What I am wearing / Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!

Just like The Royal Teens, I wear short shorts. I like short shorts. They are my fashion happy place. Instead of wearing jeans for comfort, I wear shorts. Winter or Summer, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are short shorts, and at least a little high-waisted. Last week, I was debating whether to slash through my black skinny jeans for a bit of Margiela vibe, but I quickly decided against it as it is just not my style, and I think the world has seen enough of these anyway. So I opted for a more classic hack of the legs. I never used to wear these jeans, but now I live in the shorts.


In these photos, I wore the shorts with a Victorian type lace & cotton blouse, a vintage cardigan from Bows & Bandits (fave online shop at the moment!) and my emergency Swear shoes.

I really enjoy cutting & altering my clothes, I get new stuff all the time without ever leaving the house, or taking my (empty) wallet out! I wish I was as skilled as Queen Michelle or Susie Bubble when it comes to clothes alterations, but I am happy with my tiny little DIY projects for now.

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