30 Aug 2008

Monsieur Robot presents / SHOOZ

Hello again my beautiful bipeds!

Say, do you sometimes wear shoes?


So let's talk about shoes. If you've ever met me you might have noticed that I looked at your shoes before I looked at your face, nothing personal you understand it's just that your shoes tell me everything I need to know about you…I'm obsessed with shoes and so it was with a heavy heart that I read the email from Buck, (my Mr. Big) that told me there were no good shoes in San Francisco.

Of course I foolishly refused to believe such a thing was possible. But guess what? Buck never lies. I've looked everywhere.

Let's start with converse. They appear to come only in black in this city. A classic style and colour but what is exciting about converse is the range of colours they come in…isn't it? There's a John Varvatos store here, so I went to check out his limited edition converse and Jack Purcell and (apart from the black ones) he only offered bland beige and pastel coloured cons. No good. It's the same for Vans and Nike…from the flagships stores to independent retailers I have the same problem everywhere.

Photo - INQMND

So lets go upscale. Barneys…well the Dior trainers, over $500 are guess what…..black. Pierre Hardy? Well unlike Dover Street Market in London which sells a blinding array of multicoloured Pierre Hardy shoes here the only pair they stock are white. All white.

Now normally I would always opt for the white version of any shoe. Patrick Cox once said that wearing white shoes was one of the most daring things a man can do. That man must be an American. Imagine the face of the woman whom I asked for some pink lace up vans in a size 12 from L

What about other kinds of shoes Monsieur Robot?

Well gentle readers America doesn't have a Topman an Office or a Swear to rely on but one thing the city does love is boots. Big leather boots. Well that's promising isn't it? I look GREAT in boots. Sadly San Francisco is still wearing cowboy boots. That trend was swiftly ruined by a saturation of cheaply made cowboy style boots that flooded the British high streets some years ago. They look good here in the city, but not for me. This leave me with dressy high end boots that pale in comparison to my Westwood Pirate boots and Biker boots which are all too Tom of Finland especially in these tight jeans of mine.

So I'll make do with the few pairs I've bought my favourite of which are a label I swore I'd never wear when I was about 13 years old. Still, much time has passed plus I'm on holiday so no one need know…it's just between us.

Photo - Zappos

29 Aug 2008

Style Tips / Decluttering your wardrobe

Today, I decided to tackle the daunting task of decluttering my wardrobe. I try to do it once a year. This way, I make sure I have everything I need and that what I don't need finds a home somewhere else.
I strongly believe that a successfully put together outfit can only stem from an organised closet. If like me, you don't have much closet space in your flat, then it is one more reason to make sure you declutter that wardrobe often, and well.
It doesn't need to be a painful chore, you can make it fun by trying on lots of outfits and maybe even inviting a girlfriend over to help you. I like to work solo, just like I like to shop solo, but maybe some of you like to make it a group activity!
Here's how I roll - my tips to organise your closet without losing your mind.

❤ Choose a time when you know you don't have anything else to do & you feel happy, relaxed and confident - it is important to make sure you won't discard anything too hastily.

❤ Start with what you kept last time thinking "I can use this to sleep in". The truth is, you do use it to sleep in, but how good does it make you feel to sleep in an old tatty tee-shirt? Not very good, that's how. So take all those items and put them straight in a bag. In the future, promise yourself to wear proper pyjamas / slips / chanel numero 5 to sleep. I will explain later what to do with this bag.

❤ Now let's move on to the underwear and hosiery drawers... I tend to get rid of knickers as soon as they have a hole in them / an elastic getting loose / turning gray from too many washes. This way, my knickers drawer never gets out of control. As for bras, just try them all on. Any ill fitting one, put in a bag. Same goes for tights and socks. Holes, ladders - discard. I used to keep my laddered tights to wear under trousers when it gets really cold. It never really gets that cold. If it leaves you with nothing, make a list of what you need and go shopping for essentials.

