29 Nov 2008

Wish List / Shoes

These are my dream shoes. I tried them on today and didn't want to leave the shop without them. Unfortunately, I had to as I am too poor at the moment to afford them *cries and cries and cries*. They are so high and the heel & platform are sooooo shiny. They made me instantly love my life when I was wearing them.

Coat - Vintage
Tights - AA
Shoes - Office

If someone wants to make me really happy for my birthday, you know what to do!


Sorry about the bad photo quality, these are not proper outfit photos, just sneaky in shop photos to have a souvenir of those dreamboats.


28 Nov 2008

MR Crush: Claire from Six Feet Under

When Six Feet Under was on TV, I didn't have cable, so I completely missed it. My friends kept telling me how amazing it was, and I always kept in mind this show as something I had to watch. A couple of years ago, as I was spending the weekend in Paris, I found a VHS of season 1 among my things, so I decided to watch it. I had just lost my grandmother and it seemed like an appropriate thing to watch to take my mind off things without totally forgetting about them. I manage to see all 13 or 14 episodes in 24 hours. It was pretty intense, but I have done much worse since. I really got into the show, but as I associated it with a painful time, I decided to take a break from it...

...Till a month ago when I started watching season 2 (again after losing someone I loved), but this time I wanted to keep watching, because the characters had really grown on me. The female characters especially actually, as they are all extremely strong, each in their very own way. I like Ruth, for her totally calm & detached yet totally sentimental take on life, Brenda because she is the very definition of the modern woman. Margaret, I love because despite how wicked her character and how terrible a mother she is supposed to be, she is totally oblivious of the world and doesn't give a damn what people think . Vanessa I thought was just a devoted mother, and she is now revealing herself (i am on season 4) through depression & confronting her "cheating" husband.

My favourite of them all though is Claire. She has the same poetic detachment from life her mother has, but there is something in her that burns through. Teenage angst, ambiguous sexuality, she seems constantly caught in a limbo between child and woman. Lauren Ambrose portrays it perfectly.

Her look is timeless, she looks as if someone took her straight out of a Botticelli painting and put her in a TV show. I am a big fan of pale faces with very little make up, & her hair colour is just dreamy. Achieving her make up style is actually harder than it seems as creating a "bare face" effect & the perfect complexion while not caking your face up with foundation is a difficult task.
I will never say it enough, but mineral powder is the best to get this type of result. Foundation is too strong, even the lightest ones. Just a hint of blusher on your cheeks and one layer of mascara. A sheer gloss on the lips and you are good to go. Beware though: this is definitely not for everyone!

Did you use to watch Six Feet Under? Who was your favourite character? Do you have a "natural look" you perfected over time?


27 Nov 2008

My birthday wishlist

I am going to be 30 on Dec 18th. In less than a month, I am going to go to the other side, bye bye twenties, hellooo adulthood. I saw so many things I wanted this year and had to tame the list. Here are some of my favourites:

Cardigan - Eley Kishimoto
Shoes - Marc Jacobs & Chloe
Dress - Peter Jensen
Brooches - Tatty Devine
Bag - Not sure...
Bangle - Disney Couture

I am really happy to be turning 30 as I don't mind getting older as long as I manage to stay silly & act like a 5 year old from time to time. I think my wish list reflects that. Ostrich cardigan, cake like dress, butterfly shoes and animal brooches. My thirties will be whimsical. Hopefully, by the time I get to 40 and 50 it will remain that way. If when she is a teenager, my daughter walks three feet behind me in the street, I will know I succeeded!



26 Nov 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Ashe Mischief asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball (via Twitter):

"How to style & wear red lipstick! I've got a ruddy English/Irish complexion, and my hair is on the auburn side, with a faint lip line! But I covet bright and sheer and bold red lips! If you can find me a cherry red lip "gloss" like Stila brand lip glaze, I will be forever in your debt!"


The basic thing to know to find the perfect red lipstick is that you have to match your complexion. I am sure you knew this already. You have to figure out if you will suit a "warm" red or a "cold" red. From what you describe, your skin has pink undertones which means you should go for reds that have a pink base. If you are very pale and pink, then you can even go for a red with a touch of blue in it. The one colour that suits everyone is primary red (like a London bus). If you find a lipstick that colour, grab it, it suits all skintones.

The best thing to do to wear red lipstick though would be to unify your complexion before with a good mineral powder, just to get rid of some redness. You can then put a bit of blusher on for more controlled colour.

TIP! When you go and try the lipstick, don't try it on the back of your hand, but on the pads of your fingers, as they are closer in texture and colour to your lips.

If your lipline is faint, then you have to pay special attention to the way you prepare your lips. Apply some lip balm, then brush your lips with a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin. Wipe the balm and put some powder on your lips to keep your lipstick from running. You can also blend in a line of concealer around your mouth to add definition, or use lip liner (on the whole mouth) for longer lasting results.

Once this is all done, if you want it to be more glossy, add a layer of your favourite lipgloss. I like Lancome's juicy tubes as they last forever and are non sticky.

If you are really concerned it won't be good enough with your skin, then opt for Beneting or any lip & cheek stain, as the colour is very natural and flattering. You can choose to stain your lips lightly for a bitten lips effect or apply several layers to get almost red lipstick results.

