What I am wearing / Acid Wash


I seem to have abandoned dresses a while ago and to now prefer separates. From where I am I can see all of my pretty dresses sitting quietly in the closet (still no doors!), but all I want to wear is skirts and tops. I think I grew tired of being lazy. Dresses seem like an easy option, I slip a dress on, a pair of tights and some shoes, and poof! I am ready. I want to live my life on the edge and risk a fashion faux pas. I need the thrill of the skirt and tee-shirt combo. Also, to be perfectly honest, I have lost quite a bit of remaining baby weight and I can finally fit in my old skirts! In fact, I even had to take some in.

Man, that must have been a thrilling paragraph to read. I am just waking up, my brain is a bit mushy.


I really love the ruffles on this top. Wearing it makes me feel like some kind of super hero insect, I want to run around everywhere going “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!”. It also makes me feel a little bit like a gothic Carmen Miranda. Question of the day: do you think a gothic Carmen Miranda would wear a bunch of rotting fruits on her head? Answers on a postcard!