❤ Are you warmed up already? Then it is time to look at tee-shirts and jumpers. I keep my tee-shirts and jumpers on a shelf, folded. Take out your pile of tees and quickly assess which ones you wear (make a pile), which ones you don't wear because they are destroyed (start a bag) and which ones you don't wear because you just don't (make a pile). Put back in your closet the ones you wear. The destroyed ones, you can't even give to charity shops, so either use the fabric to make stuff (pillowcases, toys etc) or simply discard them. I am not a big fan of throwing clothing away, but sometimes, that's the only thing left to do. You are left with the tees you don't wear just because... These are tricky ones. Put aside the ones you could give to friends (only if you are sure your friends will like them - they are your friends, not your bin) and make sure you don't wait for ages before you actually give them away. What's left can be divided in two piles: charity shop and eBay.
You can do the same for jumpers.

❤ Finally, on to the hanging things. This is what is most time consuming for me as I own many dresses and jackets. Get everything out of the closet and off the hangers. Check that all your hangers are wooden (not to spoil the clothes) and that they are not broken. Then do what you did with the tee- shirts and jumpers. When you hang your dresses and jackets back, make sure you button them up, so they don't lose their shape. If you have very valuable items, put them in special hanging bags.

❤ To make my closet organisation efficient, I try to keep everything sorted by colour. My clothes are fairly colour coordinated anyway, so it is easy. If you have a lot of prints, try and sort your clothes by types of prints and then by colour.

What about all those bags? Well...

❤ Anything very old and tatty can either be thrown away or used to make things (I tend to opt for this one). If you are going to keep old clothes to make things, then rip them apart straight away and turn them into fabric as it is very easy for them to find their way back into your closet!

❤ Anything good that would make a friend happy, wash, iron & wrap in silk paper then send to your friend.

❤ Anything designer or vintage you don't wear anymore, sell on eBay.

❤ Anything high street you don't wear anymore, bring to your local charity shop.

❤ Anything that needs altering, go and have it altered, don't delay it or they will quickly become clutter again!

Ciao friends, I am off to see the wardrobe wizard!


28 Aug 2008

Style Icon / Maggie Gyllenhaal

Her outfits in Secretary made her famous for her submissive sexiness, but even though I love those, I prefer her everyday/normal life attire.
She is the perfect incarnation of laid back girly chic, always looking like she chose her outfit herself. This is really refreshing in a world of celebs dressed by their personal stylists.
The Agent Provocateur collaboration made me love her even more.

I present to you today - Maggie G.


27 Aug 2008

What I am wearing / Out with Monsieur Robot

I have been meaning to post this outfit for a while now and had lost the picture. Silly Mademoiselle Robot, always in a daze. This is what I wore to go to the first Hysteria in July. The lovely Tomoko took our photo (this is her Flickr).

White Vintage Sailor Mini Dress Tunic Top

Skirt - M&S Limited Collection
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - H&M
Man Candy - DreamBoys Inc

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

Adieu, Mister Tree...

My good friend Tree passed away on Friday night. He was 35. He was and is one of the most inspiring and beautiful persons I ever got to know. He had magic hovering around him wherever he went.

I can't quite realize this is real. I think of Milky, the love of his life, and I think of his family.

And I think of the terrible waste.

For him, you should all start to be more creative, finish what you started, be honest with your friends and with everyone, save all those teddy bears in charity shops. I know I will.


26 Aug 2008

Wish List / D&G's Tartan-a-Gogo

Who would have thought that the Italian duo usually responsible for some of the most garish designs worn almost only on the plages de Saint Tropez would suddenly go all Balmoral on us?
Not me, I plead guilty.
With my laptop problem, I can't even play with the idea of getting my mits on a dolce bit of Gabbana tartan this fall, but I can dream...


25 Aug 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Nubby Twiglet.

This week, the lovely & talented Nubby Twiglet took some time off her busy schedule to answer my questions. Graphic designer, artist and blogger, she has serious style and even more serious artistic flair.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is space-age modern and super graphic most days but I also love to mix traditional Bavarian elements in with schoolgirl looks. I can't get enough of knee-highs, lederhosen and lace-up heels!

What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

In general, I'm inspired by the typography I see on signs around me, the juxtaposition of my two favorite cities, Portland and New York City, learning the processes of other graphic designers, and reading fashion magazines.