You could try these:
MAC Lady Danger
BeneTint by Benefit
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in 07 Cherry
Korres Colour Cherry Full Colour Gloss

Don't forget, if you want to ask a question to the Mademoiselle Robot ball, about anything at all, just email me! mellerobot@gmail.com or send me a tweet.


25 Nov 2008

London / Shop at Maison B

In case you didn't get Madame's email, I am sorry to deliver the bad news to you... Shop at Maison B is closing down. It is a shame as it was one of my favourite Fashion Temples in London, always selling the best from all the best designers.
At the moment, they are having a closing down sale there, with 30% discount on a lot of amazing items like:

Vivienne Westwood jewellery

Sonia Rykiel accessories

and also A.P.C., Eley Kishimoto and others...

If you are in London, you should definitely go and check it out.

Also, if you used to read the Shop at Maison B blog, make sure you start reading Madame Says.

I hope Max & Pippa will come back to us with other great projects. I am sure they will. In the meantime, you can read Madame Says, and go dance to Madame's records at the George & Dragon or Ponystep.

Good luck to them both!

24 Nov 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Gala Darling

I have been reading Gala's blog iCiNG for a while now, and I am always impressed by her articles, her advice and the wonderful community she managed to put together. He style is completely unique & reflects her personality so well, that I absolutely wanted to interview her.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

International playgirl with an air of ridiculousness, & just the right amount of Virgo obsession!

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Often I find I'm more inspired by the lifestyles of the artists I admire than the actual art or work they do. For example, I find the lifestyles of Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Diana Vreeland, etc. more intriguing than what they produce (though of course I am also a fan of their work). But I draw inspiration from all sorts of places, from the writing of Bret Easton Ellis to the rebellious nature of Banksy to the frou-frou fabulousness of Erin Fetherston!

❤ Which of your creations / accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

iCiNG is the treasure I am most proud of -- especially since most of the amazing things in my life that have happened recently have come about as a consequence of the site. But it's just a project, so it's important not to tie it in with my ego too closely. It's not who I am, even though I love it very much, & who knows what I will be doing in five, ten or twenty years?!

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

It is my earnest hope that the #1 trend seized by the masses is to start expressing themselves & shunning trends... Wink wink!

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

New York, always. Always!

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

My RSS reader has to be seen to be believed. But I am always flitting back & forth between Gmail, Livejournal, Flickr, Twitter & iCiNG!

❤ What would you wear on a date?

That would all depend on who the date was with! I don't like to be too obvious, though. Show a bit of leg & a flash of collarbone but use your wits & charm to make it a date worth remembering! But I would always wear cute knickers & enough mascara to survive any kind of adventure!

21 Nov 2008

An interview with Mademoiselle Robot

A couple of weeks ago, Courtney from Designer Diva asked me to reply to an interview to help her with her final project in school. I thought it'd be a good idea to repost it here as she asked me a lot of things that some of you asked me before in emails. Take it as a little Mademoiselle Robot FAQ if you want!

*What does public relations mean to you? and How do you think it relates to your job?

MR: To me, PR means putting it out there all the time, networking and schmoozing at any occasion. It is a very hard task, that people often tend not to take very seriously. The thing is, if you decide to start a blog, PR becomes a massive part of your job. To increase a blog's readership, if the content is good, you have to do as much networking as possible. Thankfully, it is mainly online networking which makes things easier to get through to as many people as possible in very little time. Also, if like me you are quite shy & time poor, online PR is a gift from god.

*Describe your personal style. What are your favorite designers?

MR: Haha! This is the question I ask everyone in interviews, I never thought of replying to it myself... Let me see...
My personal style is a bit difficult to describe. I suppose in the day it would be Preppy/Geeky and in the evening probably still geeky, but with added vintage glam. For both, there is a good dose of cartoonchic. Yep, just coined this for you :-)
My favourite designers are Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, Luella, Chloe, Alexander McQueen & Miu Miu. Whenever something catches my eye in a magazine, you can be sure it is by one of these designers. And it has been this way for a long time, unfortunately for my bank account!

*What, in your opinion, is the difference between British style and American style?

MR: I think British style is much less conservative and casual than many other countries' style. American style to me is very preppy, casual and sometimes folk. But this is my vision of it as a European. If you had asked me about the difference between French style and British style, I could have written pages and pages as I am a Parisian living in London.
To try and reply, I think basically British style is not ashamed of anything & is edgy, confident & fun.

*What is your absolute favorite piece of clothing or accessory that
you own?

MR: I have two favourite pieces of clothing: my black blazer and my KIND knitted cape. The black blazer I found in a charity/thrift shop for £3 and I wear it all the time. I think it brings instant cool to any outfit. The KIND knitted cape was a gift from my boyfriend when I was 8 months pregnant. It is beautiful and unique and makes me feel amazing when I wear it.
As for accessories, I have sooooo many necklaces & brooches & knick knacks that it is hard to choose... I suppose I'd say my keyboard necklace. I wear it all the time so it is almost a lucky charm for me now.

*How did you become a fashion writer and start your blog?

MR: I didn't really follow the academic path to become a journalist... I have an MA in Film Studies that I did on David Lynch. I always knew I wanted to be a journalist or a writer. When I first started working, when I still lived in Paris, I was a videogames journalist. I was always interested in fashion though, but not massively keen on the fashion press atmosphere, so I never wanted to work for a fashion magazine.
I started my blog on a bit of a whim. I used to keep a livejournal for personal stuff, and one day I felt too old for it and started a blog. I was home with my one month old baby (that was in november 2007) & a lot of time on my hands. I needed to do something that would keep my brain working basically. So I started writing about fashion & pop culture & all things I like. When I started off, I had only about 20 readers every day, so there was no pressure to provide content all the time. Then I started taking it more seriously and investing in it and it became what it is now, with about 1500 daily readers and a lot of pressure on my shoulders! But I am so pleased :-) It is like my second child.

