Mademoiselle Robot loves… Adriano from ilikemystyle

Adriano Sack is one of the creators of ilikemystyle, networking site for fashionistas all over the world. With its pretty interface and the really high quality standards of all the members, it is set to get bigger & bigger! If you haven’t joined yet, do it!

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

Casual, eclectic, fun-loving, occasionally elegant.
Favourite new piece: Pierre Hardy sneakers, multicolored metallic.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Nicolas Ghesquière for women, Lucas Ossendrijver (Lanvin) for men, Stefano Pilati for both. Also inspiring: late afternoon in Vedado/Habana or on Madison Avenue/New York, morning at Berhain/Berlin or in Ibiza.

❤ Which of your creations / accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

To have some amazing friends despite working too much and not being kind enough sometimes. I’m too self-critical to be proud of my own accomplishments, but the fact that my book “The Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends” was published in the US recently makes me very happy.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I do not really believe in trends.

❤ What’s the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

To shop Tokyo, to watch Paris, to live Berlin.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

Spiegel online, New York Times, The Sartorialist,, ilikemystyle.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Obviously that depends very much on the nature of the date. I would wear my custom made dark blue silk seersucker suit from German taylor Regent. Or I would wear white jeans and a Prince concert t-shirt. That always works. Plus I would wear a golden cross around my neck so I never feel naked. And I would always wear a condom.