My style inspirations are icons from the 80s like Michael Jackson, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and Steve Perry of Journey. Andy Warhol also inspires me because he could make a basic blazer and dress shirt somehow cool by adding in his trademark accessories (thick glasses and a silver wig). I liked that whole era before stylists when people were still willing to take risks with their image without the fear of showing up on everyone's worst-dressed list!

The designers I admire most are Rudi Gernreich (and his muse, Peggy Moffitt), 60s era Courreges, Dries Van Noten for shoes, Miuccia Prada (especially her Miu Miu line), Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and anything else that's super avant-garde and impossible to figure out how to wear!

Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

I like making art and designing pretty equally, but the thrill of doing a solo show of all new artwork can't be beat!

Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I think that the high waist will carry over (though I can't stand it when applied to jeans!), high heeled shoes with laces and tassels, bold plaid, the schoolgirl look (though judging from Dolce and Gabbana, it seems to be more grown up), pointy toed shoes and boots, and luxe, oversized purses.

As for flops, I can't stand the jewel-toned suede heels for Fall (bad 80s redux), pants with pleats or colored lace.

What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

It's hard to say since I feel like style blogs only pick out small percentages of the population of any given city to photograph! Judging from what I see though, Paris seems to be consistently at the top.

Which websites do you go to regularly?

Gala Darling

Sea of Shoes



Posie Gets Cozy


Miss Dior Couture

What would you wear on a date?

I've been with my boyfriend for a few years now, but luckily he's a graphic designer and artist also and completely supports my wacky outfits! When we go out now, even if it's just for coffee, I still dress up in heels and do my makeup because I think it's important to make an effort. And, I love the art of dressing up for all occasions, big and small!


Also in this series: Vanda from Paraphernalia, Loulou,Robin from Bittersweets NY .


21 Aug 2008

What I am wearing / At the lake

I love lakes. They make me feel happy and peaceful. Even though I definitely am a city girl at heart, there is just something about lakes, and the country roads that makes me feel good.
The Lac de Saint Pardoux is a wonderful and quiet place I visited during my holiday (yes I know, AGAIN with the holiday) and would love to go back to one day.

Me by the lake

T-shirt - Primark
Jeans - Cheap Monday

I love spending my holidays away from everything and as far as possible from the city, only with a couple of really close friends.


Les lacs me rendent heureuse. Je retournerai volontiers paresser au bord du lac de Saint Pardoux. J'adore passer les vacances loin de tout, avec quelques amis proches.

20 Aug 2008

Style icon / Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a style hero. Daring and whimsical, friend of the animals and living in dreamland, she has all that's needed to appeal to me! Her style matches her music perfectly. She makes me want to embrace my inner forest pixie and play mix and match with feather headbands and silk dresses.


La chanteuse de Bats for Lashes a tout pour me plaire - son style est ose et irreel.

19 Aug 2008

Becoming... Wonder Woman

Who hasn't once wished to be Wonder Woman. Not me. I would even go further and say that sometimes I wish I could be Diana Prince!
In everyday life (when you are not busy saving the innocent), it is nice to find an "in between" style. Not quite super heroine, not quite megageek(tm).


Qui n'a jamais reve de devenir Wonder Woman? Pas moi. J'ai meme pense que ce serait chouette d'etre Diana Prince. Un melange des deux, c'est encore mieux!

Also in this series: Audrey Horne , Blair Waldorf , Winnie from the Wonder Years , Lady Oscar, Ugly Betty andRory Gilmore.

18 Aug 2008

Video cover of the week / Standing in the Way of Control

The Gossip's megahit covered by Roisin Murphy. Great song, and you all know my love for RM. But this time it doesn't quite cut it. Her version is good (of course) but definitely doesn't have the energy of Beth's version.

Wow, now I really want to dance, don't you?


Le tube de The Gossip, chante par Roisin Murphy. Rencontre au sommet.
Ca me donne envie de danser, pas vous?

17 Aug 2008

What I am wearing / Going to the market

The nearest town to Les Petits Marmiers, where I was staying during my holiday is Ambazac. The market in Ambazac is possibly the smallest I have ever seen! A bit disappointing, but it was nice to take a walk around town.