*Why do you think blogging and social media is so important now?

MR: I think at the moment, people crave individuality and a little break from the traditional media's usual suspects. When it comes to fashion, I think that blogging brings a whole new light to the table. You suddenly see people from the street showing interesting and unusual looks, it makes fashion accessible to all. It is so important for everyone to be able to give an opinion on things. It is also a double edged sword, as you will often find that a lot of people are not really articulate enough to keep up, but that's a whole other story...Social media is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with friends, give everyone their own 15 minutes of fame, and most of all express
themselves. I find a lot of inspiration for my fiction writing while looking at people's pages on myspace for example. And flickr is an endless source of amazement.

*I love the magic 8 ball on your site, how did you think of that?

MR: I liked the idea of helping people more directly than by just writing "life improvement" type posts or style tips. So I tried to find a fun way to submit it to my readers. And then I thought of the magic 8 ball... My best friend Julie has a collection of them & so whenever I write the Mademoiselle Robot ball posts, I think of her. It is nice as she is still in Paris and I miss her!

*Describe an ordinary day in your life.

MR: Prepare to be extremely bored! I usually wake up around 9, check my emails & blog subscriptions, reply to everything I need to reply to & save the posts I find interesting to go back to them later. I do a lot of mooching around, playing with my daughter & the cats. Then I spend 15 minutes doing crazy interpretive dancing with her before we have our lunch. It is our daily routine. When she has her post lunch nap, I do some writing. Often, on Monday I will spend 9 hours writing all my posts for the week so I have time for other blog related things & for myself! In the evening, I generally watch films, read or watch my favourite TV shows on the internet (I don't have a TV). Because I work from home, I can often go out with friends in the evening as well, especially as I have a very nice boyfriend who doesn't mind staying at home looking after Mila when I go out. I generally go to sleep really late as for some reason I can never go to sleep.

*What accomplishments are you most proud of and why? (I noticed you asked most people you interview this question!)

MR: Hmmmm. The one I am the most proud of is to have turned my life around at 24 and decided to go live in England. It brought me so many good things: my boyfriend/dreamboat, my baby, my blog, many lovely new friends.
Then obviously I am really proud that my blog became so big, as I did it all on my own and never expected for that to happen.
My baby I hear you say? Well... I don't consider having a baby an accomplishment per se. Of course she is the love of my life, but I have done much harder things than having a baby :-)

*What is your biggest advice for someone about to work in the fashion world?

MR: Wow. Stay yourself, be tough, don't let anything get to you. Working in the fashion industry is like going back to high school as a grown up. There are cliques, there are popular people, they will laugh at you and make you feel stupid. Except that now you are an adult, you know you are amazing. So be strong & stay yourself & don't take any crap.

It is a big old cliché, but that's my advice!

That's all.

If after this you still have questions... You can email me!

20 Nov 2008

What to wear for Thanksgiving

This post is dedicated to all my American readers. Thanksgiving is next week, and I am sure many of you haven't yet found an outfit. Here are a few ideas depending on what you are doing...

Lunch with friends

Skirt - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cardigan - Clements Ribeiro
Shoes - Maloles
Tee-Shirt - Chloe
Bag - ASOS

Dinner with the in-laws

Dress - Dior
Shoes - Sigerson Morrison
Bag - La Garçonne
Necklace - Tatty Devine

Dinner with your family

Dress - Stella McCartney
Cardigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Shoes - Gucci
Bag - Balenciaga

Dinner with your boyfriend

Dress - Peter Jensen
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Jacket - Christopher Kane

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


19 Nov 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Amy asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
" I once cried outside Absolute Vintage (I know) because I, like quite a lot of ladies out there I know, have size 8.5 (42-43) feet and none of the teeny tiny shoes fit me. Also, a lot of high street shops stop at size 8. Can you give me any tips on where to find stylish, larger footwear?"


I often see size 9 shoes in Office in really nice vintage & edgy styles. Below you will find two of my favourites.

Offiee - Dame Darcy / Abbey Bow

Topshop also has a nice selection up to size 9 (42) and here are my favourites

Topshop: Maple Leaf / Kameryn

If you want really vintage shoes, you definitely will have to look at men's shoes, as very few women were tall with size 8 or 9 feet in the past. I am a size 7 and often have trouble finding vintage shoes myself. If you do find women's vintage shoes in a size 8, you could always try and have a chat with your local shoe repair man, as he might be able to think of a clever way to make them half a size bigger by stretching them slightly.

For high street shoes, my advice is to shop online, as most shops get very few styles in bigger sizes, whereas it is often well stocked online.

You could also try designer sample sales or looking for prototypes from runway shows on eBay as you probably share the shoe size of many tall models!

If you have a question for the Mademoiselle Robot ball, email me mellerobot@gmail.com!


