Small town style

I watch a lot of TV shows because I am a loser. Right, now this is out of the way, I would like to talk to you about October Road. The writer’s strike has done good and bad to my TV show watching habits. It has made me start watching shows that were surprisingly refreshing (The Class), shows that were good to begin with and quickly became slightly boring yet moreish (Everwood) and shows that were a great surprise full stop, like October Road. The plot is not unlike Everwood as it is about a man who leaves his hometown to go to NY, and comes back after 10 years after having written a successful book about his hometown. The actors are all very convincing (and quite amazingly good looking for this type of show). Even Tom Berenger is participating. The most surprising element to this show, however, is the styling. Normally, small town shows focus mainly on the plot and the characters, in October Road, style creeps up here and there in a really subtle manner. I am not talking Gossip Girl or Sex and the City stylish, obviously, but a nice everyday, girl/boy next door fashion which is really quite refreshing. A little bit like when Buffy started wearing good clothes and we thought “Oh the quality of the show suddenly increased, but I don’t quite know why… Oh YES! I know why: they are all dressed really well!”
Here’s one example, I am sure many more will show up on here in the future…

I was quite happy to see a very simple white fluffy-ish scarf and denim jacket combo. Probably happier actually to see this than a yellow hot pants/stilettos/perfecto jacket/crazy hair combo on Carrie Bradshaw, say.

To end this sunday post on a friendly note, here’s a still of Julie Cooper-Nicholl-Cooper-Roberts-Atwood in Everwood, as the wife of a reverend. Yes, you read this correctly, no need to go to the optician just now.

Happy monday morning to everyone, I’ll be spending it watching more TV shows.


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  1. February 18, 2008 / 12:52 PM

    boo moi aussi j’ai plus rien a regarder a cause de cette fichue greve a la con..du coup je me suis arretee en plein milieu de grey’s anatomy, private practice, cashmere mafia,ugly betty, vais finir par m’embrouiller avec tout ca!