In Ambazac

Dress - Primark
Belt - American Apparel
Bag - Accessorize
Glasses - Luella
Shoes - ASOS


Le village le plus proche des Petits Marmiers, ou je passais les vacances s'appelle Ambazac. Le marche y est minuscule.

15 Aug 2008

What I am wearing / Packing for holidays

I hate packing, especially when you have a baby, it becomes a military operation. Thankfully, now I am already on holibobs and won't have to pack for a while...

Dress - New Look
Scarf worn as a necklace - Celine
Hair Bow - Loulou Loves You


Je deteste faire les valises. Surtout avec un bebe, ca releve d'une operation militaire. Enfin au moins pour le moment je me la coule douce au bord de la piscine.

14 Aug 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Bittersweets NY

I first heard about Bittersweets when Monsieur Robot showed me the vampire necklace he bought in NY. Since then, I somehow keep reading about this Brooklyn boutique, and I am pining for a New York holiday to finally get my paws on the gorgeous Vampress Engagement ring.
Although really I'd like my boyfriend to get his paws on it. That's another story. Hi Justin!

This is what the very clever Robin had to say...

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a little bit boring, considering that I could be wearing huge Vampire necklaces everyday. Over all, I guess practicality wins out.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

I love to use movies as an inspiration. Sci-fi and horror are some of my favorite sources.
Recently, my boyfriend and I were watching Inferno and one of the actresses is wearing the coolest "evil eye" I've ever seen.

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

I guess I like any design that I feel that I've completed. Sometimes, I have something in my drawer for a few years waiting for me to finish.
So, when I finally get around to solving how I want the piece to look, that's pretty cool for me. They're like my babies, I can't just pick one.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

Good question. I have no idea. The leggings thing is weird in my opinion. People wearing winter clothes in the summer and then shorts in the winter look pretty dumb.
I'm against trends. I think after 8th grade, you shouldn't all be wearing the same thing, unless you're in a parade or it's part of some cultural tradition. Another exception to this is uniforms, I love uniforms.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

Sorry, I don't feel qualified to answer this question since I opened up a shop a few years ago, and haven't had a chance to travel lately. However, many years ago, I was in Vietnam and I was struck by how beautiful their traditional dress was. It's this flowing, silky top and bottom that looked really practical but incredibly sexy. The sleeves go right to the wrist and the pants are to the ground, so at first glance, it looks like this very conservative style, but then there's that open slit that goes all the way up the sides. I was in awe of how elegant the women looked in this very simple dress, that was something that they wore everyday and was obviously a very practical solution to living in that climate.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

I can spend days on YouTube, NBC - they have the Alfred Hitchcock Hour online, plus, I love just googling stuff.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

I would wear whatever I happened to have on that day, hopefully.
If it's some kind of special event, I've got some stuff I can look decent in.

Portrait of Robin drawn by Hope Gangloff.

Also in this series: Vanda from Paraphernalia & Loulou from Loulou Loves You!

13 Aug 2008

Style Icon / Chan Marshall

Some women have it, and some don't. Chan Marshall has it big time. She does nonchalant sexy to perfection. Not many people can pull off wearing very simple clothes and still look uber cool.
Today, I'd like to tip my hat to Chan.

Last image from the very talented Elizabeth Weinberg.


Peu de gens arrivent etre sexy l'air de rien. Chan Marshall est une pro du chic garcon manque. Chapeau!

12 Aug 2008

Inspiration / The Ronsons

The Ronsons (Mark, Charlotte & Samantha) are in the new Harper's Bazaar in Royal Tenenbaum attire.
When a real stylish family meets a fictional stylish family, sparks fly!

Photos Harper's Bazaar

Did I mention I fancy Mark Ronson?


Becoming... Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks

With tartan and lace coming back en force, now is the best time to emulate Audrey Horne, Twin Peaks' favourite sexpot. I have had the biggest girl crush on Audrey Horne since I first saw her on screen. I am sure I am not the only one as she is possibly the sexiest thing to come out of the 90s.