18 Nov 2008

Ten Tips / Vintage Interiors

Photo Nathalie Pecht for The Independent

Some of you may have noticed over time that I am a bit of a 50s & 60s furniture maniac. I explained some of my decoration ideas in The Independent, as well as in a previous post that I wrote shortly after moving in my new flat. I've always had very strong ideas about decoration themes & it so far, vintage furniture and objects have bee the best to convey my ideas.
Here are ten tips to turn your house or flat into a vintage paradise.

Choose a theme

It is much easier to decorate a room once you have a theme in mind. Be it a colour scheme, film or music inspiration or a specific era, it will facilitate your job & search. Here are the themes I chose for my house: enchanted forest (living room), 50s diner (kitchen, how original), museum (hallway) - I still have to find a theme for the bedroom other than "bombsite".

Make a list

Once you have your theme, the best thing is to make a very precise list of what you want. For my living room for example, I wanted china animals from the 50s & 60s, ideally a plush deer head, hunting decoys etc. For the hallway, I was after various old paintings of Lynch amongts others. Write everything down, and when you next head to a Jumble sale, take your list with you. It will help you scan the mess for the hidden gem. To make lists, I like to go on Listography.

Find good places

With a list burning your pocket, you have to find good places to go get your junk. I have a confession for you... I never EVER go to car boot sales. I know a lot of people who swear by them and find amazing stuff all the time. All I see when I think about them is getting up early and looking at endless piles of tatty tee-shirts & broken playstations. I prefer charity shops (they also have tatty tee-shirts and broken playstations, but at least they open all day) or small antiques shop. I used to look on eBay a lot, but nowadays everything on there is too expensive.

Do your research

Get some books about the eras of design you like. Read them, take notes. I am really nerdy about decoration (and everything in general), so I like to know what I am talking about. This is also a good way to know a bargain when you see one. I have an Ercol table & an Arkana tulip table. They each cost me £1. Because I knew how to identify them straight away. Knowing your designers, in vintage decoration and in vintage fashion can save you a lot of time and effort.

Make it work

Throwing together a bunch of vintage items doesn't necessarily make a stylish home. It can also look like a bric à brac. The important thing is to manage to mix the old and the new and keep people guessing. If all the furniture and trinkets blend together, then it should be hard to tell the vintage from the new.

Don't be afraid of change

Sometimes, finding the perfect look for a room comes straight away, but most of the time, it takes a while and some living in. My friends generall laugh at me because each time they come over something has moved in the flat. It is because I am constantly looking for the perfect place for everything. I used to avoid being in my living room because I found it a bit cold, once the furniture was swapped around a bit, it became a lovely room to hang out in.


If you find that you have all the right furniture but your flat still doesn't feel vintage enough, do some period research and look into paint colours & textures. There are some very good books about this, but the best would be to find an original decoration book from the era you are going for.

❤ Focus on one room at a time

I made the mistake of going in all directions at the same time. As a result, the bedroom still needs work. If you progress one room at a time, you will give yourself time to think and identify exactly what you need in each room. And add to your list. For example a G-Plan sideboard in the bedroom, an Eames rocker in the living room, a modernist desk in the study etc. You don't want to end up with all the nice stuff in one room and all IKEA in the rest of the house.

Now, I would love to show photos of your best vintage decoration finds & the story behind it. The best one will be featured in a post on this blog!


17 Nov 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Hannah McMillan Metz

Hannah is one of those people who turned their everyday life into a work of art. Even her marriage resulted in an art project with Landon. Her vintage style is to die for, say hello to the beautiful Hannah McMillan Metz!

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

I pay the bills buying vintage clothing for a certain American clothing manufacturer so I'm constantly surrounded by gorgeous garments from the yesteryears. My personal style as a result is a mixture of clothing dating from the 40s to the 90s.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Prepare yourself for two heavily cliched answers... First i will have to say my husband Landon who is a designer of fashions, graphics, various office supplies and who illustrates, animates and most recently is trying his hand at the banjo. He is endlessly inspiring to me. I'm also deeply enamored with the 60s czech new wave and its leading ladies.

❤ Which of your creations / accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

This is a super difficult question to answer! I think I was definitely most excited to have my first solo show a couple years back. My favourite piece entitled "my brother Liam and some hairless cats" was part of that exhibit.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I've seen many the constructed 60s inspired wiggle dress which makes me very happy as i've been steadily building up a collection for quite some time. I'm kind of hoping the return of the saggy "boyfriend jean" will flop.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

I'm always poking about street style blogs and i have to say it's rather hard to peg just one city as most fashionable! I really admire the way Berliners put together an outfit. We have a shop there and i absolutely love putting collections together for them because they are so creative in their styling.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

Right now i'm in love with The Selby, my flickr contacts page, Art of Michelle and sidereel for episodes of skins.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

My vintage underoos to tuck my tummy in, a wiggle dress, tights, my favourite 40s pumps and a hat!


14 Nov 2008

London / Angels Vintage Sale

One of the most exciting fashion sales for me this year is the Angels Vintage Sale. If you live in London you are probably familiar with the Angels theatrical costumes shop, and you know they have tons of gems in there... and they can now be yours!

"The Sale provides an opportunity both for style-conscious members of the public to expand their wardrobe with one-off items of unique historical importance and for film and TV buffs to pick up costume articles that may have featured in some of their favourite shows (details below) – at exceptionally low prices."

