Mademoiselle Robot loves… Pippa Brooks

In London, there are only a handful of places that I consider as Fashion Temples. Shop at Maison Bertaux is one of them – possibly the main one if you must know. I asked Madame aka Pippa Brooks, High Priestess of the Temple of Fashion a few questions about her personal style & inspirations.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mixture of Miss Marple, Studio 54 and Mi Vida Loca.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

My first style inspirations were Andy Warhol (or women who he immortalised like International Velvet, Baby Jane Holzer, Candy Darling and Edie Sedgwick), and lots of women from 1970’s movies that I used to stay up late watching with my mum, Faye Dunaway, Paula Prentiss, Carol Kane, Margeaux Hemingway, Diana Ross god I could go on and on….
Artists I love… Howard Hodgkin, Peter Blake, Nan Goldin, John Waters, Klaus Nomi, Guy Bourdin, Antonio Lopez, Jean Michel Basquiat, Richard Bernstein, Ruth Martin… It’s difficult to pick favourites!

❤ Which of your accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?

Obviously my kids are my greatest accomplishment. I’m also proud of being my own boss for the last 15 years. I’ve always followed my heart and dared myself to do stuff, it’s such a thrill when something comes off that started out as a dare!

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I’m not a “trends” person. Red lips? Lace? Goth? I know I’ll never wear gladiator sandals, although now they’re “over” they look much more appealing…

❤ What’s the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

London will always be the most fashionable city. Especially now we’re in a recession – FABULOUS for creativity!

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

I like blogs. Susie Bubble, Honeyee, Disneyrollergirl, Lady Bunny, Mademoiselle le K, Jayne County, Iris 39,
Lektrogirl… love a blog.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Tight skirt and high heels probably.