A love letter to Jeffrey Campbell

Dear Jeffrey,

Since we met, a couple of years ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. As soon as I saw your name on the box of my little mustard loafers, I was madly in love. For our first date, I think I will wear these. We can go to the movies and then for a long walk, maybe by the Thames. My shoes are comfortable enough. Or should I say your shoes?When snow fell on London, all I could think about was making angels on the floor while wearing those…

Oh Jeffrey! Maybe soon, we can get serious and when business time comes, you know you will find me in these, and nothing else.

Or maybe in these… It is up to you.

When you finally open your eyes and realize I am the one for you, when you propose and we run away to Vegas to get married, I’ll make sure I bring these.

Mademoiselle Robot

In all seriousness though, I don’t remember when was the last time a shoe designer made me wee my pants with excitement. I love a lot of shoes, including totally epic, crazy ones, but there is no way on Earth I could wear them everyday. Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes, however make me see a lifetime of shoe happiness. I want all of the shoes above so badly. Especially the little ruffley t-bars which are sold only online and only in the US, damn them!
The ankle cuff ones are pretty fierce (pardon my Tyra) and also make me want to scream a little bit.
So if anyone here feels like giving me a pair of Jeffrey’s shoes, just say the word and I will be your slave forever.