It will feature items from the 1930s till now and they will not be priced individually but by bag. You will be able to get a medium bag for £10 (able to hold a suit and shirt, or three dresses) or a supersize one for £20 & then fill it with pieces from BIBA, Quorum, YSL, Bus Stop, Jaques Azagury, & Jean Muir or high street labels of the past thirty years like Chelsea Girl, Jaeger, Joseph, French Connection, Stirling Cooper, Artwork Blue & Stefanel.

So if you are into archeological research and have time to spare on the 6th of December, get down there... I will!

For more information, visit the Angels Sale website.

13 Nov 2008

Mademoiselle Robot + We Know What You Did Last Night = ❤

This is one of the very exciting collaborations I have been talking about... Read on to know more!

Mademoiselle Robot has teamed up with WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight.com to produce a monthly downloadable picture book of the hottest looks complete with mini-reviews and an introductory editorial highlighting recurring trends and offering some style advice. There are 10 contributors to the publication at present, with Laëtitia Wajnapel (MademoiselleRobot.com - founder) taking the lead.

"I had been thinking of adding an element of street style to my blog, but didn't quite know how to go about doing it... so when a mutual friend introduced me to Chris, it was love at first "site". I am always looking at his photos for inspiration so when he told me about his new idea, I was in immediately. I can't think of anyone else who does this at the moment & I am really pleased to be collaborating with him!"
Laëtitia Wajnapel (MademoiselleRobot.com)

"It's crazy that I've got over 28,000 photos on my site now but I never say anything about them. There's this massive unexploited resource of amazingly dressed bright young things and it's about time someone said something about it. By teaming up with Mademoiselle Robot my website finally gets a voice!"
Christopher James (WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight.com - founder)

You can sign up to the newsletter using the form below


12 Nov 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Sandra asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:

"Will lace trend spill into spring?"


As with all "trends", it will stay if you want it to stay. Lace has been a part of my wardrobe for a while and I know I will still be wearing it in the Spring, but in a different form. Maybe not tights & leggings, but hair accessories, jackets & tops.
I think mainly what lace brought to our wardrobes is a taste for texture experimentation. So expect a lot of mixing and matching of fabrics, like at Charles Anastase or Chloe.

Chloe / Charles Anastase / Alexander McQueen
all rtw spring 09

Why not try mixing a vintage lace top with last year's denim shorts & some studded ankle boots? Or a vintage dress with a lace bow in your hair? And if you want to integrate chiffon, try layering a see through chiffon blouse and a lace vest.

If you have questions for the Mademoiselle Robot ball, email me or send me a tweet!


11 Nov 2008

How to Wear / Sequins

For those of you who have seen me recently, you already know I am possessed by the spirit of Liberace. I can't go anywhere without my black & gold sequin headband or my purple sequin cardigan. Not together, mind you, as I wouldn't want to blind too many people. I have several light reflecting outfits in my hat that I still have to show you, but you have to be patient, little lambs...

For now, have a look at a few style solutions for all of the sequin starved wannabe Liberace out there.


Tee-shirt - Proenza Schouler
Cardigan - Eley Kishimoto
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Glasses - Vintage

Cocktail party

Dress - Antik Batik
Shoes - Katia Lombardo
Coat - Alexander McQueen
Bag - Topshop


Leggings - Birger et Mikkelsen
Dress - La Garçonne
Bag - Vivienne Westwood
Shoes - Alexander McQueen

Party for two

Knickers - Topshop
Headband - Topshop
Earrings - girlprops
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

On a date

Skirt - Mint Jodi Arnold
Top - See by Chloe
Shoes - Marc Jacobs
Jacket - Phillip Lim
Bag - Vintage

What do you think of sequin? Sexy party or Christmas tree?


10 Nov 2008

Mademoiselle Robot's super secret emails

If you want super special treatment, because, let's face it, you are better than everyone else, then subscribe to Mademoiselle Robot's super secret emails...

I will send out regular information that doesn't feature on the blog and you will be able to participate more.

Fill out your e-mail address
to receive Mademoiselle Robot's
secret emails!


Also, for those of you who don't already know it, you can follow me on twitter, join my blog network on Facebook, look at my photos on Flickr, become my friend on Modepass & Myspace or subscribe to my RSS feed.

Mademoiselle Robot loves... KIND

When KIND was created in 2004, it filled a niche I had been waiting for to be filled. The fun to wear, super graphic & whimsical high-end knitwear. Whenever I see something by KIND, I swoon and want to bury myself in it immediately. This is what happened with my cape (you know the one I keep showing you all the time?) & it will happen again with other pieces of their collection!

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

Stylish-Quirky (at least that's what they say).

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

We are inspired by many forms of art, music and film but most often vintage (except for music maybe there we also like a lot of now bands). For our collections we have drawn inspiration from Bonnie&Clyde, Alice in Wonderland, The Golden Age of Hollywood, The Life Aquatic, Showgirls in general, artists-painters (i.e. for colours) like Matisse, Picasso, but also modern graphics.

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

i.e. the Elephant jumper, because we made the idea of an Elephant into a really wearable and elegant jumper, on top of it all it sold well also. Which is amazing all together.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

That is difficult, I am not living by the trends. I personally like the nerdy preppy stuff that is around.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?


❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?


❤ What would you wear on a date?

Bowtie with everything

6 Nov 2008

Ten Tips / Mademoiselle Robot's guide to vintage shopping in London and online

Vintage shopping can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be a massive drag if you go to all the wrong places. Dirty, dusty, badly lit vintage shops are my nightmare. It is fun from time to time, but mostly annoying as you end up bringing home smelly garments, sometimes involuntary hosts to entire families of bugs. And this, is not cool. Here is a non exhaustive list of pleasant London shops & some online boutiques.


