Mademoiselle Robot: New collaborations…


I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend (if you are in the UK). I spent it mainly rearranging our new wardrobe. Oh the glamour of my life, I bet you are all jealous! I even managed to create a tuxedo style bruise on my leg by dropping 100 kg of flat packed wood on it. Sexy sexy I tell thee.
The great news is that my wardrobe is now very organised, which means less time spent agonising in front of it trying to find outfits in the morning, but also more time to work on the various new collaborations I am going to tell you about.

I have written for Sandra before, but now I will be writing for her site once a month. I am her official London spy, so expect a lot of “local” tips, addresses and info. My first post for Debutante Clothing “London’s Vintage Geography Guide” is online now!

When Isabelle asked me if I would contribute to CQ, I said “YES!” even before she had time to finish her question. I will be writing a post a week for them (online every Thursday), bringing a vintage touch to the (internet) Queen.

I will be starting a video games feature for Bitch Buzz very soon, which means that I can finally go back to writing about games as well as fashion! If you are a chic geek like me, stay tuned for more updates on this.

I have two more projects I am dying to tell you about, but I can’t reveal anything about them yet…

What have you been up to this weekend?