31 Oct 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, I will show you my costume...
In the meantime, I leave you with Mr Jack and his crew.


30 Oct 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Vicky asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
"I have been thinking for a while about an idea for a niche fashion blog. I have severe scoliosis that's very visible, and over the years I've become something of an expert on dressing more unusual curves than most! I've been thinking about starting a blog dedicated to styling "deformities", for want of a better word.
What do you think? Is there a place for it in the world of fashion blogs, and do you have any pointers you could give me?"


I am pretty sure there is a place for such a blog. The fashion blogosphère is ever expanding, but I am yet to see a good blog about styling unusual body types. There are probably thousands of girls out there like you who are fed up with camouflage dressing and want to be more stylish. I'd say if you have found pretty ways to accomodate your "curves" as you call them, share them with the world!
There are some good articles on the internet about this, maybe if you have a read, it will give you some inspiration to start your Fashion Blog. Or at least ideas where to start... and a proof that many people are waiting for this.

Clothing for Scoliosis - Well Woman
Clothes to hide Scoliosis - eHow
Self perception of female adolescents with Scoliosis - Sage Journals

Don't forget, if you want to ask the MR ball a question, about anything, click it! It is in the left sidebar waiting for you.

29 Oct 2008

Mademoiselle Robot does... BitchBuzz

Cate Sevilla wrote a reaaaaaally nice post about me on BitchBuzz, go read it!

Hiya Alex, Hiya!

Ten Tips / First impressions (part 1)

Photo Robyn Von Swank via Agent Lover (hi, love you)

When I started looking for a nanny, I posted an ad encouraging them to write to me telling me about themselves. I was expecting personal emails about their love of animals, music, films & art. I received lots of applications, but in most of them, all they could come up with was stuff about their degrees, courses & previous jobs... Most of these girls are between 20 and 25 years old, so pretty young. They didn't let go, or even try to. All their declarations about "loving kids & having fun" seemed fake because the letters put the emphasis on all things serious. As if all that defined them was their work / studies. So I tried to remember... What was I like when I was 20? What defined me? I suppose like them I didn't really know who I was, so I would hide behind my occupation. It got me thinking about how to introduce yourself & make a good impression.

Be yourself

I know I repeat it all the time on this blog, but the best way to make a good impression when you introduce yourself is... Come on I bet you can guess... Just to be yourself! I know this seems like the easy answer, but you'd be surprised how many things become easier if you just act normal & like yourself instead of trying too hard.

❤ Talk about a familiar subject

If there is something you are passionate about, make sure you angle the conversation towards it. It will put you at ease and make you sound really confident and interesting. Also, you might well teach something to whoever you are talking to at the time.

❤ Don't waste your time

You have about 3 seconds to make a first impression on someone. So check your posture, your nails, your clothes beforehand. If you are writing an email, make sure the first few lines get them hooked straight away. This is the most important moment to impress someone. Three seconds. It is so short that it is easy to be totally and utterly amazing for 3 seconds.

❤ Adapt to the situation

Thanks to this great tool called "the brain", humans are able to assess situations quickly. So do it! And adapt your behaviour. Really formal job interview? Summon the serious you. First date? Charming you. Photoshoot? Over the top you... You get it, right?

❤ Listen!

This tip sounds silly, doesn't it? Well, you'd be surprised how many people I meet ask questions without listening for the answer at all. I tend to dismiss them and file them under "douche bag". Not that I always listen, mind you, but I try my best, especially when meeting someone for the first time.

Now, people, I expect you to practice those, and stay tuned for part 2, next week!


28 Oct 2008

What I am wearing / Wednesday Addams

I don't need to wait for Halloween to play dress up! At the moment, I can't live without a ridiculously short black dress (read: I can't decently raise my arms while wearing it), stripey tights & a bow-tie. When my mother saw me wearing this, she said I reminded her of a clown, which wasn't supposed to be a positive thing, but it totally is to me ... When I picked this outfit I had Wednesday Addams in mind, not Pierrot or Auguste the sad clown but it is all good, in case you were wondering.

I am getting really excited about Halloween, as you may have noticed, and have now spent so long thinking about costumes ideas that I can't stay focused on the one I have been preparing for in the first place... So far I have two options, multiple dresses choice & an awfully large bottle of fake blood!

Dress - H&M
Tights - from the bottom of my drawer
Shoes - Vintage Sex Shoes
Bow-Tie - from a Jumble Sale

What will you be for Halloween?


