.


Everytime I showed her a dress, she gave me her opinion about the way the dress looked on me, told me if my bum looked fat in this, if it gave me a monoboob, or if it made me look like a Hollywood queen. I really liked having someone there telling it like it is. It can be so hard sometimes to get an unbiased opinion on clothes when you try them on. She also gave me ideas on how to wear certain dresses, said which skirts and dresses are worth shortening and which ones are best left as is. Very useful advice all around... Especially for a serial shortener like me.

Naomi - I hate it when shop assistants tell you what you want to hear, and I wouldn’t dream of doing that to my clients. The aim of the game is to find a new look that will make you feel like a queen, so there was no point holding on to pieces that didn’t do her figure 100% justice, though most of them looked great, and it was hard to whittle down the options. On Mademoiselle Robot’s point about shortening, I am a great fan of nothing below the knee, but as a vintage purist, I have to point out that cutting a very old piece is likely to reduce the value (as does any alterations) so choose carefully what you chop and always get a seamstress to do it.


The first outfit she built for me was a day look, based on an evening dress. The dress is a beaded satin number, with a sash at the back. It is totally over the top and putting it on makes me feel like Rita Hayworth. So I don't really see how she is going to turn this into anything day like. But she does! Pairing this dress with a pale yellow beaded cardigan actually makes it a good option for the day. Obviously, it makes it super easy to go from day to night - bonus!

Naomi - I think there is something quite exciting about mixing a glitzy number with something much more low key. I predict this year there will be a lot of pretty dresses with slouchy cardies or even better, tiny leather jackets. This soft lemon 50’s beaded number came form the iconic Steinberg and Tolkien shop and the dress I found in Devon. It tones down the dress and relaxes the outfit.


The second outfit is also a day look. I am worried as she piles layer after layer of clothes on me, and then proceeds to add accessories... However, once I look in the mirror, I am really pleased with the result. I haven't worn blue for years, as I somehow convinced myself it doesn't suit me. Naomi changed my mind! I also fell madly in love with this jacket and have to have it!

Naomi - I couldn’t believe that MR didn’t think she suited blue. With her dark hair and pale skin, it gave her a fresh and breezy spring look. The jacket is actually part of a rather fabulous suit. Don’t be afraid of accessorizing. It’s a cheap way of really making an outfit yours. I always look out for scarves in charity shops for neck ties and to wrap around your head. A good one will be hand rolled and signed. Hold them up to the light to make sure there are no holes. The suitcase in this pic actually came form the children’s section of Monsoon.


My favourite dress (the one she kindly lend me for Dress Up) was this green bejewelled 50s party dress. Worn with a lot of black, it wasn't too girly and too 50s, so I didn't feel like I was wearing a costume. It shows how much she listened to my descriptions of my tastes and style. I love vintage clothing, but I don't really like when I look like I am dressed head to toe in vintage clothes. I like to keep people guessing and to make vintage look modern. It is sometimes quite hard to achieve, and Naomi helped me figure out new ways to do it.

Naomi - Jewel colours really suit Mademoiselle Robot as they would anyone with dark hair. Ruby, emerald and sapphire are good vintage colours without being too over the top (not that it usually bothers me!) As mentioned above my fave spring/summer look is a 50’s dress with a teeny fitted leather biker jacket. This one has a belt for added cinch and gives the outfit quite an edge.


Below, you can see how she gradually built our favourite outfit of the day. First, she put me in a 50s day dress, cinched at the waist by a wide red belt. But she decided it wasn't quite enough, so she added a full skirt on top of the dress. It is really clever layering because the dress is used as both a top and a petticoat, and once the skirt is on, you really can't tell that I am wearing a dress underneath. She added a few bright accessories in pinks and reds to finish off the outfit and ta-dah!


This is typically an outfit I would never have thought of by myself, as I never even look at skirts that long! The fact that it became my favourite outfit says a lot about Naomi's mad skills! She really did shake my little routine and opened up my mind to new possibilities. Since then, I have felt really inspired and I look at my wardrobe in a completely different way.