Beyond Retro

When I first set foot in the Cheshire St shop a few years ago, I thought I had died and gone to vintage heaven. Rows after rows of clothes, all arranged by colour & type of items make for a very easy shopping experience. They have a mix of 70s/80s stuff & "real" vintage from the 40s & 50s, which is really good, as most shops these days seem to focus too much on the 70s & 80s.
Two shops in London: east at 110-112 Cheshire Street & west at 58-59 Great Marlborough Street. You can also find them in Stockholm.

Absolute Vintage & Blondie

Another giant temple of vintage in East London. Here, it is a bit messier, but there is just so much choice that it doesn't really matter. The main interest in this one is shoes, as they have an awful lot of them, all the time.
More interesting is Blondie, the luxury sister of Absolute Vintage, about two streets further. There you will find vintage designer pieces from Jourdan to Dior.

Absolute Vintage - 15 Hanbury St
Blondie - 114-118 Commercial Street
& you can also buy online.

The Lazy Ones

As well as designing the Des Moines collection (sold in their shop & in Topshop), The Lazy Ones keep a handpicked vintage selection in their cute little boutique. And if you want a little tip from me: this shop is brilliant for celebrity spotting, as it is where all the cool kids go.

102 Sclater Street (off Brick Lane)

Vintage at Liberty

Now, kids, this is the place dreams are made of. Vintage Hermés, Chanel, YSL, they are all there. You won't find any bargains there at all, only beautiful pieces, unique items survivors from eras past. The whole shop is a dream anyway, so you should go and check it out.

Entrance on Regent street & Carnaby street.

Bang Bang

It is mainly a second hand designer shop, but you can also find good vintage items at reasonable prices there. Think vintage Valentino & Dior mixed with current Marc Jacobs & Chloë. I try to go regularly as they always get new stock. The staff there is always super nice and friendly which also helps making the whole experience better.
21 Goodge street
9 Berwick Street


Another one specialised in vintage couture & avant-garde, a feast for the eyes. There you will find Pucci, Ossie Clark & Courrèges amongst others.

21 Canonbury Lane

❤ Annie's

Perfect place to buy vintage accessories, but also very good for real vintage at good prices.

12 Camden Passage


I Heart Cheeky Chops
Peppermint Vintage
Martha's closet
Vintage Revival
Candy Says
Liebemarlene Vintage

I hope these addresses and links will prove helpful for all of you my darlings, I am sure those of you who live in London already know most of these addresses!


This is a guest post I wrote for Debutante Clothing.


5 Nov 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Victoire asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:

"What's the best way to quote an article from another blog and to let the author know? How to ask to be added to someone's blogroll? Are there strategies to get more readers? I have a strict plan for my blog, to avoid lacking inspiration, what is your strategy?"


Generally, if you are going to quote another blogger, link to the post in question. To let the other blogger know about it, you can either send him/her an email (most bloggers give an email address in their profile) or leave a comment letting them know.
A lot of bloggers pay attention to their stats & will quickly notice if a lot of new readers arrive through your site.
Some bloggers also set up google alerts, so if someone mentions their blog, an alert lets them know. Technorati is also a good tool for this.

About the links exchange and being added to people's blogroll, I am not sure there is a definite answer. I, for one, never do links exchange. I add blogs I read everyday or love particularly. And people can add me if they want. I think the best way to be added to someone's blogroll is to consistently provide great content and let the magic happen.

There is no magical way to increase your readership. My guess is you are already doing your best to provide high quality content on your blog, so you could also try to be active in the blogging community, subscribe to your favourite blogs, leave comments, sign up to blogging repertories & join Independent Fashion Bloggers to get even more advice!

Last but not least, I don't have a strategy to keep my blog. For a while, I had a strict "blog plan" with recurring features, but I found it was boring for me to keep it this way. I kept the features, but I try to go with my guts a bit more now and to write what I want, when I want. The only thing I try to stick to is posting everyday.

Do you have a question for the Mademoiselle Robot ball?
Email me mellerobot AT gmail DOT com.

4 Nov 2008

Becoming... Nora Wilde from The Naked Truth

It's too bad we mostly remember 90's TV as a sea of bad Rachel haircuts and bland Mulder and Scully outfits. Because there also was the adorable, amazingly well-dressed ex-billionaire-wife-turned paparazzo Nora Wilde, as portrayed by Tea Leoni in the sitcom "The Naked Truth". The series was only good for one season (that was before it switched networks and the writing got toned down after the whole Lady Di chased to death by paparazzi scandal)- but boy were the clothes good.

Dieppa Restrepo

What I liked then and still love now, was Nora’s knack for mixing high and low fashion: ladylike pearls were associated with trainers, shrunken cashmere cardigans were worn as easily as T-shirts, silk shirts had their buttons undone and men’s tailored trousers had simple flip flops for companions.

Steven Alan

And speaking of men’s trousers, Nora was the queen of gender bender fashion, wearing wide legged pants à la Katharine Hepburn, or loafers and brightly colored socks, all in all giving a whole new take on the country-club look. I adored the way she could get her hands on very trad pieces and wear them with as much ease as if they were jeans. Or the way she rocked her Adidas Gazelles, my favorite trainers ever.