Photos by Damian Owen-Board

27 Oct 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... The Broken Hearts

Nisha Thirkell and Amber Jane Butchart aka The Broken Hearts, are DJs & a performance duo. They also are the queens of burlesque & quirky retro style. Seeing them is like jumping into a funfair time machine straight to Prettyville (Population: 2). They are signed on Mute Irregulars (also publishing Ipso Facto).

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

We always take on different characters and personas with our clothes, so we always find it quite difficult to define our style! It changes from day to day, but is usually pretty theatrical!

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Busby Berkeley, Anita Berber and circus sideshows are some of our many inspirations.

❤ Which of your designs / accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

We're really proud of our radio show (Broken Hearts Mystery Hour, on Q Radio every Sunday night from 9-10pm). It's our own concept and we have complete control over the music we play, so it's been a lot of fun to develop! You can listen to it here: Freeview 716/DAB/qthemusic.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

We think circus styles are going to stick around for a while - See Gareth Pugh's S/S 09 collection for some amazing ruffs! You can see us talking about our circus style tips on T4 show "Frock Me" with Henry Holland and Alexa Chung on Sunday November 2nd!

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?


❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

We love the imagery here:
Broken Hearts Myspace page
Beyond Retro
Rob Flowers

Banner photo by Pavlunka

26 Oct 2008

Mademoiselle Robot does... The Independent on Sunday

If you are interested, I am in The Independent today talking about interior decoration.

Here's the link to the online version of the article... I am on my way to buy the paper version!


ps - hihihi they call me a "fashion expert" hi hihi.

25 Oct 2008

What I am wearing / Winter florals

I found a really nice granny skirt in a charity shop last weekend. It was a bad lenght (try mid calves, how very flattering) so I shortened it, and voilà! I have a thing with skirts, they can never be too short & it must be custom day today as the cardigan was also altered by my clumsy little hands... I added heart buttons to it to give it a new life...
Considering what I just said about skirt lenght, you can imagine how I feel about maxi dresses and such when they come back in fashion. Yep, I'd totally be the kind of girl to shorten a maxi dress. Maxi dress = mini fun.

Skirt - Thrifted
Tee - Uniqlo
Bow-tie - Thrifted
Shoes - Office (gift from Mr Dreamboat himself, he beats me up if I don't give him credit)
Cardigan - H&M from ten years ago.

Oh... what did you say? The hair? Aaaaah, I am glad you noticed, I wasn't going to say anything, but since you are asking... Well: I got sent Shine! Therapy straighteners by Remington the other day, so I thought I'd give them a try. I am really pleased with the result, my hair is super straight - and it is normally REALLY hard to tame as it is big and unruly, like horse hair as Monsieur Robot would say!
I don't know if the avocado oil shine bit is all that amazing because I use shampoo that makes my hair shiny anyway & also because I probably haven't used them long enough to see a result, but if you are interested, I will let you know.

Nota - You will only ever see me mention products I received if I really liked them & if I would have bought them regardless. I am happy to receive stuff, but if it is not good, or if it is not "me", I won't mention them at all.

24 Oct 2008

How to find your unique blogging style.

I wrote a guest post for Independent Fashion Bloggers on Thursday, here it is if you haven't already seen it.

Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a blog, & even the fashion blogosphere is getting incredibly crowded. So how do you make your blog stand out from the crowd? By developing a unique & personal voice. Here are some tips to help you doing so.

❤ Finding an angle

In the sea of fashion blogs out there, there is probably already one saying what you said, or what you would like to say. It is perfectly normal. There are over six thousand million people in the world, a few of them are bound to have the same idea at the same time. What matters is to find an angle to your post. Just like in journalism, it is important to find an angle for a blog story. You want to cover Fashion Week? Cool, do it. YOUR WAY. Choose a way to cover it that is totally personal to you and get writing. This way, your post will stand out & attract more readers.

❤ Be yourself

You have a personality. You have a blog. You have the two only tools you will even need. Use your blog to showcase your personality, because you know you are wonderful. And the world should know it too, so why hide behind the majority?

Write, write & write some more

Good writing comes from writing. So write, write, write, all the time, whenever you can. You will start developing a unique style, and your brain will get used to thinking about new stories all the time. Try and remember your grammar lessons, because style without good grammar can be a big turn off for your readers.

❤ Be confident

There are so many people out there puking content all over the internet, and it is not always good content. So if even half of you thinks you have something good to say, don't hesitate and put it out there. Trust your instincts, if they tell you you wrote a good post, they are right. Your blogging style will only develop by making mistakes and trying.

