Simply Madonna, materials of the girl

Fashion Week has arrived… I am excited, but also a bit over it already. A lot of the time, I can’t really be bothered to go to shows and run around, so I have had to do a second pick in my already carefully selected events list.

On Friday, I decided I would send someone to see the Ashish show for me and would instead go to the Simply Madonna private view at the Truman Brewery. The lucky blogger who got to go to Ashish (and will guest post about it here for your enjoyment) is Reena from Fashion Daydreams.

As for me… well I headed in the opposite direction to the Fashion Circus to indulge in some intense Madonna action in Brick Lane.

I arrived in a deserted Truman Brewery. I had only ever been there when it was buzzing with MA students for their end of year shows, I had never experienced the place empty. Pretty amazing, and going there would have been worth it just for that.

The exhibition is in one large room of the brewery, dimly lit and equipped with a pretty powerful sound system blaring all Madonna songs in random order. It is basically like being caught in a giant Madonna bubble. To me, it was Heaven, but I can see how it could be a total nightmare to some. I really enjoy doing things on my own and arriving there early meant that the place was pretty empty apart from a few photographers, so I was able to really take my time (and a bazillion photos) and take it all in.

It is supposed to be the larges private collection of Madonn’a outfits (stage, film etc) so you can imagine it is pretty impressive. All her well known outfits were there, although come to think of it, it seems that ALL her clothes are well known… she is Madonna after all. Even her tracksuit trousers are lengendary.

Simply Madonna Private View

Apart from the obvious Open Your Heart bustier by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Music’s white jumpsuit and Material Girl’s pink satin number, there were also lots of beautiful vintage dresses from Evita which I found to be the most interesting pieces, fashion wise. They didn’t make me go “oh wow Madonna wore this on the Girlie tour, I remember!” but still.

Simply Madonna Private View

I left a very happy bunny, although I would have happily moved in there for the whole month! I am sure I will go back with friends, to share a bit of this total Madonna experience.

Simply Madonna, Materials of the Girl is on at the Truman Brewery from Feb 21st till March 22nd. Tickets are limited, so make sure you book!
For further details, you can visit Marquee Capital.