28 Feb 2008

Garfield minus Garfield

Garfield lovers, prepare to have your mind blown by this website

Someone (obviously a genius) thought one day that it would be amusing to remove the cat from the Garfield comic strips, leaving us with the mental adventures of Jon Arbuckle.
Please go there and judge by yourselves.

27 Feb 2008


I thought the film Marie-Antoinette was a piece of shit.
I just had to say it.

You'd get the exact same experience walking through Laduree while listening to a new wave compilation on your iPod and looking at photos of small dogs.

I just thought this had to be said as it seems that the aesthetic of this movie is recreated everywhere with zero originality.


On this note, goodnight everyone, and if tomorrow morning you run out of bread, how about a nice slice of cake, eh?

26 Feb 2008

Oscars 2008

The Oscars are another nostalgia filled moment, a comfort zone of glitter and princess dresses I gladly enter every year.
And every year i think the same thing: "why do princess dresses have to be SO darn long?"

I probably won't find a suitable answer to this question till the Oscars 2055, so I will leave you with my favorites for this year.

Amy Adams in Proenza Schouler.
Ellen Page in vintage Jean-Louis Scherrer - amazing dress, but she could have used something a bit more out there, as this one makes her look quite ordinary.
Katherine Heigl in Escada - the dress is classic Hollywood bombshell, and so is she... She's gone a long way since Roswell and er... this:

Vanessa Paradis in Chanel - she wins Best Arm Candy.
Photos Style.com

23 Feb 2008

Pugs not drugs

If you have a fever, watch this

It will make you go into a trance.


I am in bed with a mild pneumonia. How 1850 :(

Useful word game

Play this game.

You will like it if like me you like words.
And if like me you know words well, then you will be able to put this knowledge to good use.
YES! Instead of wasting your vast vocabulary on mundane conversations with idiots at parties, you can use it to feed starving people.

What a beautiful idea.

21 Feb 2008

Wish List / Engagement ring

After getting various ideas about what type of engagement ring I wanted - HIYA JUSTIN *waves* - I finally found the ultimate dreamboat.

It is called the Vampress and is the most beautiful engagement ring I ever saw.

It won over these two:

Dior's "oui" ring, that I found quite attractive on pictures but actually looks pretty crap in real life.

Boucheron's hedgehog ring, that I still love, but doesn't look at all like an engagement ring, and I decided in the end that I did want something looking like one.

To my friends and family, Justin hasn't proposed or anything, don't start jumping up and down.

Sleeping and dreaming

Today I finally got around to go see the Sleeping and Dreaming exhibition at the Wellcome collection. Despite living 10 minutes away from there, I had actually never entered the building. As I said before, possibly because I am a massive loser and am too busy watching TV shows all day in my denial bubble.
The exhibition is very good and diverse, even Mila enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed with the dreaming part as it was way smaller than the sleeping bit, but I suppose it is only fair as dreams are so hard to document. There were a few experiments on dreams related in the show that I would be quite eager to try, especially one where someone plays an accelerated recording of a story, that would normally be unintelligible, but that the subjects are actually able to recreate in their dreams and draw accurate pictures of upon waking up.
Mila was her usual good baby self and looked at half the exhibition and slept through the other half.

Please note how good looking the guy who has the world record for the longest period without sleep is.


Stand By Me

I have no words to describe how happy watching Stand By Me makes me. Not in a happy jumping up and down in a spring break kind of way. Happy in a sweet nostalgic way of those days that were and never will be again.

Also happy to see young John Cusack, Kiefer Sutherland and alive River Phoenix in the same film.

I wish movies like this one still existed.