❤ Never take the thinking cap off

The best way to have your own voice and content is to be constantly on the lookout for new stories, and keep your brain on at all times. This is the blogger's way of life. Sometimes, even when I am half asleep I come up with new ideas for the blog & have to wake up and write them down. Sometimes I look at them in the morning & dismiss them as too lame, but sometimes, I think they are really good & use them.

Other interesting reads:
Good blog advice on 43 Folders

23 Oct 2008

The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Lady Coveted asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
"Will the super girly ruffly trend last through next year? Really I want to know... I'm smitten now, but how long will it stick around? I wasn't born yesterday!"


I think this trend will last if you want it to. It has been here for a while now, and even if it gets toughened a bit with all the studs & leather around, I am pretty sure we will be rocking the ruffles for a few more months. They were there en force at the Betsey Johnson, Gareth Pugh & Luella shows... And you know what, even if they go out of fashion I know I will still wear them, and you should too!

Betsey Johnson / Luella / Gareth Pugh RTW SPRING 2009
Photos Style.com

So then Lady Coveted, I hope you will keep your ruffles and carry on looking pretty as a ruffly flower.

If you want to ask a question to the Mademoiselle Robot ball, click the email link on the right sidebar & I will answer! You can ask me ANYTHING.


22 Oct 2008

How to Live Your life, Rory Gilmore style.


21 Oct 2008

How to Wear / A stylish Halloween Part 2

Halloween will be here in ten days now and judging by the enormous response to my previous post with outfit ideas, I thought I'd share some more with you... only this time inspired by some of my favourite film heroines.

Baby Jane Hudson

Dress - Azzedine Alaïa
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood / Melissa
Bow - Topshop

Carrie White

Dress - Luella
Shoes - Moschino
Corsage - Urban Outfitters

Blood - Model's own


Dress - Miu Miu
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Mask - Luella

❤ Rosemary Woodhouse ❤

Trench - Burberry's
Dress - Tibi
Shoes - Roger Vivier (vintage)

❤ Grady Twin

Dress - Miu Miu
Shoes - Chloe
Socks - Monsoon
Belt - ASOS
Bows - Vintage

To end this, I will give you a hint about my Halloween outfit this year: I don't really have a head on my shoulders.



20 Oct 2008

Introducing... The Mademoiselle Robot ball

You might have noticed the MR ball that just appeared in the right sidebar... Well, from today, I am introducing a new feature on this blog. If you have pressing questions and want my answer or some input, just click the ball. I will answer all questions by email & the best ones will be selected and answered in a weekly post. Now it is your turn to get this ball working!


Mademoiselle Robot loves... Le Club Du Style

A bit of shameless worshipping of family members never hurt anyone, so with no more ramblings on my part, I give to you today an interview with Le Club du Style aka Jeanne-Aurore Colleuille - author/illustrator/journalist extraordinaire.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

I guess you could call it preppy minimalist. That means a lot of navy, black and white, clean shapes and quite a lot of men inspired pieces. I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that whenever I’ve tried to be trendy, or girly, or anything ending with a « y », it has eventually ended in tears. So now I stick to the « less is more » motto and just get along with it.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

I’m very fond of children’s books author/illustrator Maurice Sendak. I’ve been obsessed with «Where The Wild Things Are» ever since I was able to read- it’s such a non-conformist book and one of the most beautiful too. He’s one of those people you feel never thought in terms of career or success but in terms of doing what he felt like doing and not giving a damn about the rest. I find this kind of gusto very inspiring and I think he’s in part responsible for making me interested in visual arts and writing at a very young age. And I like that he’s past 80 and still drawing, creating and rubbing elbows with younger people.

As far as fashion is concerned, I did my style education in the 90’s and this has stuck with me. I have a stack of issues of Harper’s Bazaar circa 1995/96 that I still draw a lot of inspiration from.

Also, there is this lady that I keep crossing paths with in my neighborhood and who has become a sort of icon for me. I don’t know her name, I’m not sure how old she is (past 65 that’s for sure) but I do know that she embodies everything I like. Last time I saw her, she was riding her bike with her little dog in the front basket, wearing black cropped slacks, a tangerine polo neck sweater and her signature cropped white hair and bright red lipstick. Her silhouette has a sort of minimalistic joyfulness to it, and every time I see her I have this feeling of «I want to be like her when I grown up».

