Bathing beauties contest

My annual trip to the deepest, happiest place in the countryside is approaching fast. This year, however, I have a big problem: I don’t have a swimsuit. I have swimsuit inspirations floating around in my head, but the quest for the perfect item seems to be an endless disappointment. Nothing on eBay that doesn’t look like it wouldn’t disintegrate upon first contact with water. Nothing in the high street shops that doesn’t look like it belongs on a playboy bunny. Nothing in UK internet shops that won’t burn a giant hole in my wallet.
I want a RETRO swimsuit. One that ruches over the bits I need to hide. One with a boy leg. One with a halterneck.
One like these.

Tell me, my beloved reader, where do I find such a jewel?

First one of you to find me a great swimsuit for this summer by the 25th of July wins one of my handmade toys!