I chose to recreate one of her ''day looks'' rather than her outfits at the One Eyed Jack, as the whole idea is to be able to recreate her style everyday.

Skirt - Miu Miu
Top - Chloe
Shoes - Marc Jacobs

Now, what are you waiting for? Gobble down this cherry pie and go do a sexy dance by the jukebox!


Avec l'imprime ecossais et la dentelle revenant en force a la rentree, emuler le look d'Audrey Horne devient une obligation.
Elle est pour moi la veritable icone des annees 1990. Sa danse devant le juke box a ete une veritable revalation stylistique.

Also in this series: Blair Waldorf , Winnie from the Wonder Years , Lady Oscar, Ugly Betty andRory Gilmore.

11 Aug 2008

Video cover of the week / Superstar

The Carpenters have to be my favourite band of all times. Sonic Youth is up there in the top 5. When one covers the other, I swoon.

Now, let's just listen, hold hands and weep softly.


The Carpenters est de loin mon groupe prefere. Sonic Youth est dans mon top 5. Ces deux versions de Superstar me rendent heureuse.

10 Aug 2008

Book Club / Don't You Forget About Me

For all the John Hughes fans out there, who grew up wanting to be Molly Ringwald or facying Ferris Bueller, Don't You Forget About Me is an absolute must read.
Its charm is mainly to give you the possibility to read what others experiences of JH films were, and how they influenced their careers. I have a soft spot for Moon Unit Zappa's teenage crush turned total obsession on Jake Ryan
It is not as good or serious as the classic Pretty in Pink, but it is definitely worth reading.


Pour tous les fans de John Hughes, Molly Ringwald et Ferris Bueller.

9 Aug 2008

OMG, Shoes!

I have a bit of a shoes addiction. And an evergrowing shoe collection...

... and these photos don't even show the total damage. They just include the shoes I wear on a "regular" basis.
Ouch for shoes.

Do you have a problem with shoes?


Je collectionne les chaussures. Si je ne fais pas attention, bientot ma maison entiere sera remplie de chaussures. Et ces photos ne montrent que les chaussures que je porte regulierement.

8 Aug 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... all of you!

Being in the countryside provides me with infinite inspiration. Brace yourselves for a lot of changes around here come September! Even more guests, more clothes... And a special Boy section too, because I don't want to leave the boys feeling too lonely (last time I helped a boy not to feel lonely, look where it got me).

Also a big thank you to all the new subscribers & for all the nice comments and e-mails I have received recently. It is lovely to know so many of you appreciate this blog, I don't say it enough!
I feel the love from everywhere and it is great. Sorry if I am not replying very quickly to everyone, I promise it will come... once I am back in London.
I will also be posting out the gifts from the "Bathing Beauties" contest at the end of August.

Don't worry, though, I am not spending my time thinking about blogging, I also enjoy the poolside, I even made a few cat and kittens friends in the hamlet.

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

Un grand merci a tout le monde pour les commentaires et emails charmants que j'ai recu ces dernieres semaines. Promis, je reponds a tout le monde quand je rentre de vacances. Merci pour la pluie d'amour!

7 Aug 2008

Uncommonly fetching mama of the month!

Newsflash everyone! I have just been voted Uncommonly Fetching Mama of the Month by Super Kawaii Mama. Clap your hands for ME, YAY.

A big thank you to SKM.

On this note, I am going back to the swimming pool.

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

J'ai ete elue Jolie maman du mois par Super Kawaii Mama. Super! Merci. Sur ce, je retourne au bord de la piscine.

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Loulou Loves You!

