My trip to Hell


Everyone has been talking about it for years. In the past few weeks, the madness has culminated into a frenzy of Westfield related everything... So I went to have a look at what was supposed to be a whole new shopping experience, with designer shops, high end luxury blahblahblah.

As it turns out, well... It is just a shopping centre. A mall if you prefer. And not a very pleasant one either. The crowd is just plain unbearable (think Oxford St the week before Christmas), the shops are just the same old high street chains (Topshop-check, H&M-check, Zara-check, M&S-check...) & the "designer" section is composed so far of a branch of Tiffany's that would make Truman Capote turn in his grave. All the other high end or designer shops are still closed, and supposed to open in November. Some won't even open till March 2009.

This made me wonder what good being in a place like this would do to brands like Prada, Dior or Louis Vuitton. To me, seeing the shops there, filled with sticky fingered children and horrible people devalues their image massively. I find it sad that townies are possibly the biggest consumers when it comes to couture accessories. Do we really want the streets to be filled with women wearing ugg boots rip offs, velours tracksuits and a [insert designer name here] bag? I know I don't. And thanks to the Westfield, I am afraid this "trend" is only going to get worse.

To me it sums up everything that is wrong with people today. Call me elitist, a snob or a fashion nazi, but it was just vile.

On my way back I thought again about the architecture of the place. From the outside, it looks like a green monstrosity. From the inside... It is styled like a retro-futuristic spaceship, crossed with the atrium of the British Museum, only cheap looking and dated. There are shiny bits everywhere, no consistency, bits and bobs and things and ramps and patterns and white and cream and VISUAL OVERDOSE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

I can't even imagine the traffic hell that will be created around Shepherd's Bush either, as the roads don't seem to cope so well right now.

I was pretty excited about this place, I suppose I fell victim to the media hype. Now I have seen it, I don't think I will be going there again. I don't even like Oxford Street!

The only visually pleasing experience was this shop, I unfortunately forgot its name, but their decorator or visual merchandiser did a good job with those frames at the back.

ps - You want to know the worst about the Westfield? There's an UGG shop.


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