Naomi - I was really pleased with this look. I think it gave Mademoiselle Robot a timeless elegance. 50’s skirts are still a bargain compared to dresses and a nice one can be found for around £20 to £40. I spent quite a lot of time in Asia and I just love the bamboo and elephants on the print. Again, the flower was dirt cheap - £3 from Peacocks. The top half is actually a plainer blue dress underneath the skirt, which is a good way of adding an underskirt if you don’t want to wear a full crinoline


Naomi - I love these pictures. Above all vintage for me is about having fun and being adventurous. After all you are not going to find another one so each item you try on is a completely new experience. We had loads of fun and Mademoiselle Robot was a really good model for my clothes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Naomi's vintage dresses, go and have a look at her website.

Photos by Federica Bardelli
All clothes from Vintage Secret.
Shoes - my own.

It was such a great experience for me that I decided to let one of my London readers win a style consultation with Naomi where I will be taking photos and doing an interview that will then be published on MademoiselleRobot.com.
I don't mean to discriminate against my readers outside of London, but Naomi and I are both based here so it is easier to organize.

To enter, it is easy: simply email mellerobot@gmail.com with a photo of you in your best vintage find, telling me the story of how you found it and how it makes you feel.
Best story/photo wins!
The runner-up will have their photo and story published on the blog as a separate post.


23 Mar 2009

Mademoiselle Robot loves Minna Parikka


After a good few months of missed connections, I finally met up with designer Minna Parikka at the Last Days of Decadence, just before getting everything ready for Dress Up. We talked about teen style, Helsinki and vintage lingerie amongst other things.

What are you wearing today?

The shoes, bag and jumper are my own designs. I have started making knitwear for my AW 09/10 collection.
The hat is by J. Smith Esquire.

What are your inspirations?

I get inspired mainly by the history of fashion, I love the 30s and 40s, as you can easily tell from my designs! I especially like fetish drawings and shoes from that era. There is a sense of innocence and sensitivity in them.

How would you describe your latest collections?

The current one's name is "Bedtime Stories" (SS 09). I used mostly lingerie colours, pastels and creams. I also used lingerie materials, like satin. Some shoes from this collection mix satin and leather, and the shapes are inspired by corsetry.

The AW 09/10 collection has a stronger silhouette, more graphic. I included knitwear as well this time. I enjoy working with knitwear as you can use a very soft and innocent material to create strong shapes. Jumpers are very figure accentuating as well which makes the naughty/nice contrast even more interesting!
The shoes will be following the same lines, and I have been using bold colours like electric blue, black and coral.

Since you mentioned lingerie as one of your influences, what type of lingerie do you prefer?

I like antique lingerie, and more specifically Victorian or Victorian style.

Have you always been into antiques and vintage style?
Yes, my parents have a passion for old things so I grew up in a house full of them. Second hand things, antique, vintage clothes, everything! I haven't always dressed like this though. My style evolved and will probably change again.

What was your style like as a teen?

I have had so many different styles... I used to dress like a skater girl when I was 15. I had piercings and stuff. Then around 2000 I started dressing more electro clash, it was right at the time. I don't regret anything. I like experimenting with my style. It is more fun that way.

What do you like most about London?

I have lived here for 5 years. I loved designer shops and boutiques. You don't find boutiques like that in Finland.

Which city makes you the happiest?
My hometown! I wasn't meant to go back there, but now I am happy to be here. I live 200m from the sea, I can drive to the forest and lakes...

Does it influence your designs?

There is no direct finnish influence in my work, but it is a calm place. I have a lot of space to think and create. London is hectic. I feel like in Helsinki you can fulfill your dreams, you don't compete or feel like you have to be running everywhere all the time.
I do love the pure form of Scandinavian design in decoration though, the colours, the shapes...

Describe a typical day in your life

I don't really have a routine because I work for myself. I do so many different things! One day I will be doing admin stuff, and the next I will be designing a new piece...

What is your design process?

I see what people think of previous collections. That gives me an idea of which direction to take. The design happens in my head first before I start to draw. It is a very personal process actually.

Are you going to branch out in clothing one day?
For now, I am going to focus on developing the knitwear collection. No clothes apart from that. I am branching out in accessories though, I am going to make small leather accessories, like gloves etc.

I am off to Paris for a few days, but I will come back with some surprises for you!

19 Mar 2009

Mademoiselle Robot featured on Pierce Mattie PR

I was just featured on Pierce Mattie PR's blog about jewellery. They did a post about new ways to wear scarves, and my scarf necklace is explained there.
Which makes me think: I will give you a simple video tutorial for that soon as a lot of you emailed me about this.


