The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Lady Coveted asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
“Will the super girly ruffly trend last through next year? Really I want to know… I’m smitten now, but how long will it stick around? I wasn’t born yesterday!”


I think this trend will last if you want it to. It has been here for a while now, and even if it gets toughened a bit with all the studs & leather around, I am pretty sure we will be rocking the ruffles for a few more months. They were there en force at the Betsey Johnson, Gareth Pugh & Luella shows… And you know what, even if they go out of fashion I know I will still wear them, and you should too!

Betsey Johnson / Luella / Gareth Pugh RTW SPRING 2009

So then Lady Coveted, I hope you will keep your ruffles and carry on looking pretty as a ruffly flower.

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