How to pack the best and not the rest (part deux)

Last week, I told you how to pack for a short city break, which would have been helpful for those of you going away for a weekend, but might have left you feeling lonely in front of your suitcase if you are going away for longer (lucky you!). Today, I am making up for lost time, and giving you my packing tips for a couple of weeks out of the city.

What to pack… for two weeks in the country

When you go away for two weeks, taking a break from civilisation, it is nice sometimes to take a break from your usual fashion, but not from fashion altogether. Just take your usual style, and remove the clutter – you won’t need it where you are going. If you are going away for 2 weeks, you only need to pack a week’s worth of clothes that you will wash.

Here’s what you will need:

❤ pyjamas and a nightie (in case it gets really hot)
❤ one pair of jeans for the countryside adventures – horse riding, climbing, forest walks etc
❤ shorts
❤ full skirt
❤ light summer dress
❤ 5 tee-shirts in basic colours
❤ one body
❤ two swimsuits or bikinis
❤ one cardigan
❤ one jacket
❤ underoos
❤ toiletries
❤ plimsolls
❤ sandals
❤ ballet flats

The idea here is that you will mostly be wearing your shorts to potter around during the day.
If you are not at all the adventurous type and are thinking “well I am leaving the jeans home, I won’t need them”, don’t. Pack them anyway, it might not be hot all the time.
You will make a little effort to go to the local town and wear your summer dress.
Often in the summer there are balls and village fêtes in the evenings, so for those, pack your full skirt and body + ballet flats. You will look cute and vintage without doing too much. If you plan on going to LOADS of them, you can also use the sundress layered over a tee-shirt.
Pretty simple right? It should be, you are not packing for a fashion show.

I didn’t include the swimwear in this set, but it goes without saying you will put it in your suitcase…
Happy holidays everyone!

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