My perfect coat

I like to think a lot about what I buy. Especially if it is on the expensive side. I had my eye on this coat since it arrived in Liberty’s in September. I needed a replacement for my old Primark coat and something that wouldn’t be a vintage one. I wanted to own my first “grown-up” coat. One that would last me for the next 30 years. This Luella one was perfect. From the colour to the cut and embellishments, it is typically a piece that won’t go out of fashion. The ultimate investment piece (even though I hate that term).
I went browsing in Liberty’s on the first day of the sale, and miracle of miracle, there was one left in a size 12. It fit like a glove, so I promptly decided to spend all my Christmas money on it. It is without a doubt my best purchase of the year!
Luella Coat
What’s the biggest extravagance in your wardrobe?
I hope you have a fabulous evening tonight!

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