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

I’m usually so worried about what I’m going to do next that I have a hard time being happy with what I’ve already accomplished. But I’m very proud that I’m doing exactly what I said I would do as a grown-up when I was 10: writing. I still can’t believe that people are actually paying me to come up with pretty words and ideas. Also, seeing my first book in print was pretty thrilling- and I’m very happy that it’s a book that promotes a responsible idea of fashion, i.e. buying a few quality items, instead of filling your closets with disposable clothings and learning to recycle them in many different ways.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I’m very happy to see the comeback of the preppy look, with exciting new labels such as Boy by Band Of Outsiders doing a modern version on the Ivy League / Cape Cod / «Love Story» silhouette. I would love for the whole sports gear apparel worn outside of the gym to go away- but unfortunately, I don’t think this season will see the end of leggings worn as pants or of the huge ugly sneakers.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

I was in Stockholm recently and I have to say that those Swedes are very sharp dressers. But Paris still remains my favorite place to check out elegant old ladies- such a good source of style inspiration.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

The Sartorialist, like everybody else. Also not very original, but I’m badly addicted to YouTube- especially the Flight of The Conchords and Demetri Martin’s stuff there.
I like the lovely online notebook of interior designer Jane Cumberbatch, very calming and refreshing.
For inspiration, I also check out theses:
Elisabeth Dunker’s delicious images at Fine Little Day.
The vintage finds of Andy Beach at Reference Library.
The minimalistic outifts on Le Vestiaire de Clé.
Hollister Hovey’s blog.
2 or 3 Things I know.
I also hightly recommend Shorpy, a marvellous blog with vintage images- truly inspiring.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Something I’ve owned for a long time and feel at ease in, like my vintage Agnès b. Lolita blazer or my old leather jacket. My glasses, obviously, because how else will I see if the guy is cute- plus, I’ve often noticed that the glasses things is very much appreciated by the gentlemen. Also a must, pretty but comfortable shoes, because the best part of the date, at least a good date, is that moment when you’re getting walked home by someone you like (and wondering «Is my breath okay after that thai curry ?»).

18 Oct 2008

Fashion Obsessions / Plaid & Yellow

Did I mention that you were going to see that yellow coat often in my winter outfits? Maybe not... Well I mention it now. You probably already overdosed on the cape (you know the one), now you can start being sick at the thought of the colour yellow, because you are going to see A LOT of this coat.
My current fashion obsession: yellow, black & white.

Coat - thrifted
Dress - New Look
Shoes - Miu Miu

Previous obsessions included: Peter Pan collar dresses with bow-tie, oversized bows (my dream came true when Loulou started making & selling them, thanks!), black&white shoes, black blazer and so many more...

My newest obsession is in the post as I write this, coming to me in a little parcel, I can't wait to show it to you!

What's your fashion obsession?


17 Oct 2008

MR loves / Interviews coming soon (it is already Christmas!)

Hat - H&M
FAKEFur Coat - belonged to my grandma

Christmas is everywhere already in the shops & on TV. I love Christmas, but I think preparing in October is a tad early... Giving presents, however is never too early, so here on mademoisellerobot.com, it is ALREADY Christmas. In the next few weeks, you will find interviews with Le Club du Style, The Broken Hearts, Margaux Motin & KIND (you know, the fabulous ones who made that cape, mmmmm!)... and this is only for the next few weeks. I have many more in my furry hat, but I will keep the surprise for now.

16 Oct 2008

Ten Films to watch this Halloween

Even though I love Halloween & generally enjoy going out with my friends to celebrate, sometimes, it is nice to stay at home. Cook yourself a special Halloween dinner, invite some friends around, decorate your house & watch some films. Here are ten perfect Halloween movies as recommended by me!

House of 1000 Corpses ❤
Rob Zombie - 2003

While travelling through Texas, some teenagers comes across the sickest white trash family known to man. Carnage ensues.

❤ Dawn of the Dead
George A. Romero - 1978
After a zombie epidemic, a group of people seek refuge in a shopping mall. Best. Siege. Ever. Possibly one of the most amazing films ever made if you ask me.

❤ Halloween
John Carpenter - 1977

Well of course Halloween is part of the list! Hearing the music is sometimes enough to give me goosebumps.

❤ Sisters
Brian de Palma - 1973

Siamese twins who have lost their parents get separated. Bloody murders & strange investigation. I watched this film for the first time with my dad when I was quite young & it made a big impression on me.

