What I am wearing / Everyday outfit

At the moment there are lots of reasons for me to stay in and work, work, work, work. First because Fashion Week is fast approaching and has got me in mega freak out mode because of having to run around everywhere without knowing anyone, but mostly because I am organizing the IFB event during London Fashion Week. Being my usual ambitious self, I couldn’t settle for just a meet up so I went about throwing a massive party. I am sure it will be tons of fun, hot blogger on blogger action, crazy dance moves and amazing frocks, but right now, it is just me, emailing Jennine 1000 times a day and ripping my hair off.

Anyway, between this and being a mother (a full time job and more, as you can imagine), I have very little time for my other projects, and not much time to think about what I am wearing. So I adopted a uniform, the comfort food equivalent of clothes: my favourite skirt that I found in a charity shop and hemmed shorter, a black tee shirt and Justin’s black cardigan (mine now really).

I make it go from day to night just by changing my shoes from flats to high heels. How lazy, I know. Actually, the main reason why I wrote this post is because I wanted to show you my new shoes. I don’t often buy new stuff, from a real shop, but these were too good to pass on. Hidden platform, t-bar, chunky heel & ruffles at the front, all that from… the temple of tack… I give it to you… NEW LOOK. Yep. Who’d have thought? Not me, that’s who.

So for those of you who would like to see the shoes in person, you can come to the IFB party and say hello. Have a look at the event description on Facebook for more info, or if you are not on Facebook, email me for guest list.

Tonight, I am treating myself to a night off / mental health spa with my buddy Loulou!

Just in case you would like to know, I had a little mention in Vintage Secret‘s mailout, here it is…

“Mademoiselle Robot is a London based Parisian fashion ‘bloggeuse’. Unpretentious, bang on trend and oozing Parisian charm, check out her musing on style, inspiration & vintage fashion. – more s’il vous plait! The website also features interviews, videos & more.” Watch this space for future collaboration.”

You should indeed watch this space as the lovely Naomi and I are preparing a nice surprise for all of you, after LFW!

Love & t-rex in a bow-tie to you.