I know I am being pretty lame just posting Press stuff on here, but I am super busy trying to catch up on all the work I couldn't do during fashion week, so expect quality content coming back over the next 10 days or so!

17 Mar 2009

Jeffrey Campbell's love letter to Mademoiselle Robot

So last week I wrote a love letter to Jeffrey Campbell, as I was looking at some shoes from his past collections on various websites. By a funny twist of fate, the lovely Ty at Jeffrey Campbell's HQ saw my post and they loved mademoiselle robot so decided to feature it on their blog. I must say I am totally stoked about it, and them calling me a stalker totally made my day. Best compliment EVER.

MR on Jeffrey Campbell's blog

Don't you just love when stuff like that happens? I do I do!

16 Mar 2009

What I am wearing / The jumpsuit experiment

I hadn't worn a jumpsuit since I was 10 years old, and I am starting to regret it. The jumpsuit is possibly the best invention since cupcakes and non-padded bras. It has all the advantages of the dress (slip it on, no need to think about a whole outfit) and none of the disadvantages (be careful how you sit, don't show too much cleavage if you show legs etc). In other words, it is perfect for me, as I like dancing around like a loon when I am out, and often find myself in tricky dress situations as I like very short dresses (some of my dresses, I can't actually raise my arms in as it means I show my bum).


I bought this vintage jumpsuit last week. I have to say it was a very difficult item to buy on my own. Normally I prefer shopping alone, but this time I could have done with some trusted company. I originally went hunting for high waisted peg leg trousers, but couldn't find any, so I went to have a look in Beyond Retro and this jumpsuit caught my attention straight away. It is made of a really soft crepe and has a satin collar. The size is perfect as well, which is lucky with anything vintage. Generally I see a dress and it is either too big or too small. I wasn't 100% convinced I could pull it off when I tried it on, and couldn't ask anyone, but I remembered how I let that Diane Von Furstenberg jumpsuit escape last time, so I was determined to buy this one.


I wore it out on Friday night to a friend's birthday and I have to say the operation jumpsuit was a big success. Everyone complimented me, which made me feel confident about that look. There is something really empowering about wearing a jumpsuit, I don't know why that is. I do know I sound like I am completely up my own a** when I write things like this, but am not sure how else I can explain the feeling.

Owl Brooches
Jumpsuit - Beyond Retro
Jacket - Thrifted
Headband - Pretty Good Things
Wooden owl - Princess Tina
Fabric owl - Hanna Waldron

I felt that the satin collar made the jumpsuit a bit too formal so I tried to add a bit of whimsy to it with my new favourite headband and some owl brooches.


12 Mar 2009

What I am wearing / Oh deer!

Deer Headband

Last month, I ordered a Deer headband from a little shop on Etsy. I wanted to wear it for Dress Up, but it didn't arrive in time. For a long, terribly long time, it didn't arrive at all and Mary and I thought it was lost in the limbo between America and England. Imagine a poor little fawn swimming in the Atlantic. Sad face.


But then today, it arrived! And as if by magic, it was the perfect addition to my already nature themed outfit.


It became clear that I had to document the outfit, mostly to show you the headband, as the rest of the outfit is just everyday work outfit (apart from the shoes that I added as I am really sans chaussures to hang around the flat).
Deer Headband

Deer Headband

In the next few weeks, expect a lot of really obnoxious head shots wearing my new friend. I can't help it, it is just too perfect, it just sits there, doesn't give me a headache unlike 99% of headbands, and more importantly the headband is totally invisible.

On a side note, I finally found the floral tights I wanted.


Jumper - Vintage
Skirt - Lily Cole for M&S
Headband - Pretty Good Things

Shoes - Vintage

11 Mar 2009

Trousers, animals and stuff - another inept video post.

Today was a great day so I celebrated by making a new video blog.


MR Crush / Garfunkel & Oates

I recently discovered the two girls band Garfunkel & Oates and fell in love with them both. How can you not once you hear their medley of least favourite songs?

Riki (the blonde one) and Kate (the brunette) are both actresses and musicians, living in L.A... As if I didn't already have enough reasons to want to go visit.

You should go visit their website as you can download quite a lot of their songs on there, and they are all really funny and good.