17 Feb 2008

Small town style

I watch a lot of TV shows because I am a loser. Right, now this is out of the way, I would like to talk to you about October Road. The writer's strike has done good and bad to my TV show watching habits. It has made me start watching shows that were surprisingly refreshing (The Class), shows that were good to begin with and quickly became slightly boring yet moreish (Everwood) and shows that were a great surprise full stop, like October Road. The plot is not unlike Everwood as it is about a man who leaves his hometown to go to NY, and comes back after 10 years after having written a successful book about his hometown. The actors are all very convincing (and quite amazingly good looking for this type of show). Even Tom Berenger is participating. The most surprising element to this show, however, is the styling. Normally, small town shows focus mainly on the plot and the characters, in October Road, style creeps up here and there in a really subtle manner. I am not talking Gossip Girl or Sex and the City stylish, obviously, but a nice everyday, girl/boy next door fashion which is really quite refreshing. A little bit like when Buffy started wearing good clothes and we thought "Oh the quality of the show suddenly increased, but I don't quite know why... Oh YES! I know why: they are all dressed really well!"
Here's one example, I am sure many more will show up on here in the future...

I was quite happy to see a very simple white fluffy-ish scarf and denim jacket combo. Probably happier actually to see this than a yellow hot pants/stilettos/perfecto jacket/crazy hair combo on Carrie Bradshaw, say.

To end this sunday post on a friendly note, here's a still of Julie Cooper-Nicholl-Cooper-Roberts-Atwood in Everwood, as the wife of a reverend. Yes, you read this correctly, no need to go to the optician just now.

Happy monday morning to everyone, I'll be spending it watching more TV shows.

15 Feb 2008

Video cover of the week / Teenager in Love

This week, I chose this video as it best illustrates my mood at the moment.

Dion & The Belmonts

Yo La Tengo

13 Feb 2008

La vie en rose

Last night I watched La Vie en Rose, Dahan's biopic about Edith Piaf. I knew she had a terrible life, but not that terrible! How many horrendous things can one person cope with in a lifetime? She "had" it all... Crazy mother who abandons her to be a singer - and fails - , father who leaves her with her grandma who happens to be a Madame, a bit of temporary blindness at 4, the death of many loved ones, including her first and only child, her soul mate dying in a plane crash with this extra added bonus of her own diseased body. Despite all this, she soldiered on and lived her life on stage and for the stage. Well done. I wish I was that brave.
I should really be writing about the clothes in this movie though, as I absolutely didn't expect them to be interesting at all, yet they were. Many very good 1930s to 1950s outfits, in a very simple way.
My favorite being her sailor outfit to celebrate NYE 1936 (below)

And a bit of the real Piaf...


My head's fashion week 2008

Le club du style gave me a mission on Monday. I have to list my fashion inspirations. It is an interesting mission, because even though I do have a few style icons, it made me realize that there aren't many people who inspire me. I realized that I mostly get inspiration by looking at the state of my wardrobe and accessories drawer and playing mix and match. To me moods and emotions are as important if not more than current trends and inspirations. Choosing a day's outfit is almost like picking the costumes for a specific scene in a film. Sometimes, I want to be a Stepford Wife, pushing Mila around in her pram while imagining myself in suburban America in the 1950s, the next day maybe I'll want to be a computer wiz kid with an argyle jumper and big glasses. If I pick my clothes right, it makes my life feel like a dream, a film or a book. They allow me to "get into character" and forget that all around me in the street, people are depressed, alienated, prisoners in their own lives and so beige. I am most certainly not the best dressed person, I don't pretend to be fashionable or kid myself about having the most amazing outfits. I am just happy to have found this one way of escaping daily life. I am happy that only I know the meaning of each outfit, and only I am allowed to travel to parallel worlds while wearing it. My style inspirations come from the world inside my head.
Keep checking Le Club du Style for a less crazy explanation of my style!

9 Feb 2008

Camden is on fire!

Camden market is on fire. I can here Fire trucks whizzing down my street, as it is on the way there. The photos are pretty spectacular. I suppose with all the polyester and PVC clothes sold there, it must burn really quickly.
What a night.

6 Feb 2008

Wish List / Glasses

I finally found a pair I like!!! After 5 years. What do you think?
I have also another pair to show you, I ordered the frame, it is just a black wayfarer style frame.
I will post the photos as soon as I receive them.

