7 Apr 2009

What I am wearing / Trousers

I have been searching all over the place for simple high-waisted trousers. From vintage shops to charity shops, in all the high street shops, online and offline... Nothing. Till this weekend when I caught a glimpse of these trousers in the window of H&M of all places. They definitely weren't in store last time I checked. To cut a long and boring story short, they are perfect. Exactly what the doctor ordered. The only problem is that since they are a linen and cotton mix they crease very easily and I don't like ironing.


I haven't worn proper trousers for ages. I used to wear men's trousers in the 90's and remember liking them quite a lot. My figure isn't what it was in the 90's though, so men's trousers are a no-no nowadays.

I have been wearing jeans, but I am so sick of them, as they make me feel like a teenager. I don't really know how to do a "relaxed" look. To me, casual means pyjamas in my bed. If I go out, I need to feel non casual. Not dressed up either, but somewhere in the middle. These trousers do just that.
They also happen to be the perfect excuse to start reviving the annual nautical summer look & wear my loafers.


Trousers - H&M
Top - Given to me by Loulou
Flower - Urban Outfitters 4 years ago
Belt & scarf - Vintage


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