❤ The Blob (remake)
Chuck Russell - 1988

A growing life form takes over a city eating everything on its way. The 1988 version of The Blob is cheesy & creepy at the same time. Another film I discovered with my dad when I was 10. Shaped my taste for horror movies along with a few others that are not in this list.

❤ The Last House on the Left
Wes Craven - 1972

Two teenage girls are captured by psychopaths. First film by Wes Craven & a wonder of claustrophobic atmosphere.

❤ Nightmare on Elm Street
Wes Craven - 1984

My biggest fears: spiders & monsters under the bed... Especially if it is Freddy Krueger. I have seen all the Nightmare on Elm Street films a few times & still, I shiver when Freddy appears.

❤ Candyman
Bernard Rose - 1992

Sixteen years later I still can't say his name five times or see bees without thinking that Candyman is around somewhere. Sad, I know.

❤ The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi - 1981

Some friends retreat to a cabin in the woods for a holiday & end up unleashing demons. As we do. Bruce Campbell is one of my all time heroes.

❤ Basket Case
Frank Henenlotter - 1982

This is just plain weird & totally absurd, but I love it. The story of a young man & his horribly deformed twin brother who lives in a basket... Hence Basket Case, geddit?


15 Oct 2008

Style Tips / Wardrobe key pieces

Everyone should have a core of clothes they can wear any time with anything. Even Kate Moss does if you believe this book! I tried to compile a list of key pieces we should all have. Of course, it is biased by my own taste, but I tried to remain objective.

❤ Boy tee-shirt

Pick a plain coloured one. I like the American Apparel deep v-neck as round neck tees just don't suit me. I generally try to choose mine in gray, black, white or a primary colour. Boys tee-shirts are great to toughen up a girly dress or create a colour block look when paired with a high waisted skirt or trousers.

The black blazer bring instant cool to any outfit. Wear it with jeans and you feel like Jane Birkin or Lou Doillon (to keep it in the family). Wear it with a vintage dress and suddenly, the dress gets an edge.


The wool cardigan is your best friend. More flattering & versatile than a normal jumper, it is easy to put on & take off and makes for easy layering. I prefer mine to be cashmere - and it is so easy to find cheap cashmere jumpers in vintage or thrift shops!

❤ Killer heels & pretty flats

Photos - Pyza /Facehunter /The Sartorialist

Good shoes last forever, so it is always worth investing in a great pair of flats & a great pair of heels. Throughout the years, I collected a gazillion pairs of shoes that I still wear. If you wear a pretty casual outfit composed of say, jeans & tee-shirt, the right pair of shoes can still turn you into a bombshell.

❤ Statement Tights

Photos - The Snail & The Cyclops /All This Happiness / Doe Deere

Statement tights are the easy option to add pizazz to an outfit when you are afraid you wouldn't pull off a whole outfit. For exemple, this year, tartan is really big but if you are over 20, a whole tartan look might be pushing it, so embracing tartan details is the solution (tartan tights, skirt, scarf, headband, whatever). Lace is the same. Lace tights will give an instant goth twist to an otherwise normal outfit.

❤ Princess coat

Photos - Loou /Mademoiselle Robot / Hel Looks

Once in your life, you deserve to feel like a princess. So far, apart from long dresses with crinolines and bows all over, the only piece of clothing that ever managed to make me feel like a princess is a coat. A nice ample coat you can wrap around you in the winter.

❤ Little Black Dress

Photos - Skylark & Son / Glam Canyon / Gala Darling

The LBD is the ultimate wardrobe staple that anyone, regardless of their style should own. It is a style chameleon, if you see above, all three girls have totally different styles and make it work amazingly. The LBD can be super simple or super intricate, it doesn't matter because it is BLACK, and goes anywhere, with anything. Slip it on & feel the instant glamour.

❤ Wide belt

Photos - Garance Dore / Facehunter / Altamira NYC

My belts saved many outfits. They help giving shape & structure to men's shirts and tees. They emphasize the waist on an already waisted skirt. They add detailing to a dress. I prefer my belts very girly in patent leather or with bows or vintage and masculine.

❤ Skinny jeans

Photos - GadeMode / Savvy London / The Style Scout

I know the bootcut & wide jeans & boyfriend jeans are coming back, but there's nothing like a pair of skinny jeans to make an outfit work from day to night.

If you own only one of each items on this list, you shouldn't even need to own anything else. This is the magic of wardrobe staples. They work all by themselves, no need for extras...

As for me, I am off standing in front of my closet crying because I am being interviewed and photographed and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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