Long faces at Miss Sixty

I can't stop laughing at the faces Chloe Sevigny, MK Olsen and Milla Jovovich are pulling while watching the Miss Sixty show. Didn't anyone warn them that Miss Sixty clothes were awful?

Photo New York Mag

Style icon - Roisin Murphy

I remember a few years ago flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine and seeing Roisin Murphy in the "worst dressed section". I remember quite clearly thinking that if what she was wearing was ugly, then I'd like to wear ugly clothes more often. It seems that the more mainstream and well known she gets, the edgier her clothes get. I really admire how daring she is and how she makes high fashion look so casual. I am not even mentioning her dreamy hair colour(s)...


Gilmore Girls vs. Everwood

Yesterday I was suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms from the Gilmore Girls. So I made it my mission to find a show possessing similar appeal. I finally chose Everwood. Let me explain by comparing the two shows.

- small American town (GG-E)
- family that clashes with town (GG-E)
- single parent (GG-E)
- bright teenage kid (GG-E)
- amusing secondary characters (GG-E)
- old school family show (E)
- pop references (GG)
- diner scenes (GG-E)
- strange restaurant serving anything from italian food to mexican (GG-E)
- annoying recurring town authority character (GG-E)

Everwood is cheesier than the GG, and lacks pop references, but the rest is all there, and who knows, maybe the pop references will come in the newer seasons?
In the meantime, you will find me staring at the Colorado mountains and enjoying my new found life in a snow globe.
For my next holidays, I am going to Stars Hollow and Everwood, and you?


2 Feb 2008

Dee Dee Jackson vs Jay Jay Johansson

Automatic Lover (Dee Dee Jackson)

Cover - Jay Jay Johansson

I had "So tell the girls that I am back in town" stuck in my head the ohter day and couldn't remember Jay Jay Johansson's name... So I googled him and found that he did a cover of this song in 2002, during his electroclash reinvention I suppose. The original is up there in my electro pop top 10.

Baby Soft: Weirdest Name Ever.

It seems that in 1972, nobody thought it was strange for teenage girls to smell like babies. When Love released their Baby Soft perfume, aimed at the teenage market, I wonder what they were thinking. When I was a teenage girl, I don't think I would have liked the idea of smelling like a baby (even like a baby after bath). On the contrary, I was quite eager to smell like a woman, even if for this I had to dip my entire body in Coco Chanel. What a mistake. I ended up using said Coco Chanel as a toilet freshener. Then came the times when I wanted to smell fresh and clean, like an American girl, so that I could fantasize my life in suburban America (while suburban American girls probably fantasized about being in Paris, if I judge by the few episodes of 90210 set in Paris). Anyway, smelling like a baby would have sounded quite regressive at the time. Now, what I wonder mainly is who is attracted by this kind of smell on a teenage girl? The only answer that springs to mind is: a pedophile. If he can't do it with a baby, might as well do it with a 16 year old girl who smells like a baby. Humbert Humbert can go home, we are not talking about lolitas here. I hear some women wear it too. Doesn't it make things even worse? Making grown men able to sleep with hairy, sexually active babies? In other words... Adult babies. This perfume still exists, you can even buy it on Amazon. I wonder if people still wear it without thinking further about what it means...
Maybe in the 1970s, pedophilia wasn't as big a problem and you could get away with selling perfume that promised to make you smell like a baby, but what about now?
As a special treat for everyone today, here's an advert for said perfume. What do you think?

I am not easily shocked, and am normally the first one to make bad jokes about stuff like this, but the ad is just plain wrong of you ask me.
What with the "Innocence is sexier than you think"? To me the hidden meaning of this is "Have you ever considered having sex with a baby? Cause maybe it is well hot". Basically, it is a barely disguised invitation to pedophilia. And the company still exists. Woohee America.

1 Feb 2008

Blonde Redhead and Miranda July

Today, I just wanted to share this video. Most of you probably saw it already as it is pretty old, but I never seem to get enough of it... Blonde Redhead and Miranda July are a good combination to brighten up this otherwise dull day.

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