This week, Loulou, the wonderful and talented lady behind Loulou Loves You! is my guest this week. I didn't have to look very far, as she is also one of my dearest friends. The lingerie she designs in her little home studio is as dreamy as she is. In case you hadn't already noticed, I am her biggest fan!
Reading her answers is just like having a cup of peppermint tea with her and chatting away.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

I really enjoy dressing for the occasion, being inspired by what I have planned for the day, I feel like this is something that Mickey and Minnie Mouse do and they sure know how to dress.
To put my style into words then I would say... BOWS (I'm pretty much always wearing one that I've made probably that morning) meets Brat Pack Demi Moore meets Buffy nerd meets Angela Chase meets sailorette meets Lolita, but most of all my personal style is mine, I don't care whether what I am wearing is "in style" because I know what suits me and I know what I like.
In terms of items, I wear a lot of dresses (ok, ok I have over 70, oops!) and I l.o.v.e accessorizing, I'd class it as one of my biggest talents, it's rare for me to not be colour coordinated. (example: "Oh that's weird your glasses match your notebook"... "That WASN'T a coincidence") I also quite like a good old fashioned cliché.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Above all, my friends are the best inspiration, working hard at what they are good at. I feel lucky to say pretty much everyone I know is some sort of artistic wondertalent, it's amazing.
As above..Mickey and Minnie, they ALWAYS dress for the occasion, and Disney heroines in general, I always say this but seriously these girls know how to tie a bow. Anything carnival / sideshow / circus / fairground, probably because I appreciate a good costume and old fashioned chintz.
- Bunny! everything that she does is A+, her illustrations are beautiful, and she makes and creates the most awesome things, is a wonderous friend and most of all she works harder than anyone else I know and that is what is inspiring to me.
- Betsey Johnson - She has all the quirks that appeal to me in a fashion designer because she involves herself in her work, you can really see that it's her, she's not trying to be like anyone else and never has and still became this successful, and it's so cute that you can rent out her home in Mexico for holidays: http://www.betseyville.com/.
- Current Inspiration list: My cat, anatomy, bad crushes, Chuck Bass, Japanese everything, chronic pain, the Rubiks cube, sleep visions, all my super talented friends, NYC, Nostalgia, love letters.
- My list is huge but some other quick mentions of people that I love: Damien Hirst / Cindy Sherman / Anthony Vidler / Edward Gorey
- Some recent discoveries: Jesse Spears / Robert Ryan / Damien Correll

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

I'm super proud of my 'Loulou' knicker range. It's been really popular and I spent a good time making sure the cut and sizes are realistic. I'm just in the middle of working on designs to expand the Lingerie range. I also love my bows, mainly because I've been wearing bows for years and it is nice that they are now suddenly in fashion and so people are coming to me to be stylish, that makes me feel a bit giddy.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

Bows of course are going to be big in more ways than one. Tartan is back in and I don't think that can ever really flop, there are too many plaidspirations for people to work from. There is a big 'goth' trend about to emerge and the kids are gonna jump on that like a pony at the beach, but it's going to make way for hopefully a sea of beautiful lace pieces and intricate detailing on clothing. The one look that I wish would go away is anything 'Boho'.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

London! Well that's the most fashionable city in the world that I have been to. I count a fashionable city as being one that you can wear whatever you like and people won't really be bothered. I was recently in Paris and every day people pointed and laughed and stared at me even for just wearing a big bow. I dread to think what they'd do if they were dropped onto Brick Lane and faced with a man in a neon jumpsuit. Also whilst in New York I see great fashion opportunities but it seems people are afraid to take them. I have a dreamy friend with the most incredible wardrobe but some of the pieces she can't wear because people are always saying 'why are you wearing that?'. In London you can wear anything/everything, and this doesn't mean it's my favourite place in the world but it certainly has style. I hear great things about Sweden too at the moment and see some good street style (and cute boys) via the Internet there but have yet to go and check it out for myself!

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

How long can this paragraph be? haha.

- All my social networking sites (obviously), my current favourite is Twitter.
- Astro Barry: Every Sunday I without fail read my horoscope from here, he is in my opinion...a genius!
- It's nice that, VLU and The Style Press : All three of these sites are worth checking out for the latest in Art, Culture, Photography, Music etc.
- NOTCOT: A great source for a bit of everything, I always end up opening about 10 sites each time I look. I often find some really amazing architectural inspirations in here.
- BBC Science and Nature: Each day my sister sends me nature links to my email. I (not now!) secretly collect wildlife clippings from newspapers and online so I have a whole bookmarked folder full of animal stories. I also have this tendency to just buy science related books and so I just like to know the latest on what is happening here.
P.S: I was a bug collecting child.
- Nubby Twiglet: The most perfectly colour co-ordinated supercute talent, with a helpful and inspirational blog to boot. Her work aesthetic is definitely something I aspire to. I also had the chance to meet her whilst I was in NYC recently and can't wait until our paths cross again.
- TV!: Here you can stream pretty much any TV show at full screen quality. I watch shows whilst I am sewing and am insanely nerdy about it. This site has been my best friend for most of this year. As I wrote about here I famously (and proudly haha) watched 7 series of Gilmore Girls in three weeks this January whilst working on a wholesale order.

