Mademoiselle Robot + We Know What You Did Last Night = ❤

This is one of the very exciting collaborations I have been talking about… Read on to know more!

Mademoiselle Robot has teamed up with to produce a monthly downloadable picture book of the hottest looks complete with mini-reviews and an introductory editorial highlighting recurring trends and offering some style advice. There are 10 contributors to the publication at present, with Laëtitia Wajnapel ( – founder) taking the lead.

“I had been thinking of adding an element of street style to my blog, but didn’t quite know how to go about doing it… so when a mutual friend introduced me to Chris, it was love at first “site”. I am always looking at his photos for inspiration so when he told me about his new idea, I was in immediately. I can’t think of anyone else who does this at the moment & I am really pleased to be collaborating with him!”
Laëtitia Wajnapel (

“It’s crazy that I’ve got over 28,000 photos on my site now but I never say anything about them. There’s this massive unexploited resource of amazingly dressed bright young things and it’s about time someone said something about it. By teaming up with Mademoiselle Robot my website finally gets a voice!”
Christopher James ( – founder)

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