Derek Lam

Also, not only were the clothes amazingly cool (thanks to costume designer Louise Mingenbach but also, I suspect, to Tea Leoni herself who pretty much dresses like this in real life), but they also did a great job of making us understand the character of Nora, a recent divorcee who had to adjust to a scaled-down budget after leaving her wealthy husband. Thus her mixing n’ matching of inexpensive finds and designer labels, an act of fashion juggling that I think most women can relate to.

Derek Lam

What if you feel like recreating and updating Nora’s allure? Preppy with a twist, as done by Parisian label A.P.C. would be a good start. You could also take a hint from Philip Lim’s latest cruise collection, which was very Nora-esque. I would also recommend the boyfriend shirt and lace ups from the online store of Steven Alan, another very nice American label.


Another beautiful guest post brought to you by Le Club du Style


3 Nov 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Margaux Motin

When I first discovered Margaux Motin's blog, I thought I had met my soulmate. I was in the middle of wondering if being a mum & remaining my old self would ever be possible, and her illustrations, made me realize it was. They also made me wet my panties laughing. She is a professional illustrator, super maman, lover of music and many more exciting things. Once you discover her universe, you will be hooked forever!

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

Bipolar but comfortable. Not comfortable strictly speaking because I can torture myself by putting my feet in (too) high heels, but comfortable within myself. I never wear clothes that don't make me feel myself. I'd rather be unfashionable than in contradiction with who I am. I like to feel free in my clothes. If I feel restrained by my outfit, I can't pull it off. When I say my style is bipolar it is because my style generally matches my mood. I worship my old boyfriend jeans & always find them sexy when worn with a vest or a very basic, very revealing tee-shirt. I can also be in a Audrey Hepburn mood & slip into an elegant little dress. I can feel the rage & be rock and roll. I don't follow fashion standards, but elegance ones. I think personal style is more important than fashion. I don't like being overly styled, super bling or super trashy. To me Audrey Hepburn or Charlotte Gainsbourg are the perfect exemple of natural style.

Schizophrène. Mais quoiqu’il en soit indéniablement confortable. Pas au sens stricte du terme, je peux me torturer les pieds dans une paire de talons trop hauts, confortable au sens « en accord avec moi-même ». Je ne porte jamais de vêtements dans lesquels je ne me sens pas moi-même. Je préfère être ringarde qu’en contradiction. Dans mes vêtements, j’aime me sentir à l’aise, fluide, libre. Si je me sens entravée je n’assume plus mon look. Après, quand je parle de schizophrénie, c’est parce que j’ai autant de looks que d’humeurs. Je voue un culte a mes vieux jeans un peu trop larges, coupés comme des jeans de mecs et que je trouve toujours ultra sexy portés avec un simple marcel ou un tee shirt très basique et décolleté. Mais je peux être d’humeur Audrey Hepburn et vouloir me glisser dans une jolie robe élégante. Ou avoir un feeling rageux et me la jouer rock. Je ne suis pas les diktats de la mode mais ceux de l’élégance. Je trouve que l’allure est le plus important, la façon de bouger, la finesse. Je déteste être over lookée, bling bling à mort ou super trash. Pour moi Audrey Hepburn, Charlotte Gainsbourg par exemple sont l’incarnation parfaite de cette élégance naturelle.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

I am not that interested in fashion, actually. I think clothes are tools to achieve visual consistency. I pay attention to fabrics, colours & the way they match or not, but I don't really know who does what. Fashion for me is like building an illustration, shapes, colours, lines... In the end, the image works or doesn't.
As an artist, I always admired Jean-Paul Gaultier's work. Impossible to wear for me, but he really works to interpret things, he has real consistency, so that all his creations tell a story. I also love Dries Van Noten (also impossible to wear for me), but the colours and prints are amazing & the fabrics are mind blowing. Aussi bien sur Paule Ka & her wonderful dresses... But I am mainly mad about shoes!

Je ne m’intéresse que très peu à la mode finalement. Je considère les vêtements comme les outils qui permettent de créer une cohérence visuelle. Je regarde les couleurs, les matières, comme elles s’accordent ou se repoussent mais je suis incapable de savoir vraiment qui fait quoi. La mode pour moi c’est comme construire une illustration, des formes, des contre formes, des jeux de couleur, de lignes. Au final tu as une image qui tient debout ou qui se casse la gueule. Mais en tant qu’artiste, j’ai toujours eu beaucoup d’admiration pour le travail de Jean Paul Gautier. Importable pour moi mais il a un vrai travail d’interprétation, il a une intelligence et une cohérence qui font que chacune de ses silhouettes se regarde comme une image qui raconterait une histoire. J’aime aussi énormément Dries Van Noten, encore une fois importable pour moi mais le travail des matières et des motifs est tout simplement incroyable. Les tissus sont à couper les souffle. Après bien sur, Paule Ka et ses merveilleuses petites robes, mais moi, je suis avant tout une dingue de chaussures !

❤ Which of your accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

The thing I made that I am the most proud of, it is really silly to say that, but it is my daughter. Workwise, I am never proud of something for more than a few hours. Quickly after being happy that I managed to get my pencil to go where I wanted, I start seeing only the flaws & the necessary improvements. I am never happy with a drawing, there's always a point when I look at it and think it is bad. Le's say I am proud to have made a name for myself in illustration & that I am always giddy when a reader tells me my drawings made them smile. I am a failed stand up comedian, but if I can make people smile with a drawing I am not happy about, then yes, I am a little bit proud!

