24 Apr 2008

Gone fishing

I need air, I am leaving crazy London for a week to live like a hermit in my mum's house in Fleurance.


23 Apr 2008

Bow My God

Anyone reading this who has half a brain should round up £10 and go get themselves a spot on trend statement bow from Loulou Loves You!. My friends Bug the pug and Mitten the kitten already got theirs!


Video cover of the week / Mad World

Tears For Fears vs. Gary Jules

At the moment, my thoughts exactly. Don't you just love it when a blog regular feature turns into a mind reader.
Thank you Tears For Fears.

Barry Antoinette

I am not an avid horoscope reader, but sometimes I will check it anyway. Being a bit confuzzled this week, I checked it today and almost fell off my chair.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): In an astro-environment where Venus, Mars and Jupiter are conspiring to drive many of us toward over-the-top attitudes and approaches, you are hardly immune from the tendency to make things bigger (rather than, say, to downplay or underemphasize). You, my fair Sagittarius, may indeed be one of the week's principal button-pushers… and plenty of other folks, once you've pushed their buttons, won't be shy in pushing yours right back. Whether we're talking about love or war, goofy late-night partying or deadly-serious processing discussion, any situation bears the strong potential to accelerate from lukewarm to nuclear in a mere matter of seconds. The specifics will vary, based upon what's going on in your own life right now. But the theme remains the same: Expect things to intensify. I'm not interested in goading you to not push buttons… or, for that matter, to push lots of 'em with extra gusto. That's all up to you. All I can tell you is to be sure you know what you're getting into, while staying ready for the scene to spin on a dime. Oh, yeah, and remember this, too—Whatever happens can't be taken back.

What I have to say to this?


Underneath the floorboards...

Once in a while, I peek under the floorboards. For cheap thrills. To imagine what could have been, what might be, to see what can never be. Recently, I have been doing a lot of peeking under the floorboards. Probably too much. My dreams are filled with possibles. They haunt me for days, making me reconsider my reality (this sounds like the theme song from La Boum, shame on me).
What happens when you choose a path? Do you have to keep going till it ends? Can you ever change route? Should I even get there? Possibly not.

I have just finished adding songs to my muxtape. Every single song brings back extremely vivid memories.

Coming back home on the bus tonight, a song became a memory. I'll let you guess which one. Hint: it is not Michael Jackson.

Once again, I would like to say how much I love my English friends - and miss the French ones terribly.


16 Apr 2008

In the daytime...

Thinking about past relationships, I was trying to remember what I used to do in the daytime with one particular boy... And I couldn't remember. I dug deep in my memories, but nothing.
Does this mean we didn't use to do anything? I know we did spend some time together in the day, as well as in the evening. I know, I remember what we used to do in the evenings. But not in the day.
So suddenly it struck me: a good, memorable relationship is one where you do interesting stuff in the day, not just a succession of evening dates.
Looking back at the best relationships I have had, they were all ones where the boy and I used to do loads of things in the day. As a result, a friendship could be built on shared moments and interests. With these boys, I am still friends. Good friends.
The others - and especially the one I was wondering about - were just passengers in my life. Hop on, hop off, go home, happily never seen again.

Right. That was my morning wisdom.

I also found the perfect wedges. Finally.

15 Apr 2008

Rowena True

The hybridation of Madonna through the ages and Barbie is possibly the best thing I have seen this week.

Video cover of the week / You Keep Me Hangin' On

The Supremes vs. Of Montreal


Dirty Diana

I watched Dreamgirls last night and it reminded me of the Diana Ross/Michael Jackson connection. When I was a kid, I had this graphic novel about Michael Jackson's life, and there was this one image that stuck in my mind, of young MJ, hair on fire and destroyed by Diana Ross.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the title and author of this graphic novel, but here's a music video reconstruction of what may have happened.

MJ in 1971 for a special Diana

Upside Down Live with guest appearance by MJ

MJ and Diana Ross interview (1981)

1987 Dirty Diana

1996 (apparently they made peace)

I have to say, watching all those MJ videos rekindled my love for him. His strangeness that borderlines on creepiness now makes him somewhat more endearing.
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