9 Mar 2009

Fashion is danger

Just a song today, from my two favourite New Zealanders, Jemaine and Brett.


7 Mar 2009

What I am wearing / Playtime!

Just like every year, at the beginning of March (sometimes earlier if I am feeling optimistic), I start bothering everyone singing "Spring is a-comin'", a song I invented a few years back, when I was working for a videogames company.
It used to drive my friends there nuts, including Mr.Robot, just ask him.
My songs really are legendary, I can whip one up just like this *snaps fingers* and send it by text message. I like to improvise.

BUT I DIGRESS. And even though this is my blog, and I can digress for hours if I like, I will get back to the point, because I am nice like that.

Spring IS coming. I can smell it in the air, I wake up and the sun is shining, I can hear birds in the tree by my bedroom at three in the morning, that's spring. Soon.
SO I refuse to wear my coat from now on. I took my jackets out of the closet, and I will catch a cold if I have to, but I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A COAT TILL NEXT NOVEMBER.

Here's what I was wearing yesterday to go play in Regent's Park with Mila & Loulou.




Skirt - H&M
Tee - Uniqlo
Tights - H&M
Dress (on top) - Vintage
Boots - Office

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


5 Mar 2009

This week in Mademoiselle Robot's boutique: SHOES!

Spring is coming, and a girl needs shoes in the Spring! I just added a few pairs in the boutique. The sizes range from UK 6 to UK 8. Mostly vintage or vintage inspired, flats, wedges and high heels there is something for everyone...

Below are some examples of what you will find

Vintage dead stock mustard flats £10

Vintage dead stock cream mid heels pumps £ 10

Vintage Bally navy peep-toe mini wedges £ 7

But you should go and have a peek, there are also some clothes left from last update!


4 Mar 2009

A love letter to Jeffrey Campbell

Dear Jeffrey,

Since we met, a couple of years ago, I haven't stopped thinking about you. As soon as I saw your name on the box of my little mustard loafers, I was madly in love. For our first date, I think I will wear these. We can go to the movies and then for a long walk, maybe by the Thames. My shoes are comfortable enough. Or should I say your shoes?When snow fell on London, all I could think about was making angels on the floor while wearing those...

Oh Jeffrey! Maybe soon, we can get serious and when business time comes, you know you will find me in these, and nothing else.

Or maybe in these... It is up to you.

When you finally open your eyes and realize I am the one for you, when you propose and we run away to Vegas to get married, I'll make sure I bring these.

Mademoiselle Robot

In all seriousness though, I don't remember when was the last time a shoe designer made me wee my pants with excitement. I love a lot of shoes, including totally epic, crazy ones, but there is no way on Earth I could wear them everyday. Jeffrey Campbell's shoes, however make me see a lifetime of shoe happiness. I want all of the shoes above so badly. Especially the little ruffley t-bars which are sold only online and only in the US, damn them!
The ankle cuff ones are pretty fierce (pardon my Tyra) and also make me want to scream a little bit.
So if anyone here feels like giving me a pair of Jeffrey's shoes, just say the word and I will be your slave forever.


Dress Up, the IFB Fashion Week soirée: Raffle Results

Hello everyone, and sorry for taking so long to announce the winning numbers, but I had some technical difficulties. Originally, Jennine and I had made a little video of the raffle, but it just wasn't working out, so here I am typing the results... Not as fun as the video, but at least, you will know if you have won or not!

First, let me tell you the rules: if you have one of the winning raffle tickets, you have to email me mellerobot@gmail.com (I believe you all know my email by now) with a photo of you holding the ticket and your postal address. I will then post your prize.
I would also like to remind you that this raffle is open to IFB members ONLY. There was a mix up with one of the prizes, so I thought I'd clarify here.

And now... THE PRIZES!!!

From I Heart Norwegian Wood, the Maximum Fringe Necklace & Floral Leggings.

From Gabriel & Schwan a handmade rope necklace (in red).

From Jargol, the designer index tote bag

From HP, the limited edition Vivienne Tam wireless optical mouse

From Complex Geometries, the long strap tank (size XS)

From Loulou Loves You, the Loulou knickers & a hair bow

Speaking of Loulou, if anyone has seen a pair of black Loulou knickers at the party and took them by accident, please get in touch asap!

I hope you haven't lost your tickets, good luck everyone.

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