In the daytime…

Thinking about past relationships, I was trying to remember what I used to do in the daytime with one particular boy… And I couldn’t remember. I dug deep in my memories, but nothing.
Does this mean we didn’t use to do anything? I know we did spend some time together in the day, as well as in the evening. I know, I remember what we used to do in the evenings. But not in the day.
So suddenly it struck me: a good, memorable relationship is one where you do interesting stuff in the day, not just a succession of evening dates.
Looking back at the best relationships I have had, they were all ones where the boy and I used to do loads of things in the day. As a result, a friendship could be built on shared moments and interests. With these boys, I am still friends. Good friends.
The others – and especially the one I was wondering about – were just passengers in my life. Hop on, hop off, go home, happily never seen again.

Right. That was my morning wisdom.

I also found the perfect wedges. Finally.

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  • fait voir les shoessss!

  • C’est les peacocks a semelle en liege comme les tiennes, mais je me demande encore si je les prends en jaune ou en marron.