La chose que j’ai faite et dont je suis la plus fière, c’est très con, mais c’est ma fille. Après, au niveau du travail, je ne suis jamais fière d’un boulot plus de quelques heures. Très vite, après la petite euphorie d’avoir mene mon trait de crayon où je voulais qu’il aille, je ne vois plus que les failles, les faiblesses, les améliorations possibles. Je ne suis jamais satisfaite d’un dessin, vient toujours un moment où je le regarde et ou je me dis que je l’ai foiré. Disons que je suis fière d’une manière plus générale d’avoir réussi a me faire ma place dans ce métier, et que j’éprouve une petite fierté câline et guillerette quand un lecteur me dis que mes illustrations lui ont collé la banane. Je suis une comique ratée, je suis nulle à l’oral, mais si j’arrive au moins à faire sourire, même avec un dessin qui ne me satisfait pas, alors oui je suis un peu fiérote.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I can't answer this, I know nothing about trends for this winter!!! I vaguely saw the return of the wide at the top / tapered at the bottom 80s trousers - and even if you pay me, I won't wear it. Apart from this, I don't know. I know what I'd like to wear this winter: v-neck men's jumpers with built-in peek-a-boob effect, really dark denim in perfect condition (with no holes, white streaks or anything). I still like men's stuff worn by women, a big men's blazer with a sexy dress is sooooo cool. Or men's trousers paired with a beautiful see-through blouse, or a white men's shirt tucked into skinny jeans...

Je ne peux pas te répondre, je ne sais absolument rien des tendances de cet hiver !!!! Si j’ai vaguement vu le retour du pantalon des années 80 large à la taille et étroit en bas, et je peux te dire que tu me paye, je ne le porte pas. Mais sinon, vraiment, je ne sais pas. Je sais ce que moi j’aimerai porter cet hiver, je sais que j’ai envie de grands pulls d’homme très décolleté dont un bout de sein s’échappe parfois dans un mouvement, que j’ai envie de jean brut sans marques de délavages, trous, fausse usure etc, du beau brut propre et sombre. Que j’aime toujours autant l’allure masculin/féminin et qu’un grande veste d’homme jetée sur une petite robe sexy, rhaaaa, ça c’est beau. Où un grand pantalon d’homme avec une blouse légère et transparente, ou une chemise d’homme blanche et sans chichi maladroitement glissée dans un slim.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

I'd say London is the most creative but Paris remains the most elegant. But really, I don't know, because I don't know anything about fashion!!!

Je dirais que Londres est la plus créative mais que Paris reste la plus élégante. En même temps dans le fond, je n’en sais rien ! Je t’ai dis que je n’y connaissais rien en mode !!!!

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

Vogue for fashion shows & Facehunter for street style. It is not for me or to judge trends though, it is to find inspiration for my drawings, find outfits for my characters...

Le site de Vogue pour les défilés et Facehunter pour les street style. Mais là encore, ça n’est pas pour moi ni pour évaluer les tendances, c’est pour me nourrir visuellement et générer des envies de dessin, me créer des déclics graphiques, trouver les tenues de mes personnages…

❤ What would you wear on a date?

It depends! For the first date, something elegant & simple: skinny jeans to show my legs without really showing them, amazing shoes, not too high but very couture & a light jumper with a big cleavage showing an Eres or Chantal Thomass bra when I bend over to grab my cigarettes in my bag.
For the second date, the whole seduction attire: mini-dress in a nice floaty fabric, opaque black tights to elongate the legs, a big cardigan or men's jacket on my shoulders, very very beautiful & very bright shoes (orange, purple, teal) & Fifi Chachnill underwear!!

Ah ! ça dépend ! Si c’est un premier rendez vous, quelque chose de sobre, d’élégant, un jean slim pour dévoiler le jeu de jambes sans les montrer, de très très belles chaussures, pas trop hautes, mais très couture, qui laissent entrevoir le coup de pied, la délicatesse de cette si jolie partie du corps, et un simple pull léger et très décolleté qui dévoile le tulle d’un beau soutien gorge Eres ou Chantal Thomass quand je me penche pour prendre mes cigarettes dans mon sac. Si c’est un second rendez vous et que le premier était réussi, alors là, le grand jeu. Une robe à mi cuisse, dans une jolie matière fluide qui épouse la courbe des fesses, des bas noirs très opaques qui allongent les jambes, un grand gilet une veste d’homme un blouson nonchalamment jeté sur les épaules et toujours de très très belles chaussures mais colorée, oranges, violettes, ou bleu canard cette fois ci ! Et de la lingerie fifi chachnill !!!

1 Nov 2008

What I am wearing / Marie-Antoinette

As promised, here is my utterly understated Halloween costume. You know, just a simple, casual daytime look.

Taking the tube in this outfit was an interesting experience...

Did you take photos f your Halloween costumes? If you did, send them to me, I want to see!


Mademoiselle Robot does Selfridges (the end...)

So here's the finished window... Unfortunately for those of you who didn't get to see it in person, it has now been removed and replaced by an advert. How sad... Miss Led did an amazing job there!

Finally you can see all my lovers on the drawing too! The pretty lady on the left is Jasmine, & the one by my hand is Loulou herself!

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