I'm stopping this here or I might reveal how much time I actually spend on the Internet.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Where am I going?
I need a theme you know.

Ok my dream date would probably involve walking some kittens or going to the zoo, being bought edamame then ice cream, going to the science museum, seeing an imax movie, holding hands and laying awake talking in the dark. (Is this too much to expect?)
For this date I am going to wear this outfit. (I can afford Luella in my dream date).

I hope you enjoyed reading Loulou's banter.
It is funny she mentionned Nubby and Bunny, as these two fantabulous ladies will soon be guests on this blog! Well I suppose we are not friends for nothing...

xxx Mademoiselle Robot, from her holiday HQ.

Also in this series: Vanda from Paraphernalia.

6 Aug 2008

Style Icon / Jane Birkin

Sometimes, I just want a bit of Di Doo Dah in my life. These days, I want to feel comfortable and comforted. These days, I think of Jane B, muse extraordinaire and beautiful singer.

And a bit of Di Doo Dah for you too.


Certains jours j'ai juste envie de Di Doo Dah, de me sentir jolie et decontractee comme Jane Birkin.

5 Aug 2008

Becoming... Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

When I first watched Gossip Girl last year, I instantly fell in love with Blair's style. Mostly because it reminded me of the many outfits I often discard as over the top preppy before leaving the house. She helped me accept that nothing is really ever over the top, especially in London.


Also in this series: Winnie from the Wonder Years , Lady Oscar, Ugly Betty andRory Gilmore.

4 Aug 2008

Video cover of the week / Toxic

This week, a special treat because we all secretly or not love "Toxic" and I am pretty sure everyone fancies the pants of Mark Ronson. I know I do.

For your enjoyment today... Toxic.

I am sorry I can't put up the real Toxic video as it seems that all of Britbrit's videos on youtube are not embeddable. BOOO.

Mark Ronson = Swoonorama.
What about you? Did you lose your head the first time you saw him?


3 Aug 2008

Mademoiselle Robot on holidays

As you are reading this, I am driving to the South of France with my two sidekicks Justin and Mila... Fun times!

Worry not, my friend, as I have planned three weeks of entertainment for you including Jane Birkin, Blair Waldorf, 80s films, interviews & Wonder Woman.

The posts won't be as long as usual, sorry, but this girl needs a holiday.

*applies more suncream*

See you in three weeks lovebirds!


Je pars en vacances, mais je ne vous abandonne pas. Pour vous tenir compagnie pendant mon absence, il y a Jane Birkin, Blair Waldorf, des films des annees 80, des interviews & Wonder Woman.

2 Aug 2008

What I am wearing / At a wedding

Today, I am going to a wedding (very clever the day before I go on holidays).
This is what I am wearing.

Dress - Vintage
Bag - Dior (vintage)
Shoes - Office
Glasses - Luella
Bracelet - Forever21

My dress is probably going to be all wrinkled by the time I get there as it is a three hours drive. Oh well.

Do you like weddings?


Je vais a un mariage aujourd'hui, et voici ce que je porte. Ma robe sera completement chiffonnee le temps d'arriver, car c'est a trois heures de route.
Vous aimez les mariages, vous?

dress - vintage
hairband - accessorize

necklace - monsoon

1 Aug 2008

How to wear / Tartan

Like every year around this time, in preparation of the end of the summer holidays, tartan is here. Whether you go for punk tartan or school girl tartan or anything tartan is up to you. Here's how I like to wear it.

How would YOU wear tartan?


Comme tous les ans a la meme heure, l'imprime ecossais revient. Voici comment j'aime le porter.
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