Fast Fashion vs High Fashion [redux — MR on holidays]

Every year, at the end of the Summer, I decide to stop spending masses of money in high street shops and start investing in designer items. For some reason, I fail every year. No matter how many lists I make with exactly what I need for the Fall and Winter, I always end up tripping and impulse buying the whole of Primark, 50% of H&M and 25% of Zara. And this, my friends, is not cool. Fast Fashion is dangerous. Very dangerous. It looks like High Fashion, it costs less than High Fashion, it is easily accessible BUT… it never lasts and unlike vintage garments, it doesn’t sell when second hand either.

So how do I stick to this new fashion motto and stop myself from buying quick fix fashion?

❤ Quite simply, I try to stay away from the high street. If I feel a sudden urge to shop, I turn to Craft Fashion, or to vintage stores. At least, there is no risk of impulse buying in there, as it can be a real challenge to find the nice vintage piece you lust after.

❤ I go to department stores and LOOK very closely at all the designer items I’d like. I actually inspect the seams, feel the fabrics, try them on and admire the perfect cuts. Then I go and do the same in High Street shops. BOOM. Instant turn off.

❤ I do the math. Generally I buy about 4/5 new things a month. So I spend an average of £150 on clothes every month. Not enough to buy a Luella dress, indeed. BUT… hold off the crazy spree for a month AND THEN, the dress is mine. With a good conscience of having saved to buy something as well.

❤ If I really can’t resist the urge, the dreaded call of the shops, I go for a walk. When I come back, I just have a quick look through my wardrobe to search for items I had forgotten that I could give a new life to (just today, I brought 3 pairs of shoes to be repaired – just like having 3 new pairs!)

❤ I try to think of the future, when Mila will be going through my old clothes searching for hidden gems, like I did in my mum’s wardrobe. The High Street clothes won’t last, High Fashion ones will.

This year, I PROMISE I will try. And if I can’t resist, I will raid my local charity shop. No High Street for this cat this time!

How do you deal with impulse buying?


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